30 (Editable) Table of Contents Templates for Professionals

Are you creating a document or report, and you’re stuck on the Table of Contents page? Does your Word document look more boring than ever?

In general, most table of contents pages are dull and uneventful, but they don’t need to be that way. Visme’s custom table of contents templates are here to save the day.

In this guide, we’ve collected 30 different template designs for Table of Contents pages. All templates in the list below are part of multipage documents and printable templates in Visme.

Forget the boring Word templates, and you’ll find what you need here. From many free table of contents templates to the more premium offerings.

Click on the category that interests you in the list below, or scroll until you find a template that works for you.

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30 Table of Contents Templates for Various Documents

What Does a Table of Contents Do?

Category #1: Table of Contents for Business Plans

Category #2: Table of Contents for Marketing Plans

Category #3: Table of Contents for Proposals

Category #4: Table of Contents for eBooks

Category #5: Table of Contents for White Papers

Category #6: Table of Contents for Reports

Just in case you need some help designing your document, here’s a tutorial video that will show you how to make a marketing plan with Visme.


What Does a Table of Contents Do?

Every document with more than four or five pages benefits from having a table of contents. This page is placed immediately after the title page to inform the readers what they can expect to find inside the document and on which page.

A good table of contents includes a title header, a list of sections and page numbers that show levels of hierarchy. A great table of contents includes a design element that unites it to the cover page and the rest of the document.

For digital PDF documents, the table of contents should be interactive. Each list item links to its page, making navigation easier for readers. Including a home tab on every page to take readers back to the table of contents will add even more value.

Regardless if you’re looking for design ideas for your table of contents or maybe a customizable template, we’ve got your back.

Let’s dive into our selection of table of contents template examples.


Category #1: Table of Contents for Business Plans

Business Plans are documents that showcase a specific plan for a business. It can be an overarching plan or a particular project plan. These include pages like goals, projections and timelines.

Here are some table of contents templates for business plans.


Template #1: SaaS Business Plan

This SaaS business plan table of contents template has a white background with purple accents. It’s a minimal design in a bullet point format. The heading text in this template is in a vertical layout, while the table of contents has good spacing around it.

Use this template for a document with a simple design with a pop of color. It’ll fit into the business plan it belongs to or other documents like it.


Template #2: Startup Business Plan

The table of contents in the startup business plan uses a color block design to showcase the section titles. The section numbers are orange over dark gray, making them pop.

Pitch your startup business plan in style with this customizable document template. Or, just use the table of contents for any other document you’re creating.


Template #3: Fashion Business Plan

Are you in search for a sleek design that looks elegant and professional? Look no further than this fashion business plan.

The table of contents template in this document is center-aligned over a black background. Thin vertical lines complete the design, creating a visual hierarchy of elements.

Choose the fashion business plan if you want to impress the reader with a professional and timeless design.


Template #4: Nonprofit Business Plan

This table of contents template takes a fresh approach with a black and white image as the focal point. The title and the list of sections are separated into color blocks with a clear visual hierarchy.

The nonprofit business plan as a whole is friendly and approachable, and is perfect for any business or NPO that has to do with caretaking.


Template #5: Restaurant Business Plan

This table of contents page uses a unique layout style with an inviting image of food in a circular frame. The sections in this design include the word ‘page’ with each corresponding number.

Use this template if you’re looking for an elegant, modern design that appeals to the senses. Update this table of contents easily by copying from your Word document into your Visme project.


Category #2: Table of Contents for Marketing Plans

Next up on our list are tables of contents for marketing plans. These are for documents that detail a specific marketing plan for your business, such as explaining how you plan to tackle social media or emails after visualizing your target market and ideal audience.

Create your marketing plan with a professional table of contents easily with Visme templates. Let’s dive in.


Template #1: Social Media Marketing Plan

The social media marketing plan template has a fun and colorful layout. The thin pink line to the left unifies all the elements, creating a flowing visual hierarchy. The contents are listed at the top of the page over a collage of images.

Customize this template easily with your images and colors.


Template #2: Real Estate Marketing Plan

This clean-cut table of contents design uses a different style of layout. Instead of a list, the sections are organized as items on a grid. Moving away from the usual, this table of contents template will surely make an impact.

Swap the background image with one that fits your business better, or change for a pattern or color.


