How to Create a Tri-Fold Brochure (+ Templates & Examples)

How to Create a Tri-Fold Brochure

A tri-fold brochure, also known as the letter-fold brochure, is an effective marketing material that has helped businesses get their messages out for decades. Like other print marketing materials such as flyers and posters, a tri-fold brochure is a cost-effective, versatile way to reach your audience.

According to Top Media Advertising, online campaigns were 400% more effective when combined with print and digital advertising. Not creating a tri-fold brochure means you’re missing out on a big marketing opportunity.

However, creating a tri-fold brochure isn’t easy, especially if you don’t have design experience. A lot of thought process and design strategy goes behind the conceptualization, using design elements, content flow and other visual assets.

Therefore, we have come up with this comprehensive guide and some stunning tri-fold brochure templates to help you create one easily.

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Table of Contents

How to Create a Tri-Fold Brochure in 7 Steps

20 Tri-Fold Brochure Templates for Various Industries

Tri-Fold Brochure FAQs

Create a Tri-Fold Brochure in Minutes


How To Create a Tri-Fold Brochure in 7 Steps

Creating a tri-fold brochure undoubtedly includes many brainstorming ideas and design thinking. Keeping that in mind, Visme comes with a free online brochure maker that anyone can use to create eye-catching tri-fold brochures in minutes.

For a quick look into how to create a brochure with Visme, check out this video. Or follow the steps below.

Step 1: Define Your Purpose

The first step in creating a tri-fold brochure is defining the purpose. Why do you need the brochure? Do you want to promote your newly launched product or service? Or increase brand awareness? Or maybe you want to build trust between you and your potential clients.

Be clear about what you want to do with the brochure, as the rest of your brochure design will mostly depend on it.

Look at these two tri-fold brochure templates below. From the content to the design elements, notice how every aspect of the brochures serves different purposes.

Step 2: Consider Your Target Audience

Considering the target audience is as important as defining the purpose. Understand what your target audience needs. Everything should be done while keeping the audience in mind, from writing the copy to considering the design elements.

For example, designing a brochure for a coffee shop will be very different from that of a fashion store as they have different target audiences.

Here are some tips to successfully design the brochure for your audience.

1. Identify your target audience

2. Create customer personas

3. Analyze your competitors

4. Use typography to speak their language

5. Choose colors that will appeal to them

6. Include images that will pique their imagination

7. Write copy they want to read

Step 3: Choose a Template and Customize It

Creating a tri-fold brochure from scratch can be difficult if you have no design experience. The best way to design a brochure is by choosing a template that matches your needs and customizing it using our drag-and-drop brochure maker tool.

Once you choose a tri-fold brochure template from Visme’s library, follow the design best practices to customize the template.

how to pick a tri-fold brochure template and customize it inside the Visme editor

Include High-Quality Images

Images are one of the critical elements of a brochure. They attract your audience to take a look at your brochure. Always use relevant images and make sure they are high-quality. If you don’t have quality photographs, check out Visme’s stock photo library, packed with thousands of options.

While adding images to the template, make sure that you use them properly. Visme’s photo editor comes with everything you need from a graphic design tool. Crop and frame photos, apply gorgeous filters, add text and graphics and more.

Choose Colors Appropriately

Color plays a vital role in design and marketing. A study shows that colors alone can influence up to 90% of an initial impression. So, make sure that you choose the appropriate colors for your brochure.

You can choose cool, warm, complementary, monochromatic, analogous and many other color schemes.

Read this article on color psychology in marketing or watch the video below to choose the perfect colors for your brochure.

Use Visme’s color dropper tool to pick the color you want for the template. Choose colors that not only complement each other but also fit the topic of your brochure.

GIF of changing or choosing colors in Visme

Feature Icons and Illustrations

Add a gorgeous touch to the tri-fold by adding icons and illustrations. However, remember that featuring icons and illustrations don’t always mean great design. Ensure that you choose a style that works well with your content and sets the mood you want.

Get the Typography Right

The typography in your tri-fold will help you promote legibility and help communicate the messaging, tone and sentiment. This makes it one of the critical design elements that can make or break your brochure.

Step 4: Stay On Brand

According to a recent study, presenting a brand consistently across all platforms can increase revenue by up to 23%.

As the tri-fold is crucial marketing collateral, you should always stay on brand. Use your brand fonts, brand colors, logo and other visual elements according to your brand guidelines. Use Visme’s Brand Design Tool to save all your branding materials in one place and apply them to templates.

