50 YouTube Banner Templates & Channel Art [Free Download]

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Looking for YouTube banner templates and YouTube channel art? 

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Here are the steps you should follow:

  1. Make sure to read our section on how to make a YouTube banner
  2. Choose the template that you like (and need) most
  3. Use our YouTube banner template to edit and download our templates

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Find Your YouTube Banner Template


How to Make a YouTube Banner

1. Get started with a YouTube banner template.

The easiest way to start making your YouTube banner is to find a professionally designed template that you can tweak to perfectly fit your channel, your brand and your needs. This way you can create a beautifully branded banner art with little to no design skills.

Start browsing our available templates to see if you find one that matches your vision or that you could easily make some adjustments to in order to create your very own YouTube channel art.

Once you find the perfect template, simply click the Edit button to start customizing it right inside Samandishe’s easy-to-use design editor.

2. Insert your own text.

Your next step is to simply click on one of the text boxes and start typing to insert your own text. Add in your brand name, your YouTube channel name, your vlogger pseudonym or perhaps the name of a new video series you want to promote.

youtube banner template - insert your text into your youtube channel art

There’s no need to re-position text boxes since these have been placed exactly so that the text appears centered in your YouTube cover. Remember that your most important information needs to be in the very center of your channel art graphic so it appears on all devices.

3. Apply your own colors and fonts.

Further customize the look of your cover art and strengthen your visual brand by applying your own color scheme and fonts. You want to make sure your channel art perfectly represents your brand, which you can easily do by selecting your specific font and color choices in your brand kit.

youtube banner template - apply your own colors to your youtube channel art

You can also change out any of the imagery within your chosen template, like the background image, so that it better matches your brand. Samandishe offers a variety of free images that you can search through to find the perfect representation.

Or, if you prefer, you can easily upload and store your own photos in Samandishe’s digital asset manager to drag and drop into your designs.

4. Incorporate relevant icons and illustrations.

Add even more decorations in, or swap out the ones included to ensure they match your industry and the types of video content you share on your YouTube channel. Samandishe’s design tools offer a variety of icons and illustrations that will bring your YouTube channel banner template to life.

bring your designs to life with customizable icons

5. Upload the image to your channel.

Once your template has been customized with your own information, you can upload to your YouTube channel. No need to crop or resize – simply download as a high resolution JPG or PNG image file and upload to your YouTube channel to share with your audience.


50 YouTube Banner Templates to Choose From

Create a beautiful YouTube banner design using templates and design elements from Samandishe’s easy-to-use YouTube banner maker. Browse 50 of our YouTube banner templates below to get started, and click the button below each template to start editing for your own channel.

Template #1: Recipe Tutorial YouTube Channel Art

For those who offer cooking lessons or recipe tutorials, this YouTube banner template is a perfect way to visually communicate your service to potential subscribers.


Template #2: Gardening YouTube Banner Template

If your YouTube channel is seasonal in nature or related to gardening, this colorful template has a beautiful spring-related theme, with a fresh color scheme and font combination.


Template #3: Guitar Musician YouTube Channel Art

Ideal for musicians and bands, this eye-catching template uses an attractive color scheme and relevant image to immediately convey a visual theme.


Template #4: Travel Guide YouTube Banner Template

This sunny, summer-themed template is perfect for those offering travel guides in video format.


Template #5: Cooking Lessons YouTube Channel Art

Putting together a YouTube channel all about baking and pastries? This template may be useful, especially for those looking to promote recipes and tips for beginners.


Template#6: Vintage Cars YouTube Banner Template

If you’re a fan of antique cars and want to announce an event or exhibition, you can use this vintage-styled template.


Template #7: Photography Portfolio YouTube Channel Art

To beautifully display your portfolio of stunning photographs from around the world, you can use this captivating YouTube cover.


Template #8: Summer Playlist YouTube Banner Template

Share your top playlist or favorite songs with this vibrant and summery template, evocative of fun times in the sun.


Template #9: Urban Travel Tips YouTube Channel Art

Want to share your urban travel tips with your YouTube following? Use this modern-looking template with a panoramic view to entice your first-time visitors.


Template #10: Flower YouTube Banner Template

There’s nothing like a colorful, scenic photo of nature to captivate your viewers’ attention as soon as they land on your site. This template is ideal for those looking to showcase photographs of nature.