Template #3: Marketing Communication Plan

Large numbers make this table of contents template stand out. The section titles are displayed in all caps, further emphasizing the hierarchy. The design of interlocking circles continues throughout all the pages of this template for a fresh, artistic feel.

For a digital design, add a relevant hyperlink to both the number and the section title.


Template #4: Digital Marketing Plan

Here’s another table of contents template with a grid design. This one goes one step further and uses yellow gradients for each item’s background. The minimalistic image at the top is a supporting element that helps the yellow squares shine.

Use this template with your colors by replacing the yellow with a six-layer gradient of your brand color.


Template #5: Restaurant Marketing Plan

This template is all about vertical layouts and color columns. The pink color block holds the section numbers while the section titles are aligned over the white. It’s simple and to the point, with minimal customization needed.

Use this versatile table of contents template with any document design that uses color blocks. Then, simply save it to your custom block library.


Category #3: Table of Contents for Proposals

A well-designed proposal makes a positive impression towards the reader accepting what you propose. Including a table of contents that’s inviting and approachable will help the readers navigate your document easily.

When sharing a PDF version of your proposal, make sure to hyperlink the table of contents to their corresponding pages. Include a back to ToC button on every page so readers don’t get lost.


Template #1: Roofing Proposal

Like other table of contents layouts on our list, this one uses a vertical block of color but replaces the solid color with a bold image. This image repeats throughout the proposal as a unifying element.

The section titles and numbers are center-aligned on the right panel, with the numbers using a zero instead of single digits. This design will help if you have more than ten sections to list and don’t want to lose the visual balance.


Template #2: Insurance Proposal

This sleek table of contents template uses contrasting colors and circles for the section numbers and light lettering for the section titles. The layout is standard but uses unique visual elements that stand out.

Easily customize this template with your brand colors and fonts. Then, for heightened productivity, use the whole template and save it as a brand template when finished. This way, your team will use the brand proposal and customize it accordingly for every new client.


Template #3: Documentary Proposal

This table of contents template is fresh and colorful — well-balanced contrasting colors make the page stand out. You can easily swap the film icon for an element that matches your business or project. The background can also be replaced with one that’s more suited to your brand.

If you have trouble finding heading styles for your table of contents, take a look at other templates on this list or use one of our pre-design header blocks.


Template #4: Grant Proposal

Part of securing a grant is making a good impression with your proposal. This elegant and minimalistic table of contents design showcases the section titles with a half arrow instead of numbers.

Use this template if you’re looking for a professional and clean-cut design that’s impactful and inviting.


Template #5: Real Estate Investment Proposal

This table of contents template is a bit different from the others. The layout is unique and exciting, with a pop of neon as the page number that repeats on every document page.

Although a design like this works well with the other pages in the same template, it won’t match different document templates.


Category #4: Table of Contents for eBooks

Easily the most common lead magnet in content marketing and blogging, eBooks also need a table of contents page. Since eBooks are generally longer than proposals or reports, the ToC layout needs to be slightly different to fit more section titles and numbers.

Let’s take a look at the available eBook table of contents templates available in Visme.


Template #1: WordPress eBook

Longer eBooks usually have a higher number of sections or chapters; therefore, they need a table of contents that can handle more listed items. To save space, this table of contents template uses a vertical title design.

This design is versatile and highly customizable, and will fit right in with other eBook templates if you wish to mix and match.


Template #2: The Future of Event Marketing eBook

Simplicity never goes unnoticed. This minimalistic table of contents template might seem like a standard layout except that the section numbers and section titles have a wide gap between them.

This minimalistic design solution makes the page stand out while also keeping it sleek and non-conforming.


Template #3: Graphic Design eBook

This table of contents template is separated into two visual sections; a top image header and a list on the bottom half. The numbers are encased inside a colored rectangle, creating a visual hierarchy for the section list.

Use this eBook table of contents template if you have no more than ten sections. Alternatively, you can shrink the top image header to fit more section items.


Template #4: Environmental Protection eBook


This table of contents template has a frame design that makes the white area stand out. The background image is repeated from the cover to create a harmonious balance between pages.

Use this template with a dark photography background so the inside block is more noticeable.


Template #5: HR eBook

Here, we have another unique layout design with a diagonal grid. In this case, the item squares are supported with images and gray triangles for better visual flow. The two-toned vertical line on the right completes the layout.

Customize this template easily with your brand colors and fonts.


