How Visme Can Help You Close More Sales

What do you get when you put a sales rep and a content manager in the same room? If there’s no one explaining to them how their jobs are intrinsically connected, they won’t get past small talk over a cup of coffee.

So, how can sales and content teams work together to close more sales?

If you aren’t sure, then this guide is just what you need to reach a new level in your sales and content strategies. Because when content and sales teams work together, your brand reaches clients in a completely different way, offering valuable information just when they need it.

We’ve put together this guide to help your sales team collaborate with the content team to be more productive and successful when it comes to selling.

Let’s get started.


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How to Use Content as a Selling Tool [Infographic]

Selling involves high levels of communication between the consumer searching for solutions and the sales teams ready to offer them. As consumers progress down your marketing funnel, they enter your sales funnel. If content marketing is part of your strategy during the marketing funnel stages, why would you stop using content in the sales funnel?

Using content as a selling tool is a collaboration between your content marketing manager, your sales reps, customer success specialists and customer support managers.

The main idea behind using content to sell is to answer what the consumer wants to know before they ask it in a sales call. It sounds a lot like content marketing, doesn’t it? That’s because it is!

So, how does it work? Here’s a rundown.

1. Gather valuable information from the customer-facing staff.

This includes sales reps, customer success specialists and the support team. For example;

  • What do clients ask the most before a sale is closed?
  • What search terms are consumers searching for when they land on your blog content or landing pages?
  • Which other brands are our consumers comparing yours to?

2. Create content that answers the questions clients ask.

Be informational and educational, and offer as much value as possible. Make sure your brand voice is present in the storytelling and include visual content to support the emotional associative factor.

3. Train the sales reps on finding relevant content.

Your sales reps should be able to find the right content inside your website or through a linked index. A sales battlecard with a content library is an infinitely valuable selling resource.

4. Incorporate assignment selling into your strategy.

Teach prospective clients as much as possible about your company before they get on a sales call with a rep. In basic terms, answer the most frequently asked questions first and include case studies similar to theirs.

5. Offer valuable content to the client at every stage of the funnel.

Do this until and past the conversion stage. Suggest they use your content as referrals for their friends and acquaintances.

6. Personalize the type of sales content you offer.

Use consumer behavior analysis and targeting to tailor the content offered by your sales reps.


14 Content Types to Drive More Sales

When we talk about the content you use for sales, we don’t mean just blog posts or articles in your knowledge base. There are plenty more content options that can help close deals.

Remember to brand all the content your team creates. Think of every piece of content as a brand touchpoint that applies to marketing and sales funnels at different stages.

Here are 14 content resources to drive sales. You’ll find both internal and external content ideas that your sales team can use to close more sales for your brand.


1. Proposals

A proposal is a document or presentation where you lay out a suggested scope of work for a prospective client’s needs. They get in touch with you asking about your services, you ask for the details of what they require, and finally, send them a proposal.

When to use a proposal for selling

A simple email proposal might inspire a prospective client to convert, primarily if written in a witty style. But what a simple email can’t do, is inspire your clients visually as a branded proposal document or presentation can.

Show off your brand, values and work style with a proposal that covers all the bases. Proposal documents and presentations help you sell through the eyes and emotions. Try it next time and see if there’s a difference in conversion. I bet you there will be.

Visme’s proposal templates are designed with your success in mind; take a look at some of our best templates below.

Proposal Templates

Create a compelling proposal online quickly and easily by getting started with one of Visme’s premade templates. Get clients, investors and partners on board. Find a free proposal template that you can easily customize for your own purposes.

Create your proposal
View more templates


2. Project Plans

Plans are documents or presentations where you lay out the steps or ideas for a project. A plan includes roadmaps, schedules and outlines of what needs doing, how and when. They also layout roles and expectations for team members, plus goals to reach at a certain time.

When to use a plan for selling

A plan isn’t exactly the type of content to use when it comes to actively selling. However, a plan is the perfect addition to a sales strategy. Sales plans lay out everything important and relevant for a sales team to get conversions on a particular campaign, product or service.

If your sales plan inspires the team, it’ll be easier for them to sell! Be it a sales plan, business plan or communication plan, Visme has lots of options in the template library.

Here’s an example of a plan template you can use right away.


3. Case Studies

Case studies represent how your business solves specific pain points, using real customer stories. The format for a case study depends on how you plan to share it. At Visme, we create case study blog posts, while other companies create shareable documents or presentations.

