29 Sample Proposal Templates and Design Tips

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Writing a proposal gives you the perfect opportunity to showcase why you or your business is right for the job a potential client is interested in. But without the right proposal template, knowing exactly what your proposal needs to say and including appropriate proposal visuals, you might end up losing that client.

This is why we’ve put together a post full of stunning, professionally designed proposal templates — to help you know exactly what to include in your proposal, and where it should go, to really reel in new clientele.

Our proposal templates cover a wide range of industries and have pre-written content already included to help guide your own proposal. This way, you can easily get started creating your own stunning proposal design in minutes.

Let’s dive in!


1 Web Development Proposal Template

web development proposal template

This proposal template is perfect for a more corporate look and feel in your proposal. 

With a professional design and an easy-to-follow table of contents at the beginning of your proposal, your potential clients will love this proposal setup.

Design Tip: Give each new section in your proposal a similar header, like you see in this template, to create a cohesive design, while letting your reader immediately know that they’ve moved onto a new section within your proposal.


2 IT Consulting Proposal Template

IT consulting proposal template

If your brand colors focus on a single accent color, this is the perfect proposal template to customize. Here, we see a single accent purple used, while the rest of the information maintains a black and white look.

Even the data visualizations use a monochromatic scheme by incorporating other shades of purple.

Design Tip: Using a stock photo on your proposal cover with a transparent color overlay is a great way to create depth in your design, while still allowing your title and information to pop.


3 QA Testing Proposal Template

qa testing proposal template

This proposal template has a modern design, utilizing a geometric layout throughout the document. These square sections help to break up large paragraphs of content in a really visually appealing way.

You can also easily crop your images into various shapes to fit them into your geometric design.

Simply update the content in this proposal template, upload your own photos or use the options in the left hand sidebar to add visuals to your proposal.

Design Tip: Try playing with geometric shapes in your design. Using squares to house various sections of content is a great way to separate your paragraphs and avoid crowding your design.


4 Website Design Proposal Template

website design proposal template

This proposal template allows you to easily pop in your own company introduction, portfolio, testimonials and budgetary information for your potential clients and services.

Visme also allows you to overlay website examples on top of a computer screen cutout to provide an even better website portfolio presentation for your clients.

Design Tip: Get creative with your table of contents. It doesn’t have to be a basic list of pages. Instead, take a page out of this template’s book and use a grid or other creative setup.


5 Corporate Proposal Template

corporate proposal template

This corporate proposal template is another great version to use for higher end, enterprise clients and projects.

Its professional look and feel will help ensure anyone you hand it to will know they’re in good hands with their project.

Design Tip: Use icons to help visualize your content. Visme’s icon library has over 10,000 different options, so you should be able to easily find icons relevant to your industry and the content written in your proposal.


6 Digital Branding Proposal Template

digital branding proposal template

The bold, serif headings in this proposal template help you to create a stunning, contemporary design perfect for online businesses and modern branding companies.

Use this template to provide the perfect project overview and timeline for your potential clients. Simply edit the template, plug in your information and download!

Design Tip: Using grayscale photos can help create a level of professionalism within your proposal that might not otherwise be there. With Visme’s editor, you can add filters to your photos to find the perfect tone.


7 Social Media Marketing Proposal Template

social media marketing proposal template

Putting together a proposal for social media marketing services? This template offers the perfect layout for your information, pricing and service details.

With sans serif fonts through and a modern look and feel, this proposal template is perfect for digital age services, like social media marketing.

Design Tip: Use a bold sans serif font as your page or section headers to really grab attention and create a contemporary design feel throughout your proposal.


8 SEO Proposal Template

seo proposal template

This business proposal brings in a few pops of color very strategically. Using a two-color scheme – magenta and grey – this template allows the colors to really run the show.

There are several well-designed sections within this template that can be customized to fit a variety of needs, so you can make this proposal template work for any type of business or service.

Design Tip: Add shapes and adjust the opacity to create glimpses into your background photo without distracting from the proposal content.


9 eCommerce Proposal Template

ecommerce proposal template

Want to create a proposal that pops? This eCommerce proposal template is the perfect way. By incorporating a bright red hue alongside images with black and white translucent overlays really helps important parts of this proposal template stand out.

Design Tip: Use a bright color as an accent hue within your proposal to really grab attention. Using this bright color to highlight the most important sections, like pricing, service options and things like that can be beneficial to your reader.


10 Event Photography Proposal Template

event photography proposal template

Showcasing your work within your proposal is a fantastic idea to really sell your services. This proposal template for event photography makes it easy to include previous project information, but incorporating screenshots or testimonials can work just as well.

Try including portfolio information within your proposal, too, so your reader can get a full scope of your previous work and get a good idea of if your business will be the right fit.

Design Tip: Get creative with your project timelines within your proposals. Visme offers a wide selection of timeline and process diagrams that make putting together pieces of your proposal easy.


11 CRO Proposal Template

cro proposal template

The warm color scheme in this proposal template is perfect for business services. While the orange is a focal color, the use of yellow and red in the icons and data visualizations fit right in.

Make your headings and most important tidbits of information stand out from the rest of your proposal by using a bold headline or highlighting them in bright shapes.

Design Tip: Using shapes, like ribbons and arrows, can add even more depth to your proposal, helping to call out specific information that you want your audience to read or understand.


12 Social Media Business Proposal Template

social media proposal template

Depending on your audience, sometimes a more creative proposal template is the right look for the job, while other times a more straightforward, minimalistic, professional design is the best choice.

Using popular fonts like Arial, Times New Roman and Verdana can also create a traditional look and feel for more corporate proposals.

