How to Create Successful Webinar Presentations (Tips & Templates)

How To Create Successful Webinar Presentations

Webinar presentations have become an important communication tool for many businesses around the world, and their popularity is increasing year on year.

In fact, 83% of marketers in the United States believe in the continued effectiveness of webinars in 2022.

They are a tool for the present and the future.

If you’re looking for an effective way to reach customers and clients, market your products or services, or simply present an idea, a webinar presentation does the job. And it does it well.

Being able to create an engaging webinar is an excellent skill, and it’s certainly one you should cultivate.

To help you master the art of great webinar presentations, we’ve created the ultimate guide.

Get your creative thinking hats on and let’s dive in.

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What is a Webinar Presentation?

In the modern world attending events are no longer only “in-person” affairs. We’re firmly in the digital era now, and virtual events are the norm. Being at the same event as someone on the other side of the globe has become as simple as clicking your mouse.

A webinar is essentially a gathering of people in an online space utilizing some sort of conference room technology. In other words, a webinar is a seminar, but on the web.

These online conferences usually involve a video presentation (aka webinar presentation) by the host or others invited to present. But they can also be used to host meetings, talks, and other public or private online events.

Webinars are especially useful in the professional world. Businesses and entrepreneurs can host meetings, present pitch decks, or conduct employee training. The possibilities are endless.

There are three main types of webinars hosted by companies:

  1. Live
  2. Pre-recorded
  3. On-demand

An on-demand webinar is a recorded version of a live webinar that can be accessed at any time after the actual webinar has occurred. Visme’s presentation software allows for the hosting of live webinars should you be looking to share your presentation online using a simple link.

Creating Memorable Visual Presentations

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Creating Memorable Visual Presentations

How Can Webinar Presentations Benefit Your Business?

Webinars are powerful tools for growing your brand and your influence. Let’s take a closer look at how webinars can benefit business owners and marketers specifically:

Interact with customers in real time.

Just because you aren’t in the same room, doesn’t mean you can’t engage with your target audience. With a live webinar presentation, you have the ability to build stronger relationships with your customers. They can ask questions about your brand, and you can ask them for feedback to better understand how to meet their needs.

Generate leads.

More interaction and engagement with your clients lends itself to lead generation. With an interactive webinar, you can better understand what drives your visitors and how you can offer them better deals.

Holding an effective webinar presentation is also the perfect opportunity to position yourself as a thought leader and an authority within your field. By providing value to your audience through a webinar, you can demonstrate your expertise and build trust with potential customers.

Create brand awareness.

Webinar presentations are a cost-effective promotional tool to increase awareness around your brand. It’s essentially free advertising — those who attend your webinar are your potential customers. They’re already either interested in your product or services, you just need to showcase your brand in the best way possible.

This is where a branding kit comes in handy. Visme gives you the power to store your logo, fonts, color palettes and templates and apply them throughout your webinar presentation through triknesia. You can also use them in your other brand and marketing materials later. This way, even if multiple members of your team are creating visuals, they can all stay on-brand and use a consistent design.

Webinar Presentation Design Tips and Best Practices

Keep these tips in mind for an effective webinar presentation that keeps your audience engaged.

1. Use the right platform.

Using a platform that’s tailored to presentation design is the first tip for webinar presentation beginners. But there’s no need to work at it alone. Visme’s presentation software helps you create beautiful, highly effective professional presentations in no time.

In terms of presentation design, Visme is all-inclusive. It allows for the creation of all types of presentations with built-in graphics, backgrounds, stock photos, videos, and shapes. Choose from a variety of presentation theme templates that will enhance the message of your webinar. These bells and whistles are what bring your webinar presentation to life and capture your audience.

Choosing presentation theme templates in Visme

2. Choose visuals over text.

Use minimal words (no more than 6 lines per slide) so as not to dampen the visual aspect of the presentation. Instead, use visual cues such as infographics, charts and graphs to convey the point you’re trying to make. These visual aids are often more effective than spoken words.