When to use a case study for selling

Case studies are some of the best content types for selling. They’re like customer reviews on steroids. Use case studies to show new clients how your company can solve problems just like theirs. Include the links to case study documents and videos inside your battlecards.

Try using a Visme case study template to put together the right type of selling resource for your team.


4. Landing Pages

Landing pages are unique pages on your website that showcase a specific product or service in your business. Use Visme to create the visual content for these pages. For example, include explainer videos, interactive infographics or presentations, data visualizations and other types of informative visual content.

When to use a landing page for selling

These pages—where people land from referral sources—are at the top of your marketing funnel and are directly correlated to your sales funnel.

Both visual and textual content are the convincing element for visitors to convert. This is where your future consumer gets to know what you have to offer.

Here’s a quick GIF that explains how to grab an embed code for your Visme project. You can embed this code anywhere, such as a website or landing page.


5. Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are at the same level as a landing page. They explain — in video form—what pain points your product or company can solve, as well as how and why. To create a compelling explainer video, you need to use storytelling techniques and attractive animated visuals together to convince viewers to want to know more.

When to use an explainer video for selling

Add explainer videos to your landing pages and emails. Upload them to your YouTube channel with SEO-rich descriptions. Don’t forget to add your relevant links in that description, so you don’t miss any selling opportunities!

Create your explainer videos easily with Visme. You’ll find lots of customizable templates inside your editor. All you need to do is change the content to match your brand.

Here’s a template you can use right away.


6. Blog Posts & Articles

Articles in blog posts and your knowledge base are always better with visuals to support the story, content and data. Visuals also make your informative blog articles more shareable and attractive. Try a mixed combination of content like infographics, videos, data visualizations and GIFs to support the information you’re sharing in these articles.

When to use blog posts and articles for selling

The links to these articles are the bread and butter for your sales team. They can share the link easily with the clients they’re communicating with, both before and after conversion. In some cases, an article will answer pre-buy questions, and other times, they’ll help with retention.

Adding visuals to your articles is easy when you have many options inside your Visme editor. Browse the blog graphic templates or other visuals like infographics or data visualizations.


7. Ebooks & Guides

An ebook has many uses in the realm of sales. They’re technically a longer, more complete, and in many cases, a more visual version of your informative articles. Ebooks also make terrific lead magnets to get people into your marketing and sales funnels. You can also sell ebooks directly for passive income.

When to use ebooks for selling

As your sales team uses articles to inform clients before they buy from you, ebooks serve the same purpose. Make them interactive with videos, audio, animated data visualizations and GIFs. Include as much content as the client could need, plus more to make the ebooks more interesting.

Use Visme’s ebook creator as a starting point for your selling-centered ebooks. Write the content so it’s compelling, impressive and attainable. Here’s a template to get you started.


8. Sales Battlecards

A sales battlecard is information for sales agents to refer to when communicating with a client. It takes them step by step through all the conversation points, with suggestions and tips on talking to the client in an informative and friendly way. Battlecards with many content sources are a precious resource for all your sales reps to have close at hand.

When to use battlecards for selling

Battlecards are an essential selling tool for every level of the sales funnel. To include relevant content in your battlecards, make it flow according to possible questions the client might ask during a sales call. Create different battlecards for phone calls, emails and social media communication with consumers.

Try using a flowchart design for your battlecard, the sales rep can go through the options according to what the client is asking about. Here’s a sales battlecard template to use.


9. Reports

Reports are documents or presentations that showcase the results of projects and campaigns. These can be internal or external, depending on their purpose. Data is represented and visualized with attractive charts, graphs and tables. Along with an introduction, conclusion and next steps, reports can be exceptional instead of boring.

When to use reports for selling

Reports are generally created towards the end of a project, but can be easily adapted as a conversation starter with a new client. Simply take out sensitive information from the other client and show prospective clients how you do things. Impress them with your work ethic using reports.

Visme has a wide variety of report templates in our report maker across different industry categories. Take a look at the template below, for example. You can get started with it right away.


10. Presentations

The ubiquitous presentations are a business staple. But don’t fall into the trap of always using the same boring presentations to share information, pitch an idea or offer an analysis.

Instead, try creating interactive presentations with more than just a few animations. Turn your presentation into a noteworthy experience.

When to use presentations for selling

Presentations have always used to sell because they’re an excellent way to display information. But since this is the case, you don’t want clients to eye roll when they realize you want to sell to them using a presentation.

Make yours stand out by making it unique and inspiring. Instead of sending them a PDF file of many slides, send them a link to an interactive presentation made with Visme.

