20 User Persona Templates to Create Your Own

An illustration showcasing a couple of user persona templates.

If the title of this article caught your eye, then you’ve probably been looking for information about user personas or user journey mapping techniques. Maybe you were looking for customer personas and customer journey mapping

Whichever is the case, you’ve arrived at a great place to be. 

In this article, you’ll find 20 user persona templates you can check out to use for your business.

As marketers and entrepreneurs, knowing the perfect combination of ideal customer, target market and loyal user is key to building effective businesses with impactful marketing strategies. 

To create user personas, gather data about your existing and potential customers. These will then help build user and customer journey maps that you and your team can follow in order to create pinpointed content for every step.

The information on these templates are archetypes of customer personas that can also inspire your own creation.

Each design has sections specifically selected to display the data about a customer persona, in a way that’s easy to understand for everyone on your team. From the blog writer to the marketing manager. 

The colors, shapes and visuals represent the personality of each user persona. Analyze if these fit the personality of your brand’s user persona. Remember to change all colors and fonts to match your brand while keeping the composition intact.

Ready to start creating a game changing user persona to then create better customer journeys and marketing plans?

Let’s do it. 

Here’s a video you should bookmark for further research. It’s all about creating a marketing plan. User and customer personas are an important part of the marketing plan!


1 Code Review System User Persona Template

This persona describes beginner and novice programmers that need help writing better code faster. The design uses percentage meters to visualize the user’s technical debt. The reading order in this design is a bit different from the usual left to right, adding an interesting layer to the template.

A code review system user persona template available to customize in Visme.


2 Project Management Software User Persona Template

The user persona template for a project manager is visually direct and to the point. The color story grabs your attention with the bright pink over dark gray.

If you have many customer personas for your business, this template is easy to replicate and edit. Make sure to use different photos for easy browsing.

A project management software user persona template available to customize in Visme.


3 Design Software User Persona Template

This marketing persona template is an excellent example of a combined user and customer persona layout.

A persona template like this one is great for crafting enigmatic storytelling and effective lead generation techniques. Everyone on the team can get valuable input for communicating with the ideal user and customer.

A design software user persona template available to customize in Visme.


4 Job Board User Persona Template

Buyer personas for a specific tool they will use a few times are different from a product user whose use is constant and necessary. This example leans more towards the customer persona than a user persona. The blue color scheme makes it versatile for any industry.

A job board user persona template available to customize in Visme.


5 Marketing Guide User Persona Template

Customer personas for services like coaching and advisory services need to be specific about what type of information you’ll be sharing with clients. Gather data to figure out the needs of the people looking for exactly what you offer. Create the customer persona around that data.

A marketing guide user persona template available to customize in Visme.


6 Parent User Persona Template

Customer archetypes are fictionally created people using data about people in general. Many people in the world fit the persona in this template. Are they your target market? Start here and then add more specific details in the customer journey map.

A parent user persona template available to customize in Visme.


7 Marketing Manager User Persona Template

Your persona can be about different aspects of people’s lives. The data you choose to pinpoint describes where exactly you’re directing efforts.

Is their persona story about their job? Is it about their family? Or maybe it’s about aspirations and dreams? This one is about the work aspect. Tap into real needs and frustrations from the data you gathered in the marketing research.

A marketing manager user persona template available to customize in Visme.


8 Fitness Enthusiast User Persona Template

The fitness enthusiast customer persona describes the ideal potential buyer and user for a fitness app or fitness product. A unique design makes this template go to the next level.

You need to input the users and buyers that your team brings to life in a spreadsheet. If you’re a freelance marketer, this template is a great option to use for clients. You’ll make a positive first impression.

A fitness enthusiast user persona template available to customize in Visme.


9 Gen Z User Persona Template

How do you fit a specific section of a generation in a customer persona archetype? You look at what content they share online and get inspiration to select colors, shapes and layouts.

Use the visuals that the archetype in the user persona would be attracted to; this also helps your marketing team know what speaks to the customer.

A gen z user persona template available to customize in Visme.


10 Health Conscious User Persona Template

Pinpointing your customer’s habits and frustrations is the key to crafting the marketing messaging for your brand. You’ll know who you’re talking to and what topics to talk about.

When everyone on your team has the same information, all the content from the website to email funnels is connected and harmonious. Use this pre-designed template to get everyone on board.

A health conscious user persona template available to customize in Visme.


11 Millennial User Persona Template

Radial percentage gauges are an easy visual tool to measure the personality traits of a user persona. Use terms that are easy to understand without needing to ask any more questions.