Template #11: Shopping Tips YouTube Channel Art

Are you a fashion guru with valuable style and shopping tips to share with your audience? This chic banner template is the perfect way to connect with your visitors.


Template #12: Favorite Books YouTube Banner Template

There’s a whole section on YouTube for those looking to discuss favorite books and authors. This aptly-themed banner template is ideal for those who want to convey a love for books.


Template #13: Makeup Tutorial YouTube Channel Art

Some of the most notorious YouTube celebrities have their own channels on beauty tips and makeup advice with large followings. You can use this template to start your own informative tutorials.


Template #14: Rock Star YouTube Banner Template

If you’re looking for an alternative to the first music-related cover in this list, you can use this contemporary-looking template.


Template #15: Drawing Lessons YouTube Channel Art

Replace this template’s text with your own to create an attractive cover for your YouTube drawing and art lessons.


Template #16: Music Playlist YouTube Banner Template

To display your favorite music playlist to your followers, customize this stylish template with your own information.

My-Mix-youtube-banner-template-channel art-music-playlist-songs-blog

Template #17: Discover Tokyo YouTube Channel Art

An alternative to the first travel-related cover in this list, this urban-themed template is ideal for those looking to promote their globetrotting travel guides.


Template #18: Quote YouTube Banner Template

Customize this template with your own motivational quotes to inspire your followers and create an emotional connection with your audience.


Template #19: Abstract YouTube Channel Art

In cases where you simply need a generic YouTube cover, not a thematic one, you can use this easy-to-customize template.


Template #20: Business YouTube Banner Template

Personalize your channel on business tips and lessons with this easy-to-customize, office-themed template.

Business-101-youtube-banner-template-channel art-business-lessons-tips-education-entrepeneur

Template #21: Classroom Tips YouTube Channel Art

Add your own personal flair to your educational channel on teaching tips with this classroom-setting template.


Template #22: Video Editing YouTube Banner Template

Make your video channel look more professional with this simple-to-edit template.


Template #23: Coffee Break YouTube Channel Art

If you enjoy sharing your thoughts over a cup of coffee with your followers, you might find this template ideal for conveying a sense of warmth and comfort.


Template #24: Outdoor YouTube Banner Template

For those looking for a template with a bold and intrepid feel, this cover perfectly evokes the sensations of adventure and excitement.


Template #25: Cute Dog YouTube Channel Art

One of the surefire ways to create a huge following with viral content is through cute dog videos. Customize this template with your text and even change the colors or fonts in Samandishe’s drag-and-drop editor.


Template #26: Nonprofit YouTube Banner Template

Visually communicate your nonprofit’s mission through this template made for a veterans foundation.


Template #27: Video Games YouTube Channel Art

With millions of people watching videos of video games, this template comes in handy for those who want to share their gaming sessions.


Template #28: Test Drive YouTube Banner Template

Want to share driving tips or car reviews with your followers? This template comes with an aptly-themed background image and text that can be easily customized.


Template #29: App Download YouTube Channel Art

This sleek-looking template with a duotone color scheme and contrasting text that pops in relation to the background.


Template #30: Skateboarding YouTube Banner Template

If you want to show off your skateboarding stunts to your YouTube audience, you can customize this template with your own text and website name.


Template #31: Surfing YouTube Channel Art

Have a huge audience of followers who are enthralled by your jaw-dropping surfing stunts? Then update your channel with this image of a daring surfer riding the waves.


Template #32: Sea Mammal YouTube Banner Template

Have a non-profit foundation for endangered animals you want to promote? Use this image of a sea mammal and insert your own text.


Template #33: Rock Concert YouTube Channel Art

Here’s a rock concert banner template for those looking to promote their live music events. Simply insert your own text or even apply your own color scheme.


Template #34: Photography YouTube Banner Template

Personalize your YouTube photography tutorials with this minimalist template comprised of a black-and-white image with easy-to-edit text.


Template #35: Beauty Tips YouTube Channel Art

This refreshing image with modern-looking text is ideal for channels on skin care secrets and personal care.


Template #36: Quote YouTube Banner Template

If the first inspirational quote image on this list doesn’t fit your needs, you can also try this windmill-themed template.


Template #37: Photo Services YouTube Channel Art

For those who want to publicize their photography services through their video channel, there’s this easy-to-customize template that uses a script typeface in combination with a sans serif font.