In our presentation maker and template library, you’ll find hundreds, if not thousands, of options to create noteworthy presentations that will make your clients convert.


11. Infographics

Infographics are commonly found inside blog posts and social media. They’re generally vertical but not limited to that size, depending on where the infographic’s location, shapes vary widely.

Instagram, for example, is full of square-shaped infographics and horizontal ones look great in newsletters and emails.

When to use infographics for selling

To use an infographic for selling, you’ll need relevant context to accompany it. An informative blog post, a support article or even just an email. Another option is to create an interactive or animated infographic that you can share easily using a link. Don’t overdo the sales-oriented messaging in the captions. Concentrate on being informative and honest.

You’ll find plenty of options for creating infographics inside your Visme editor. Browse through a wide collection of categories for many industries. Here’s a template to get you started.


12. Webinars

Webinars have long been practical content types to sell, especially to offer unique promotions and offers. Make your webinars super valuable and worth a visitor’s time.

Avoid talking too much about your business without sharing actionable advice or knowledge. Everyone knows a webinar will have a sales pitch, so make it worth their while.

When to use webinars for selling

Sell with webinars when you want to show the audience a specific solution to their pain points. Invite people on your email list or through social media. Make sure to craft a title that sounds attractive and worth attending; try a how-to approach.

Make your webinar slides with Visme to catch and retain the viewer’s attention. Our integration with Livestorm is your best resource for presenting outstanding webinars.


13. Social Media Graphics

Social media is full of visual content competing for attention.

Everyone is trying to sell you something or direct you towards a landing page or blog post. But the only way to stand out on social media is with visuals that pair with unique and witty content.

When to use social media graphics for selling

The best time to use social media visuals for selling is when you have a big promotion or campaign. Social media shouldn’t be the only content outlet for selling, but it’s an important one.

Inside your Visme template library you’ll find social media graphics for all channels in different dimensions.

Social Media Templates

Create a stunning social media graphics online by getting started with one of Visme’s premade templates. Share content with your audience visually. Find a free social media graphic template that you can easily customize for your own purposes.

Create your graphic
View more templates


14. Press Releases

Does your team have something significant to share? A press release is a great additional resource for possible clients to learn about you and your business. Use press releases for your biggest news, and consider making them hyper-visual.

When to use press releases for selling

Add links to press releases in battlecards under a categorized list. Your sales reps can share a relevant press release according to where the communication with the client is going. Be clear about how your news helps fix pain points for the consumer.

Use a Visme press release template to make a powerful press release that shares your biggest news.


Using Visme for Your Sales and Content Teams

When it comes to the tools your sales team uses for heightened productivity, choosing the right combination of them is the magic combination for success. Visme, for example, is an optimal choice for your Work OS or work suite.

Visme doesn’t just offer a design platform to create engaging visuals, it also offers countless solutions for project management, collaboration and organization. Selling is made easier and more engaging when your teams have Visme at their disposal. Let’s take a look at the most valuable ways Visme can help your sales team


Project Management

Managing projects as a team needs both good project management skills and an exceptional suite of tools for the team to use together. Visme offers many types of content to help manage and visualize roadmaps, communication plans, proposals, status reports and more.

Working together on projects with Visme is easy for any type of team; in office, hybrid or remote. Select workspaces for specific teams to work on together, keeping everything in order, so it’s easy to keep track.



Collaborate in real time while working on any project with anyone on your team. Use the integrated task manager to assign specific work inside presentations, infographics and documents.

Leave comments, notes and feedback with shaped markers and arrows in any location of the design. Enterprise users have access to the Audit Log under their workspace settings. Here, admins can view the history of each team member to see when they’ve logged in, who has been editing projects, and what kinds of actions have been made on each project.



Everything inside Visme is easy to organize. Folder management inside workspaces is available for projects in the dashboard and files in the media library. Use tags to make things easier to find no matter what project you’re working on.

The Brand Kit organizes all brand assets in an easy-to-use library. Your color palette, fonts, logos and branded templates are all kept in one convenient place. Organization is easy with a Visme team plan for your sales and content teams.



The analytics feature is another practical tool inside Visme that can help your sales and content teams be more productive and analytical.

You’ll be able to see how content is performing, who is looking at it and for how long. This will help teams understand which content performs better than others.


Bring Your Teams Together & Close More Sales

Now that you know how content—and Visme—can help you close more sales, what will you change inside your processes? Will you take a chance to improve how your teams work, both internally and externally?

Learn how Visme can help your sales team work together with the marketing department, access the right tools, create high-converting content and close more sales.

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