25 White Paper Examples & Templates to Use Right Away [2022]

White papers are a great way to educate readers and prospective customers on topics related to your business.

They’re also useful for building authority and thought leadership in your industry, generating leads, and aiding your customers’ decision-making.

In this post, we’ve created a list of 25 white paper examples and templates for professionals.

The best part? You can edit them online, share them with your team or download them for free. Pick the template you like from our list below and start designing your white paper.


The first great white paper template we’ll explore is the social media risk white paper. This white paper is an example of the various risks we take when using social media.

You can use it as a template to create an attractive white paper that outlines a problem or challenge your brand helps your customers overcome.

If communicating how you solve your customers’ problems is a goal while creating white papers, this template is a great choice.

If you’re ready to start crafting a compelling white paper with this template, you can start by tweaking the various design elements available to you in Visme.

For example, you can start by adding some high-quality icons, customizing the fonts or adding pictures from our library of free stock photos.

After finishing your creative process, download the white paper as an HTML5, JPG, GIF or PDF file or shared via a link. If you’re ready to upgrade your long-form content, take action by downloading this professional social media risks template.


2 Design White Paper Example

If you need to create a strong visual impact with your research or guide, this elegant design white paper template is a great choice.

If you have use cases that include discussing trends or covering a specific topic where your brand is a subject matter expert, you can use the design white paper to share some of your biggest takeaways and spread your know-how with your audience.

Additionally, this template unlocks the power of personalization. You can update the formatting with your particular brand colors, fonts and images. Ultimately, it’s easy to achieve a modern and beautiful look with this template.

Once you’ve achieved your vision, we have plenty of options for you to download. For instance, you can turn your creation into a PDF with the click of a button.

If you use animation, it’s easy to download your white paper in HTML5 format. Finally, you can always share it via a link or embed it on your website.


3 Travel Guide White Paper Example

Our next white paper template is the travel guide white paper. This template is an excellent choice for any brand looking to create travel related content. For example, you may want to develop resources, share stories or promote specific experiences.

It’s simple to customize this template and showcase a particular country. You can also use it to generate leads and boost your thought leadership in the travel industry.

Either way, the customizable travel white paper template helps you create a visual impact on your readers. You can easily add beautiful images to your white paper.

For example, you can always add your pictures or choose from the endless free stock photos available in the Visme editor.

Also, if you want to add a data storytelling component to the white paper, Visme makes it easy to use creative data visualization options, such as graphs and charts.

After writing your white paper, you can download the finished product in your favorite file format. If you choose to go with animation, the HTML5 format will preserve your content’s interactivity.


4 Environmental White Paper Example

Our next white paper example is the environmental white paper. This template is an attractive design created to showcase environmental issues.

If you’re looking to create a white paper that draws attention to a specific issue, this template is a great start. Visme makes it easy to customize this template to match your creative vision.

Using this editor, you have autonomy over exactly how your white paper will look. You can go from what you see in the template to your creative vision by adding new brand elements, fonts and high-resolution images.


5 Water Pollution White Paper Example

The fifth white paper example on our list is this water pollution white paper template.

This template addresses the dangers of arsenic contamination. No matter what industry you’re in, if you’re looking to highlight risk, this white paper example is an excellent choice.

If you’re ready to create an attractive white paper to highlight how your brand creates value, you can utilize this template to make quick progress. The highly intuitive design helps make your white paper goals a reality.

Getting started with editing the template is easy. The first step is to begin selecting the design elements you want to customize for your white paper. You might also want to start with your branded or custom fonts and icons.

Alternatively, you can swap in your professional photos or choose from our extensive stock photo library. When you are ready to create a white paper using the water pollution white paper example, click on the customize now button to get started.


6 Investor Outreach White Paper Example

This investor outreach white paper template can make potential investors enthusiastic about a startup or business opportunity. However, you can use the template for any brand looking to pitch its services or ideas to an interested party.

Your ability to customize this template to your unique needs is one of its biggest strengths. Visme designed an intuitive template editor that makes it easy to drag and drop all the design elements you need.

This intuitive editor gives you full control over the creative process. For example, it’s simple to customize design elements like photos, fonts, icons and charts.

Some of our users also like to share their white paper via a link. Get started designing the perfect white paper for attracting new investors by downloading this template today.


7 Innovation White Paper Example

This business white paper template is great if you’re a tech brand or startup or focused on innovation and disruptive solutions, especially because of its modern design.

Some brands that can use this white paper in their marketing include web design and software companies. If it seems like a good fit, you can get started by adding your own content.

If you need some help with design assets, Visme makes the process easy with built-in images, icons, illustrations, shapes and preset color themes.