Step 5: Create a Visual Hierarchy

Our designers create templates while always keeping the visual hierarchy in mind. However, while customizing the templates, things can change along the way. So make sure there is a visual hierarchy in your tri-fold brochure.

The 6 Elements of Visual Hierarchy Infographic

Read this article to learn about the 12 visual hierarchy principles every non-designer needs to know.

Step 6: Evaluate Your Design

Once satisfied with the tri-fold brochure design, take your time evaluating the final design. Give attention to every small detail in the brochure. This is your last chance to make changes and get the design right.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Does the tri-fold fulfill its purpose?
  • Is the messaging easy to understand?
  • Is the design aesthetically pleasing?
  • Does it appeal to your target audience?
  • Does it include your branding?

With Visme’s collaboration features, you can collaborate with your team from start to finish. Involve your team members in the design process to get the most out of your design effort.

Step 7: Share Your Tri-Fold Brochure

Now it’s time to share your tri-fold brochure with your audience. Download it as a high-quality PDF file to print and hand it over to your clients. Or, download it as a high-resolution JPEG and share it anywhere you want.

Alternatively, you can generate a shareable link to email, share it on social media or embed it on your website.

GIF of downloading and sharing documents in Visme

Watch the video below to learn more about creating a brochure in Visme.


20 Tri-Fold Brochure Templates for Various Industries

Now, let’s look at the 20 tri-fold brochure templates for various industries. Choose the one that matches your industry and business and customize it in Visme.

1. Environmental Non-Profit Tri-fold Brochure

Let’s begin with this environmental tri-fold brochure template. It helps non-profit organizations that are making a positive impact on saving our planet. The templates include different shades of green and nature photography to help you reach your audience.

Moreover, eco-friendly brands can use this template to promote their products or services and practice ethical branding exercises.

2. Travel the World Tri-fold Brochure

Do you own a travel agency that offers world tour packages? Promote your amazing offers and reach your target audience using this world travel tri-fold brochure. It will help you inform and educate your existing and prospective customers.

Furthermore, you can customize it to promote any other business. Just replace the existing content and change the colors, fonts, images and other elements to make it your own.

3. Real Estate Company Tri-fold Brochure

This real estate tri-fold brochure template allows you to promote your services as a property dealer. Include critical information to highlight your services, use some photographs of your properties and even showcase testimonials in the brochure.

4. Investment Group Tri-fold Brochure

Use this tri-fold brochure template to increase your brand awareness as an investment firm. Educate your clients on your services or relevant topics while making your brand colors stand out.

The colors, images, fonts and the overall design of this tri-fold create a sense of trustworthiness that can work like magic and attract your target clients to your business.

5. Interior Design Tri-fold Brochure

If you are an interior design firm or company, this tri-fold brochure template to wow your potential customers. From the high-quality images and complementary color scheme to the fonts and design elements, every aspect of this template reflects the professionalism of excellent interior design.

Therefore, it will immediately grab the attention of people looking for interior design services.

6. Pet Care Tri-fold Brochure

If you provide pet sitting and pet grooming services, this pet care tri-fold brochure is ideal for promoting your business. The bold design of this brochure makes it look approachable and reach your ideal customers. You can customize this template by replacing the text and photos and changing colors to make it fit any industry.

7. Tech Tri-fold Brochure

Do you have an innovative product or service to share with your customers? Use this tech tri-fold brochure template and customize it to fit your needs. The template will help you organize your product’s features and details on pricing while attracting customers with its vibrant colors and visuals.

8. Business Travel Tri-fold Brochure

This business travel tri-fold brochure template is an excellent example of using shapes, images and color combinations to make the design pop. Furthermore, it combines text and visual elements together to create an eye-catching design.

Though the template is for business travel, you can customize it for any business or industry.

9. Gallery of Fine Art Tri-fold Brochure

Are you hosting an art exhibition? Customize this gallery of fine art tri-fold brochures to promote it. The minimalist design and relevant imagery will help you spread your message. Replace the pre-existing text with your own, change colors add your own images and much more to make it your own.

10. Creative Tri-fold Brochure

What are you doing to make your brochure stand out from your competitors’? Use this creative tri-fold brochure template to create a stunning tri-fold. You’re sure to increase your brand awareness and stand out from the crowd.