Category #5: Table of Contents for White Papers

The difference between an eBook and a white paper is the audience. The former includes easily skimmable information for non-experts, while the latter is mostly an in-depth report of expert information relayed to professionals in a certain field.

White papers are similar to research papers, and sometimes there’s an overlap between the two styles. Our template library has many options, no matter which side of the spectrum your document stands on.

Since white papers also have many pages, they need a table of contents page. Let’s look at the table of contents examples you have access to in your Visme dashboard.


Template #1: Environmental White Paper

This table of contents template design includes a colored column containing all the content. A two-color line on the right of the page continues throughout the entire template.

If you are using this template with another document design, we suggest you remove that line. Or, use the white paper document template in its entirety and simply modify the content inside.


Template #2: Public Health Awareness White Paper

If you’re looking for a table of contents template that makes an impact, look no further than this public health awareness white paper template. The black background, red splatter and white text of this table of contents page create great visual contrast.

Easily customize this template with your choice of colors and fonts. Then, copy the text from your Word document or Google Docs file.


Template #3: Tackling a Social Problem White Paper

Dark backgrounds with a pop of bright color are always a great idea when you’re looking to make a statement. This table of contents template is no different. The layout includes a narrow image column on the left and the contents list aligned to the left for a unique visual approach.

If you have bright and contrasting colors in your branding, this template design will fit right in.


Template #4: Social Media Privacy Concern White Paper

This example is another framed design for a table of contents page. The background is an image at the top and soft gray on the bottom two-thirds. The yellow rectangle that contains the content keeps everything orderly and easy to navigate.

Select this template and save it as a custom content block; then you can use it on any of your multipage document projects.


Template #5: Levels of Arsenic Contamination in Water White Paper

Vertical columns with images are a great framing option for a table of contents that would otherwise look boring and uneventful. This particular design uses line separations between section titles, resembling a table layout.

Easily customize this template with your fonts, images and a semi-transparent background of your lightest brand color.


Category #6: Table of Contents for Reports

The last category on our list of table of contents template inspiration is for reports. One of the most common and widely used document projects, reports come in all sizes and styles. As long as they have more than three pages, they’ll need a table of contents.

Keep scrolling to browse table of contents templates for reports, all available to customize and download inside your Visme dashboard.


Template #1: Market Research Report

This colorful table of contents template includes unique rounded shapes as a visual element plus a cutout tiger framing the content list. The contrasting colors make this layout eye-catching and exciting.

For your project, replace the tiger with another cutout element that better matches your content and message. Keep the formatting of the colored shapes for a unique visual feature.


Template #2: Inspection Report

This table of contents template uses a two-tone color overlay on a photo. The contrasting color overlays create a separation between header and subsections. For example, the bright pop of orange stands out from the dark blue making it easier to skim the sections.

Further into this report template, you’ll be able to import data from Excel, Google Sheets or Google Analytics.


Template #3: Technical Report

The overall design of this report template uses a three-shape concept that repeats from page to page. In part, the arrow directs the reader to the rest of the document from the table of contents page, creating a guiding line.

Select this colorful table of contents template, especially if you plan to use the report template in its entirety. Each page complements the other for a coherent feel.


Template #4: Sales Calls Report

When it comes to branded templates, this is a great example. The decorative design on the side of this table of contents layout is a logo repeated as a pattern.

To use this template for your brand, follow the suggested format and replace each placeholder logo with your own. Upload a high-quality PNG image with transparent background to achieve the effect.

The top right corner detail is repeated on each report page, creating a union between the table of contents and each page of the document.


Template #5: Green Annual Nonprofit Report

This full-color page design lays out the content aligned to the left. The arrows on the left create flow for the rest of the page. It’s not as contrasting as other designs, but still very striking and impactful.

Use your bold brand color in the background and change the fonts to your own.


Create Your Next Professional Document

Surely, after looking at all this visual inspiration of our table of contents templates, you’ve found the one you’ll use. But why stop at the table of contents when you can have the whole package!

Every template on this list is part of a multipage editable document template available in Visme. If you liked the table of contents templates, you’re going to love the full templates for your reports, eBooks, white papers, proposals and more.

So, ditch Microsoft Word or PowerPoint and make your documents shine over the rest.

Create a free Visme account today and get started with your favorite table of contents template from the list above. Or, visit our template library to browse more options.

See you inside!

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