Try out our animated charts and graphs if you want to make an impression on your audience and impact your marketing metrics.

After tweaking the template, it’s easy to download the white paper and use it in your content strategy. You can also share it online with your audience using a link or embed code.


If you’re an individual or brand looking to create new marketing leads and share content on LinkedIn platforms, this electronic media white paper template is an excellent choice.

Whether you’re a teacher or a CEO, if you have a goal to establish thought leadership in your field, creating a white paper inspired by this electronic media example is a great choice.

Visme makes it easy to personalize your white paper by adding a logo, your brand colors and custom images that you upload into the editor.

Additionally, design elements like icons and shapes are easy to customize. If you want to take it to the next level, you can add animation, charts and graphs.

As soon as you’re finished with the process, you can download it as a PDF, a PowerPoint or in whatever popular file format works best.


9 Nature White Paper Example

Whether you’re a business with distinct marketing goals or a nonprofit looking to impact advocacy efforts, this white paper template will help you deliver your message in the best way.

When you’re using a Visme white paper template, it’s easy to customize until you get a final product that you’re happy with. You can swap in your images or choose from the endless free stock photo options available in the Visme image library.

If you’re not sure what kind of color themes or designs to choose from, you can always take advantage of the pre-designed color palettes available in the editor.

Once you’re done, you can download your white paper in your preferred format, such as PDF or HTML5, share it with a link or embed it on your website.


10 Travel Issues White Paper Example

Our next example is this travel issues white paper template, which is an excellent choice for apps or brands that have distinct features to promote.

No matter your size or location, you can utilize this template to frame your features uniquely and creatively. Simply decide what visuals you want to use in your white paper to get started. It’s easy to upload your own or select from our built-in library.

Additionally, we have tons of options for icons and other design elements. If you want to use data in your white paper, you can create animated charts and graphs to communicate your ideas.

You can also create layers of interactivity in your white paper with video, animation and social media icons. When you have something you’re satisfied with, you can save the white paper as a download, or share it online with a link or an embed code.


11 Organic Food White Paper Example

This organic food white paper template is ideal for brands that need to educate their audience on a food-related topic. You can also use it to generate leads and increase brand awareness.

The next step is to start customizing the template to make it your own. If you like the organic food white paper’s overall design, Visme helps you swap in your brand colors and copy easily.

Plus, our drag and drop editor allows you to make these changes quickly so you can invest more time in promoting your white paper. If you want to add some new design elements, we have a library full of vector icons and stock photos to help.

When it comes to engaging your audience, interactive content is critical. Visme allows you to add in animations, embedded videos and illustrations with a few clicks. If you have your brand elements like a logo, it’s easy to upload them to Visme.

After completion, download your finished product in whatever format works best. Popular options, like HTML5, PDF or PPTX, are all available.

Additionally, Visme allows you to share a simple link that will direct your audience straight to the white paper. You can also embed your content on a website using a snippet of code.


12 Social Issue White Paper Example

If you’re a brand looking to address critical issues while generating leads for your business, this social issue white paper example is a great template choice for you.

This particular template is often used by educators, nonprofits and businesses. However, it’s an ideal choice for anyone looking to communicate problems and offer solutions.

When you’re ready to make this white paper template your own, get started with customizing the available design elements. Start by transforming the color scheme, editing the fonts and blending in your own brand assets.

You can use great design to translate your offerings into solutions backed by research that’s relevant in your field. When you’re done, download in whatever format works best like HTML5, PDF or PPTX, share it online, or embed it on your website or blog.


13 Public Health Awareness White Paper Example

The template is framed as a compelling public health awareness resource. If you’re working on a similar or adjacent issue, this template may be perfect for you.

Because the template is so easy to customize you can use it to explore a wide array of issues. Visme’s drag and drop template editor supports you during this process.

The next step is to start making the template your own with images, fonts, graphics, charts and graphs, and more. Use the built-in assets in Visme or upload your own.

Once you’re finished, you can download the white paper in your favorite file formats, such as PDF or HTML5, or share the document online using a link.


14 Digital Marketing White Paper Example

Our next example is the digital marketing white paper example. This template is explicitly for brands looking to utilize white papers as a lead generation opportunity.

If you’re an agency or marketing professional you can use the white paper to address problems and solutions in your niche. Whether you’re covering B2B or B2C audiences, this template can help you reach your content marketing goals.

When it comes to design, you can take one of two paths.

If you have your own brand assets, such as logos, photos, videos and custom fonts, you can upload them all to Visme and save them in your library.

However, if you don’t have any branded design elements, Visme provides free access to a wide array of stock images, videos, icons, shapes, illustrations and special effects.