The complementary color combination, different shapes, images and the background, everything about this template promotes creativity.

11. Online Bank Tri-fold Brochure

Use this online bank tri-fold brochure template to promote your online banking services. The template has enough space to include your contact information, about, services, products and many others.

The template will help you reach your ideal customers and help them learn about the benefits of banking with you. However, you can customize it to promote any business regardless of size and industry.

12. Home Furniture Tri-fold Brochure

Make your furniture store stand out using this sophisticated brochure template. Include some photographs of your furniture being displayed in different spaces they are made for. These visuals will give your customers an overview of how your furniture can make their beautiful space more attractive.

Customize the template for your furniture store or interior design business.

13. Smart Home Tri-fold Brochure

Craft your marketing messages in a way that reaches your target audience and persuades them to make a purchase. This smart home tri-fold brochure will help you do that effectively. Include your best products and their attractive features in your tri-fold, just like this template.

14. Photography Workshop Tri-fold Brochure

If you are creating a brochure to promote your photography workshop, it should be picture-perfect. Use this elegant, vibrant and professional tri-fold brochure template. High-resolution and relevant photographs with gradient backgrounds make the template unique and help you ignite budding photographers’ imaginations.

15. Fashion Store Tri-fold Brochure

Unveil your latest clothing collection with this fashion store tri-fold brochure. It is designed in pacific blue and floral white and features spectacular photographs of models wearing pieces of modern clothing. The best part is that it won’t take long to personalize the template according to your needs.

16. New Laser Device Tri-fold Brochure

Want to advertise your innovative device? This tri-fold brochure template might be what you are looking for. The template shows how the new laser device can be used to treat skin problems while highlighting its features.

Customize this template by inserting some photographs of your device, changing the color and fonts and adding your branding elements.

17. Gym Tri-fold Brochure

This gym tri-fold brochure template comes with a corporate design focusing on a fitness-related theme. Customize it and attract fitness enthusiasts to your gym. Give them a glimpse of your gym and equipment by including high-quality images, introduce the personal trainers to them and let them know your availability.

18. Catering Tri-fold Brochure

Create an appetizing catering tri-fold brochure using this vibrant template. Catering is a critical part of any event, making it critical for you to highlight the reliability of your services. Include your unique dishes, services, menu and customer testimonials to make the most of your brochures.

19. Lifestyle Shop Tri-fold Brochure

Let your customers know about your lifestyle shop’s special offers, discounts and new collections with this energetic tri-fold brochure template. Great deals and great design never goes out of style. Bring more customers to your lifestyle shop by customizing and sharing this brochure.

20. Business School Tri-fold Brochure

Whether you are a community program or a university, attract students with this business school tri-fold brochure. Customize the template and replace it with your institution’s name, courses offered, contact information and more. Get international exposure with this elegant and professionally designed brochure.

These tri-fold brochure templates are fully customizable for any industry and business. Choose the template that fits your design requirements, input your content, customize it and download it for print or share it online with a link.


Tri-Fold Brochure FAQs

Q. What is a tri-fold brochure?

As the name suggests, a tri-fold brochure is folded twice over the middle section of a paper (generally A4 size) to make six panels of the brochure.

Q. What is the difference between a tri-fold brochure and a bi-fold brochure?

The only difference between a tri-fold and a bifold brochure is the fold. A bi-fold brochure is folded once, just like a book, dividing the content evenly into two parts. On the other hand, a tri-fold brochure is folded twice to make 3 equal parts.

Q. Can I make a tri-fold brochure in Word?

Yes, you can, but why? Instead, make it in Visme. Select a template that suits your needs and customize it. Choose high-quality images, icons, illustrations, videos, shapes and more.

Q. What are the four types of brochures?

The four types of brochures are:

  1. Gate-Fold – Folded twice to make three panels and six pages. The right and left sides of the page fold in to create a large interior center panel.
  2. Bi-Fold – Folded once to make two panels and four pages.
  3. Tri-Fold – Folded twice to make three equal panels and six pages.
  4. Z-Fold – Two parallel folds in opposite directions, making the brochure z shaped.


Create a Tri-Fold Brochure in Minutes

By now, you should have understood that creating a tri-fold brochure is not difficult as it seems. Choose a template from the list or Visme’s brochure template library and use this article as a guide to creating your tri-fold brochure in minutes.

Create a free account in Visme if you haven’t already and start customizing your favorite brochure template to promote your products or services today.


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