Make sure to avoid using blurry images or pixelated photos in your slides. Using high-quality images and visuals is key to capturing your audience’s attention. Visme offers you over 1,000,000 of high-resolution stock images and videos. No matter the topic, we’ve got a selection of hand-picked visuals to suit your presentation.

Want to tweak an image a bit? No problem. Our photo editor lets you drag and drop photos, and fully customize to fit your design needs.

3. Decide on a color scheme.

If there’s one thing that’s going to make your webinar presentation look professional, it’s maintaining a strong color scheme throughout. Having a mix match of random colors is going to distract your audience from what your presentation is really about.

When choosing a color scheme, be mindful of the power of color psychology in marketing. Choose colors that resonate with your brand or message. Knowing how colors combine and emit different moods and feelings will help you get better results.

To make your life even easier, Visme offers an AI-powered brand design tool to seamlessly integrate your branding colors to your presentation. Once you’ve selected your primary color palette, you can apply your chosen colors throughout your presentation to create a unified, professional look. It’s that simple.

Choosing a color scheme in Visme

4. Practice your presentation skills.

Like with any presentation, success isn’t reliant solely on the design of your slides and graphics. It also relies on your hosting etiquette and ability to convey ideas through your words.

Listeners should walk away knowing exactly what it is you were trying to explain. Your speech and the slides you display should work in tandem to create the perfect audio/visual experience.

Have a look at these common presentation mistakes to avoid.

Common presentation mistakes to avoid

5. Add some variety.

No one likes a long and boring webinar. A practice that many experienced hosts like to observe is to get more than one speaker to handle different parts of a complex topic. Having multiple good public speakers at a webinar will give the audience different voices and different experiences to enjoy during the presentation. This keeps everyone interested and engaged and ensures the success of your presentation.

Lastly, you need to make sure that all of the speakers are comfortable speaking in front of a crowd. Don’t let a nervous speaker ruin your online event.

6. Include dynamic, moving visuals.

Psychological research shows that we remember things more easily if we watch moving pictures compared with static ones. The movement of moving pictures can immediately catch the attention of your audience’s eyes, directing them to look at your content.

Here are just a few ideas for ways to include movement in your webinar presentation:

Here’s a short video tutorial on how you can create popups and hover effects in any Visme design.

A great example of when to harness the power of moving visuals is with a product demo webinar presentation. Let’s say you want to give a product demo on a new mobile app you’re launching. You can show your product works in real-time, pointing out key features and benefits. Seeing a video of how users can interact with the app will be much more effective than static screenshots.

How to Create a Webinar Presentation in 6 Steps

By following the steps below, and adding your own touch of creativity, you can create a professional webinar that audiences will love.

1. Choose and Research a Topic

Step one is to have a full understanding of what your webinar presentation is about.

Maybe you have expert knowledge that you’d like to share with your peers. Or maybe you have a ground-breaking product that you’d like to market via a webinar presentation. The reasons for your webinar will lay the groundwork for a successful seminar.

What is the purpose of your presentation's message

Once you’ve chosen a focus area for the topic, start brainstorming ways to convey the information to an audience. This may require some additional research to better understand your presentation’s audience, so you can tailor the information to them.

2. Create a Presentation Outline

This is an essential step in any creative project. Whether you’re writing a book, a song, or a recipe, a roadmap is essential to long-term success.

Give your presentation structure by mapping out all the major points in your presentation. This will help keep you focused during your presentation. Knowing what’s coming next as you work through each section of the presentation will help you to create a flowing and easy-to-understand webinar.

3. Choose Your Team and Brainstorm Visual Ideas

The more creative minds involved in a project, the more engaging and diverse the final product will be. Having several people involved in a presentation will throw more ideas into the mix when deciding what you want to present, and how.

For example, working with others to choose the right visuals and the right fonts will be hugely beneficial. Having more than one set of eyes examine the visual aspect of the presentation will allow for a level of artistic consistency to be achieved.

