11 (Downloadable) Roadmap Templates for Various Use Cases

Roadmaps are a great way to give your team, stakeholders and users a high-level overview of the company’s future business plans and goals regarding product development and product strategy.

Today, we’ll show you 11 different product roadmap templates, including:

  • Strategy roadmap templates,
  • Business roadmap templates,
  • Technology roadmap templates,
  • Agile roadmap templates,
  • Marketing roadmap templates and more.

So, let’s jump right into it.


Choose the Roadmap Template You Need


1. Product Roadmap Template

A product roadmap is a visual guide that outlines your product’s vision, direction, priorities and progress over a certain period of time.

This product roadmap template has contrasting colors and gives you a ready-to-go Gantt chart layout to start with.

This product roadmap template can be customized directly to your team member’s and marketing teams’ needs. You can customize the timeline, the colors, goals and everything in between to make sure you get all of the details in one place.

You can also create clear charts, add highly visible text, assign projects to different team members and add end-goal dates to each task.


2. Technology Roadmap Template

A technology roadmap is a visual display that shows the technology adoption plan for any business or organization.

This clear technology roadmap template gives you the ability to visualize everything your team is working on and their goals, quarter by quarter.

Having a technology roadmap will help the product management team know what tech solutions are available to other teams right now and the ones that will be available in the future.

When you create a technology roadmap with Visme, you can display many things on it, such as your business goals, regular status reports, milestones and more.

You can make your roadmaps visually enticing by using a professional color scheme, adding graphics to visualize and represent your milestones, creating charts to show what task will require the most amount of manpower and more.


3. Project Roadmap Template

A project roadmap gives a high-level overview of all the major tasks that will need to be performed in order to execute a certain project.

This project roadmap template is perfect to get your team and stakeholders aligned on what’s to come. You can change the colors and shapes of this template to personalize it completely.

Having a project plan visually mapped out via a project roadmap will make everything easy to understand for all team members — from product managers to the development team, the marketing team, stakeholders and everyone in between.

It’s best to break up your project roadmap into bite-sized bits of information. When creating your roadmap, try to keep your text and information short. To not cause any distraction, we recommend you use 3 fonts maximum per roadmap.

You can choose premade fonts created by our professional designers to make sure everything is visually appealing and easy to understand. Customize anything about the text, from the boldness and color to line spacing and kerning.

Having a project roadmap will help your team know what tasks to prioritize and how they can get the project done efficiently.


4. Strategy Roadmap Template

A strategy roadmap visualizes what key outcomes need to take place before a business can reach its strategic vision and goals. It is the link between strategy and execution.

This strategic roadmap template is a very visually engaging one, full of icons to help your team understand what’s on the table with just a quick look.

The contrasting colors are perfect for grabbing your team’s attention for what’s going on in the present, past and future. You can customize everything about this template to make it match your business goals and needs.

Add your content and upload your brand kit so that everything stays cohesive with your branding. Create interactive charts and heat maps to keep things engaging for your team.

Once you’ve finished editing your strategic roadmap template, your team can then visualize all the deliverables on the roadmap and stay updated with important tasks.


5. Business Roadmap Template

A business roadmap is a visual representation of your company’s major goals and objectives, as well as the strategies that will help you reach those goals.

This business roadmap template is calm, cool and collected. The colors are easy on the eyes and it literally takes the word “roadmapping” to another level. You can see the car graphic on the roadmap of success and all the tasks that need to happen in order to reach the goals.

Stakeholders can use business roadmaps to visually represent the tasks and deadlines taking place in different departments, such as in product management teams, marketing teams, project management teams and more.

Our business roadmap template will help your team excel in what needs to be done. Simply customize the content of this template to suit your unique business needs.

You can even animate your roadmap to keep things highly engaging for everyone from your external stakeholders to your development team. Add pre-animated graphics and customize their colors, movements and other animation settings.


6. Agile Roadmap Template

An agile roadmap is a visual representation of your project goals and strategic initiatives so that the team and stakeholders can get things done quickly and efficiently.

This agile roadmap template is full of information without being busy. It’s clear and concise so that everyone can see what’s to come. To make this template your own, you can customize the text and icons to match your business’s needs.

When creating an agile roadmap, you should have the problem and solution of your users or clients in mind. Once you have the problem and solution figured out, it’s time to visualize the steps it’ll take for your team to get there.

You can also add in your company logo to your roadmap anywhere you want. Then, add in each department and its tasks so team members know what to do.

You can color-code your roadmap and assign a color to each department. For example, you could use blue for the product development team, yellow for the product management team, green for the project management team and so on.

You can even create a roadmap for social media to let users know what they can expect from you in the near future and get excited about new features or an upcoming product launch.


7. Marketing Roadmap Template

A marketing roadmap is a visual timeline with all the specific steps it will take to achieve a company’s marketing goals. This will include short-term and long-term marketing goals, and it will help the marketing team track progress.

This marketing roadmap template has all of the activities the marketing team needs to accomplish in order to get the ball rolling. When tasks are clearly divided into separate boxes, it’s easier for each team member to keep track of their unique goals.

Customize this marketing roadmap to match your strategic plan for marketing. If you plan on launching new features soon, you can represent that in a visual way with Visme.

You can create a timeline for your product team and project management team and use graphics to represent each one of their tasks. We have thousands of graphics created by our professional designers that you can use to keep things engaging for your team.

Your roadmap doesn’t have to be a boring black and white calendar page. You can make things visual and exciting for your team by using a roadmap template like this one.