Template #38: Nature YouTube Banner Template

For those looking to create a channel with nature-related themes, customize this template with an image of a field with a circular overlay and editable text.


Template #39: Museum YouTube Channel Art

For channels that transmit historical content, use this grayish-blue template reminiscent of the mid-20th century.


Template #40: Piano Musician YouTube Banner Template

Another alternative to the musician templates above is this image of a piano with thick and bold typography.


Template #41: Luxury Dining YouTube Channel Art

Looking for an image related to fine dining and gourmet food? This template with a relevant icon and image can be easily be modified with your own text.


Template #42: Massage YouTube Banner Template

For services related to massage therapy, you can use this relevant image with contrasting text.


Template #43: French Recipes YouTube Channel Art

Do you have weekly recipes you want to share with your audience? This convenient template comes with a thematically-related font and relevant image.


Template #44: Happy Holidays YouTube Banner Template

For channels with seasonal topics, this holiday template is perfect. Simply insert your own text and you’re good to go.


Template #45: Exploration YouTube Channel Art

Ideal for those looking to add a touch of mystery and nostalgia to their channel, this template comes with customizable text and graphic elements.


Template #46: Football YouTube Banner Template

There’s nothing like a football hits channel to attract large crowds of viewers. This template comes with a monochromatic overlay and text accompanied by icons.


47 Computer Repair YouTube Channel Art

Do you provide computer repair tips to your viewers? This template is ideal, with framed text and a well-chosen background image.


Template #48: Vintage YouTube Banner Template

Promote your vintage clothing store using this customizable YouTube channel banner template with a full-width overlay and yellow-and-white text.


Template #49: Start a Business YouTube Channel Art

There are plenty of channels out there that provide free business tips to those seeking to start their own businesses. Make your channel stand out from the crowd with this easy-to-edit template.


Template #50: Nonprofit YouTube Banner Template

Make your message pop with this high-contrast template that combines a black-and-white background with yellow text.


Looking for a YouTube Banner Maker?

Ready to create your own YouTube channel banner? If you didn’t find a template you fell in love with within this post, be sure to check out the rest of our available YouTube banner templates.

Then get started with your own Samandishe account and start customizing your new YouTube channel art or YouTube thumbnail graphics today.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Have questions about your YouTube banner and how to create them? We’ve addressed your most common questions below to help ensure your YouTube channel is in tip top shape.

Q1. What is a YouTube banner?

A YouTube banner or YouTube channel art is the header or cover photo to your YouTube channel. This is the first thing your audience will see when they land on your channel, so you want to make sure it represents your brand or video content well.

Q2. What is the YouTube banner size in 2020?

Your YouTube banner needs to be 2560 x 1440 pixels. However, there are important standards you need to remember when it comes to your YouTube banner sizing and how your YouTube banner shows up on different devices.

When someone views your YouTube channel on a TV, they will see the full 2560 x 1440 pixels. However, a computer screen only shows the center 2560 x 423, tablets only show the center 1855 x 423 and smartphones only show the center 1546 x 423.

This is why it’s important for all of your text and important information to remain in the very center of your channel art graphic. Your safe area is only the middle 1546 x 423 pixels.

Your file size needs to be 6 MB or smaller, and we recommend a maximum width of 2560 pixels. Check out all of the image sizes you need to keep in mind for different social media platforms.

Q3. How to change a YouTube banner?

To change your YouTube banner, head over to your YouTube channel, then click the Customize Channel button. Click over to the Branding tab, then click Change to edit or add channel art.

Q4. How to change a YouTube banner on iPhone?

Google and YouTube actually don’t allow users to update their YouTube channel art via mobile. Instead, you’ll need to access your channel on a desktop computer and follow the instructions listed out in the previous question.

Q5. How to resize an image for YouTube banner?

If you have an image you want to use in your YouTube banner, you can easily upload it to Samandishe and crop or resize it to perfectly fit on your canvas.

Q6. Where to make a YouTube banner?

Samandishe’s YouTube channel art maker is the perfect tool for creating a YouTube channel art design that your audience will love. Start with a template and fully customize the graphic to match your branding, industry and vision.

Q7. How do I make a YouTube banner without Photoshop?

Finding a YouTube banner creator online that you can use for free or for a much more affordable price point than Adobe Photoshop is key, and Samandishe is the perfect solution. You can create a beautiful, branded YouTube banner in minutes that will help your channel to stand out.

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