You can also update colors from preset themes, embed videos and interactive quizzes and even add animations. Download your marketing white paper in your preferred format, like HTML5, PDF or PPTX, share it online, or embed it on your website or blog.

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15 University White Paper Example

This white paper template is a great example to emulate if you’re putting together a white paper based on university research. It highlights the contributors, showcases trends and challenges, and more.

A university white paper template available to customize in Visme.

Take advantage of the bright, bold colors and fonts here that can really help to drive your points home. Or add in your university’s brand colors and fonts to ensure your white paper is immediately recognizable by your target audience.


16 Cybersecurity White Paper Example

White papers tend to be centered around in-depth and complex topics, and cybersecurity is no different. This template takes on a futuristic design to match its topic, with a number of icons and data visualizations helping to keep readers engaged.

A cybersecurity white paper template available to customize in Visme.

Keeping the shades of blue in this template will help instill trust in your reader, so remember that when you start to customize this template. The soft sans serif font will also help your audience feel confident in what you have to say.


17 Cryptocurrency White Paper Example

Cyrptocurrency, blockchain and NFTs are all anyone is talking about these days. Take advantage of that by customizing this template and offering an in-depth explanation to a more complex subject.

A cryptocurrency white paper template available to customize in Visme.

Upload your own graphics and images, or take advantage of the thousands of options available to you in Visme’s software. Take advantage of over 200 fonts or upload your brand fonts.


18 Employee Engagement White Paper Example

Sometimes a more basic, monochromatic color scheme is the best way to make sure your information really gets across. Take a page out of this white paper and choose a single accent color, sticking to black and white for every other design element.

An employee engagement white paper template available to customize in Visme.

Stick with blue if you’re talking about a topic that needs your audience to trust you. Or consider green for a more environmental post. Or another color depending on what your main message is. Color psychology is key when creating your white paper design.


19 Engineering White Paper Example

Here’s another great white paper example that focuses more on a greyscale color scheme with a minor accent color that draws attention to just a few of the more important sections.

An engineering white paper template available to customize in Visme.

For example, using this red for data widgets and page titles helps to grab attention where it’s most important. Again, keep color psychology in mind to determine what the best accent color for your white paper design would be.

As a general rule, the paragraph copy in your white paper should always be in black or dark grey, to ensure it’s readable and easy on the eyes.


20 Real Estate White Paper Example

White papers can be useful for any industry, including real estate. Use a white paper as a lead magnet to find interested buyers and sellers that can add to your real estate business.

A real estate white paper template available to customize in Visme.

This tactic especially works for commercial real estate when you’re dealing with a more B2B marketing strategy. Use this template as is, or feel free to fully customize it to fit your needs. Update colors, fonts, images, charts, icons and more.


21 Investment White Paper Example

When designing your white paper, match your accent or brand color to your visuals. As we see here in this example, the stock images all have some element of green, making them fit perfectly into this white paper design.

An investment white paper template available to customize in Visme.

This helps make sure that even when you’re using stock photos in your white paper design, the entire document looks cohesive and put together.


22 Army White Paper Example

Another great way to catch your reader’s eye is by using cutouts on your white paper pages. In Visme’s editor, we have a number of existing cutouts you can use, but you can also remove the background from any image you’d like, whether it’s a stock image or a photo you upload.

An army white paper template available to customize in Visme.

White papers don’t always have to have a cut and dry design, even if the content is more formal. Keep this in mind when you move onto the design part of your document creation. It’s okay to have a more engaging design to make sure your reader doesn’t fall asleep while digesting your information.


23 Technical White Paper Example

In general, white papers are considered a form of technical writing. They use formal language and industry jargon, and they highlight very complex topics. This white paper example is the pinnacle of technical writing content, and is a great go-to if you’re not sure what kind of design you should be looking for.

A technical white paper template available to customize in Visme.

Easily customize this generic grey, black and red template with your own content and visuals, ensuring that you have a professional white paper from start to finish.


24 Government White Paper Example

Yet another black, red and grey white paper template. Are you seeing a trend? This bold combination works beautifully for a technical document like a white paper, especially when related to government and economy.

A government white paper template available to customize in Visme.

Customize this template for your own white paper content, taking advantage of this popular color scheme or adding in your own.


25 Organizational Design White Paper Example

A stark contrast to the red accent color, we have a cool color scheme with blues and greens for this organizational design white paper example. This is a great color scheme to use for a more creative industry or topic.

A design white paper template available to customize in Visme.

Each of the images in the template has a dark blue color overlay atop it to ensure it fits in well with the overall design. You can easily customize the color overlay color in the Visme editor if you decide to switch up the color scheme.


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