Include a small sentence for further information if you need to explain more. This template design includes four radial gauges to customize with your data.

A millennial user persona template available to customize in Visme.


12 College Student User Persona Template

Get to know your customer’s aspirations in life and work. Their goals and dreams are where you and your brand come in.

Knowing what they want to achieve helps you create products and content that will help them thrive. Everyone needs something; user personas are the recipe to knowing what that is. This persona template is a great place to start.

A college student user persona template available to customize in Visme.


13 Avid Shopper User Persona Template

For brands that offer products specific for solving a unique need, creating a user persona needs to go into the details.

What drives your target market to seek out a product like yours? Are you aware of the specific needs you can fulfill? Each circle section in this template goes into the details with precision.

An avid shopper user persona template available to customize in Visme.


14 Software Developer User Persona Template

Keep your team inspired to create great content with user persona templates that deliver all the information they require and look fantastic.

Colorful designs paired with practical information help teams be more productive. They can collaborate on different types of content that aim at one main goal, reaching the real people that the user personas represent.

A software developer user persona template available to customize in Visme.


15 UX Designer User Persona Template

When creating user personas, think of ways to talk about their work, life issues, and other thoughts that can help shape an idea of your target market.

Use fictional quotes to represent their thoughts, with quotation mark designs in their own section of the template. You’ll have an easier time with this when you conduct customer surveys and polls.

A UX designer user persona template available to customize in Visme.


16 ​​Reference Management Software User Persona Template

Try using a flowchart to visualize your user’s needs, starting from the primary need and progressing to more detailed requirements.

This flowchart can mimic the customer journey, helping you create content to convince audiences that what you offer is what they need.

A reference management software user persona template available to customize in Visme.


17 Real Estate App User Persona Template

Real estate companies usually have more than one persona, or groups of personas, to which they can direct personalized marketing strategies.

Using the detailed persona for a college student, the company can create Facebook Ads for small rentals targeted at college students like the one described in the persona.

A real estate app user persona template available to customize in Visme.


18 Ecommerce User Persona Template

Personalized marketing is easy when you have user personas for all possible customer types. A business like an e-commerce store that “sells everything” will have numerous types of user personas, more even than a real estate company.

Use different customer personas to create additional customer journeys that end in the same place, conversion.

An ecommerce user persona template available to customize in Visme.


19 Online Learning Platform User Persona Template

Add an ideal user story to visualize the type of customers that will interact with the brand. This example of a user personal template users broad information from which the marketing team can expand to more detailed user profiles.

A user story taps into knowledge that helps figure out if the user experience is optimized.

An online learning platform user persona template available to customize in Visme.


20 Ride-Sharing App User Persona Template

Finally, this user persona template uses a double persona approach that matches the nature of the business.

A ride-sharing app that wants to appeal to the young professional must consider the combinations of user personas that might occur during one ride. This will help the human resources team create content to help drivers navigate brand values and culture.

A ride-sharing app user persona template available to customize in Visme.


How to Use Visme’s User Persona Templates to Create Your Own

Creating a single—or group—of user personas for your brand is easy with Visme. Start with one of our templates on this list and duplicate as many times as needed.

Use different colors for groups of personas or specific personalization details that matter. Collaborate on creating the personas with a team account that allows everyone to add their input and feedback.

Here’s how to create a user persona:

  1. Gather data about your existing customers and users if your brand is new, conduct marketing research to create an ideal user or customer.
  2. Set up a spreadsheet with the most important features about each user. For example: 
    1. General demographic data: age, gender, location
    2. Personality traits
    3. Needs
    4. Frustrations
    5. Goals
  3. Pick a template from the selection above. Consider the personality of your personas and the design of the template. Also keep your brand in mind as you choose. Does it all fit together with little editing?
  4. Input the content from your spreadsheet in each persona.
  5. Change the colors to your brand colors (Optional)
  6. Change the fonts to your brand fonts (Optional)
  7. Give everyone on your team access to a digital version of your user personas by sharing a live Visme link in your Slack channel, email or messenger.


Your Turn

Here’s to better personalized communication between your brand and its customers. With detailed user persona templates and data extracted through marketing research, you’re on your way to better marketing results and more conversions.

Use any of the customer persona templates in this list with your Visme account. If you don’t have a Visme account, getting started with Visme’s document maker is as easy as logging in with your Facebook or Google account.

We can’t wait to hear how your new user personas take your business to the next level.

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