Visme has a whole host of collaboration features that will help you create the ultimate webinar presentation with your team. Leave comments, tag collaborators, and share ideas, all within one engaging platform.

4. Compiling And Proofreading

At this stage, you’ve decided on your presentation fonts, colors, visuals, text, and images. Now it’s time to put all the individual parts of the presentation together.

This part isn’t always easy, but luckily Visme has numerous tools to create presentations from scratch and streamline the process. Once the final product is created, proofread the project and save it.

5. Rehearse With the Team

The actual presentation requires more than just good-looking visuals and a striking set of slides. Overall success will require rehearsal and practice from all of the speakers to ensure success on the day of your big webinar presentation.

5 Webinar Presentation Templates You Can Customize

Figuring out the outline and format for webinar presentations can be challenging and unnecessarily time-consuming. Visme offers a host of webinar presentation templates that can be downloaded in either PDF or PowerPoint format for you to customize. You can even add branding to your presentation such as your logo, fonts and colors, to really make it your own.

Here are a few templates for you to choose from:

1. Finance Webinar Template

Personal finance and management is a topic that many young people are working hard to come to grips with. In the modern world financial advice is highly sought after, and giving a webinar presentation on financial literacy is a great idea. This template uses money as the visual cue and the aesthetics of financial expertise. It is perfect for conveying messages related to saving and growing your money.

2. Motivation Template

Are you the head of an office and feel as though it’s time to motivate your employees? This template is the perfect presentation to cultivate an environment of hard work and productivity. It provides an aesthetic that suits a productive workplace with a team of inspired workers. This motivational presentation provides a great foundation for a webinar that could inspire your team.

3. Business Webinar Template

If you’re someone who understands the ins and outs of the economy and the global business world, then this template is for you. The infographics presented include graphs and charts so that you can easily convey economic messages and the trends of the business world.

4. Technology Template

Do you want to showcase a new piece of technology or discuss the trends in the realm of modern technology? This template provides a brilliant futuristic-looking presentation to potential organizers and speakers. The template is clean and sleek looking, mirroring what many people hope the future to look like.

5. Graphic Design Template

The realm of graphic design is filled with color and the Visme graphic design template perfectly reflects this reality. This template is perfect for anyone looking to share knowledge and creative techniques when it comes to graphics and designs. The visual style and bright, contrasting colors perfectly represent the career at hand.

Webinar Presentation FAQs

Have you still got some questions and queries about webinar presentations? We cover some common queries below.

What is the difference between a meeting and a webinar?

A webinar and a meeting are two very different things. Normally, when someone schedules an online meeting, all participants are allowed to screen share and interject into the conversation with their own viewpoints. A webinar, on the other hand, is hosted by one or more people. The invitees are simply guests who have elected to listen to the speakers of the webinar presentation.

How many slides should a webinar have?

There’s no set rule, but a good webinar presentation should have around 30 unique slides. Ideally, your webinar shouldn’t exceed 60 minutes, so you can keep your audience engaged and interested. Slides should never be text-heavy. Instead, use bullet points so that speakers can move to the next slide every two minutes.

How do you start a webinar speech?

The best way to start your webinar presentation is to introduce the audience to the schedule and all of the speakers, including yourself. Make them feel comfortable and warm, and make sure that all invitees understand the topic of the webinar presentation.

Webinar Presentations Are The Way Forward

Webinar presentations are extremely valuable in a world that relies heavily on technology for communication and collaboration. Many companies are making use of webinars to talk to employees, investors, or any other group of people that might have an interest in the services of the business. With Visme, you can even track your webinar analytics to see how many people are watching. This is especially useful for pre-recorded webinars that may get viewed at different points in time.

Whether you need to educate and inform people or simply want to share a great idea, a webinar is an excellent way to go about it. Visme offers top-of-the-range webinar technology that makes creating a webinar easy and ensures your audience is engaged right from the first slide.

Get started with our presentation software today.

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