8. Sales Roadmap Template

A sales roadmap is a visual representation to show all the initiatives, strategies and steps a sales team will need to take in order to reach their target sales goal.

This template has bright contrasting colors so that it directs everyone’s attention where you want it. You can customize the icons of each bubble to match your team’s end goals and switch out the image for one of your own.

If you want to use your own images in your roadmap, you can upload them into your Visme gallery, or you can choose one from one of our millions of professionally snapped stock photos.

Add in your text and customize the fonts, size and color to match your business brand, or simply upload your brand kit. Use graphic elements to keep things colorful and upbeat.

Once you’ve added your business objectives and information to the roadmap, you’re ready to get your tasks done. Export your roadmap as a PDF, JPG and PNG, or share it online.


9. Startup Roadmap Template

A startup roadmap is a very detailed document that shows how you plan to launch your business and all the steps it will take to scale it.

This startup roadmap template has a beautiful color combination. It touches on all the main points a business needs to consider before launching their startup.

Having a roadmap will help the development process go much more smoothly and easily. Luckily for startups, Visme has some great startup roadmap templates that are fully customizable.

If you want to start from scratch, you can do that too. The drag-and-drop editor makes the design process painless, even for non-designers. This can come in handy for those creating a roadmap for the first time, so they don’t accidentally leave anything out.

You can choose a startup roadmap template, then add in all of your business strategies and goals and highlight the text to make it easily visible.

Add in charts to visualize data and budgets — this is especially important for startup companies. Once you create your charts and widgets, you can add in different graphic design elements to represent each team and their tasks.


10. Financial Roadmap Template

A financial roadmap is a visual representation of all of your financial priorities, including both long-term and short-term goals. Its purpose is to help you and your business maximize your money by knowing exactly how it’s being spent.

With this template, you can speak volumes by being minimal. You don’t always need lots of elements and text to make your point. You can keep it simple and make waves.

Edit this template to fit your needs and make yourself heard. Having a financial roadmap is a great idea for everyone, from giant corporations to small families.

Visme has the perfect solution for those looking to create a fun financial roadmap and not just a boring spreadsheet. You can customize any element of the template by simply clicking on it. Add and remove anything you want and make it match your financial goals.

Make budgeting more enjoyable by using this financial roadmap template from Visme.


11. Website Roadmap Template

A website roadmap is a timeline filled with all the tasks and steps it will take to create and launch a website.

It pretty much takes a village to launch a successful, beautiful and high-performing website. This is why having a website roadmap will be life-changing for you.

This template in particular is full of amazing images to help the team better visualize their upcoming tasks.

With Visme, you can create a website roadmap in a visual way where everyone can see what’s on top priority for them to do and what isn’t.

You can do this by customizing this website roadmap template, adding your goals and team members to the timeline so they can see what’s next. Add images and videos of your own to the roadmap, or choose from our library of millions of stock footage.

Once you add in all your data, you can share your new website roadmap with the team so everything can be done by launch day in a breeze.


Create Your Next Roadmap

Create or log into your Visme account to find your perfect roadmap template, and keep your team members and stakeholders aligned with your business strategies and objectives.

All of the roadmap templates above can be fully customized to fit any industry and any business. Just pick out the template that best fits your business needs and start customizing.

Visme’s drag-and-drop editor also lets you create roadmaps from scratch if you don’t want to start with a template. You can also add your roadmaps to other projects, such as documents and reports, presentations, business plans, marketing plans and more.

Sign up for a free Visme account today and create a professional roadmap in minutes.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We want to touch on a few of the most frequently asked questions regarding roadmaps and strategic plans. Find the answers to your questions below!

Q1. What is the purpose of a roadmap?

The purpose of a roadmap is threefold:

  1. To define the strategic plan to reach a goal or desired outcome.
  2. To visualize the major steps and milestones needed to reach the goal.
  3. It serves as a communication tool for the team and stakeholders and shows the strategic thinking behind all the product’s goals and the steps it will take to achieve them.

Q2. What should a roadmap include?

An effective roadmap will include the product or project’s end goal and all the steps needed to take place in order to achieve that goal.

A roadmap should include both short-term and long-term goals, milestones, risk factors, all the release plans and a timeline for every task to make sure everyone is on the same page.

Q3. How do you create a roadmap?

You can create a roadmap in a design tool like Visme. It’s easy for anyone to create a roadmap in Visme with the help of customizable roadmap templates and powerful design tools.

All you have to do is know your business objectives, and then add content to your roadmap. You can add text, images, graphic elements, milestones and everything in between to your favorite roadmap template to make it your own.

Once you’re done, share it with your team to get the ball rolling.

Q4. What is the difference between a roadmap and a strategic plan?

A strategic plan is a well-thought-out approach your team will take in order to achieve the goals you set for your business. A roadmap includes the strategic plan and is the tactical, step-by-step timeline that highlights the tasks that need to be fulfilled in order to reach those end goals.

Q5. What is a roadmap template?

A roadmap template is a pre-design roadmap that you can fully customize to match your business’s needs. Roadmap templates are helpful for non-designers who want to create a visually engaging roadmap.

Visme has tons of roadmap templates that you can choose from and makes creating a roadmap a breeze.

Q6. What’s the best roadmap maker?

The best roadmap maker for all kinds of purposes is Visme. The software has tons of fully customizable, professionally designed roadmaps, all available at the tip of your fingers.

You can add your logo, strategic business goals, graphic design elements, text, images, charts, heat maps and more to your roadmap when you use Visme. Sign up for free to get started.

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