Design Tip: Be sure to include a good bit of white space and margins in your proposal to ensure your content doesn’t look too crowded and overwhelm your reader.


13 Web Design Proposal Template

web design proposal template

Want a more muted proposal template? This beige monochromatic color scheme creates a really beautiful look and feel without overwhelming your reader.

The muted imagery also fits in perfectly with the rest of this proposal design. All you have to do is switch out the template content and send this off to your prospective client.

Design Tip: Use varying shades of a single color to create a uniform spectrum that you can use for timelines, process charts, subscription tables and more.


14 Engineering Project Proposal Template

engineering project proposal template

Many of Visme’s proposal templates also include a placeholder area for you to drop your logo right into the template. This helps to immediately brand your proposal and help your customer trust that it’s coming from you.

Design Tip: Using your brand colors and fonts is essential in a proposal. You can easily add these into your Visme Brand Kit to access for any design, not just your proposals.


15 Architecture Proposal Template

architecture proposal template

If you’re looking for a unique and modern way to share your proposal information with your audience, this proposal template is the perfect solution.

With a minimalistic look and feel and tons of white space, you can easily customize this to fit any information you might need to fit within your proposal.

Design Tip: Use abstract images to decorate your proposal pages. You can easily find the perfect photos in Visme’s stock photo library.


16 Strategic Marketing Proposal Template

strategic marketing proposal template

This is another highly professional proposal template that your potential clients and customers will eat up. The serif font in the headers presents a more traditional look and feel that is perfect for Enterprise businesses.

Design Tip: Use colorful image overlays to ensure images remain branded to the rest of your proposal. You can easily choose a color and select its opacity in Visme’s photo editor.


17 Fashion Proposal Template

fashion proposal template

Want something more bold and feminine? This proposal template utilizes a bright pink and purple color scheme that’s perfect for a female audience.

The stock photos of female models throughout the proposal also help to resonate with their audience, and help potential customers to see themselves in the photos, creating a strong connection and making them want to work with you.

Design Tip: Create some kind of unifying factor on each page to keep your proposal design consistent. For example, in this proposal template, we see a solid line of pink on the left side. Find something that meshes well with your design and stick with it.


18 Accounting Proposal Template

accounting proposal template

Don’t be afraid of color. Proposals don’t always have to be a black and white, boring document. Instead, you can bring them to life by strategically incorporating an accent color throughout your proposal pages.

This contemporary design creates a nice mixture of photos, geometric shapes, icons and text so that no single element is too overwhelming, and the messaging is easy to digest and understand.

Design Tip: Try incorporating small squares to house your outline icons, like you see in this proposal template. Icons are great for adding a visual element while still being able to control the color scheme.


19 Sponsorship Proposal Template

sponsorship proposal template

And just because your proposal doesn’t have to be all black and white doesn’t mean you can’t make this style work for you.

This proposal template uses a minimal amount of a secondary color, instead focusing on creating a stunning greyscale design that still feels modern and visually appealing.

Design Tip: Don’t clutter too much information on a single page. The less text and information, the better. Dedicate a single page (or more if necessary) to each section, like you see one page housing sponsorship plans with no other info. Learn more about how to write a proposal.


20 Event Catering Proposal Template

event catering proposal template

While we tend to recommend using only serif and sans serif fonts to ensure a readable and professional proposal, there are still instances where a script font can work. This proposal template is one of them.

Because the branding is lighter and more feminine, a script font is the perfect accent font for callouts and headers throughout this proposal.

Design Tip: If you do choose to incorporate a script font, ensure it’s only used for quick tidbits of text or large font sections like your header. Using a script font for paragraphs of body copy will be too hard to read and you’ll likely lose out on sales.


21 Business Proposal Template

business proposal template

Need to create a flowchart to showcase business processes within your proposal? It’s never been easier to make a flowchart than with Visme’s shape and line tools.

You can also include other types of data visualizations like charts, graphs, tables, maps and more.

Design Tip: When creating a flowchart with Visme, you can customize your line design, shape, color and more. Make sure to match your flowchart to the rest of your proposal so it doesn’t look out of place.


22 Digital Marketing Proposal Template

digital marketing proposal template

This proposal template includes another example of using a bold, sans serif font as the header throughout each page and main section to really grab attention and create a modern design.

With a variety of different pages and text boxes, your brand will easily be able to customize this two-tone proposal template and make it your own.

Design Tip: Use colored sections as a backdrop to your text. Colors don’t only have to be used in accent elements, they can be a feature of the proposal, highlighting text boxes and adding more depth to your pages.


23 Editing & Proofreading Proposal Template

editing proposal template

If you’re looking to create a sleek proposal to impress your audience and sell your service, this is the perfect proposal template for you. The serif font creates a classic look within your proposal that your prospective clients will appreciate.

Design Tip: You can easily use the same font to create different effects, like how you see some headings in all caps and others in title case. You can also try bold versus light, italicized versus normal and more.


24 Technical Writing Proposal Template

technical writing proposal template

This proposal template makes it easy to input a map to showcase your business’s various locations, your team, your workflow and more. Simply plug in your information, find relevant photos, change the fonts and colors, and complete your proposal design.

Design Tip: Play with columns or rows in your proposal. You don’t have to use a full page. Instead, try working with a two-column look in your proposal.


25 Email Marketing Proposal Template

email marketing proposal template

Utilize stock photos strategically to provide accents and visual details within your proposal. This proposal template places navy blue color overlays on top of most stock photos, which you can easily customize with your own brand colors.

Design Tip: Use relevant icons to kick off each section. Visme’s icon library is full of thousands of color-changeable vector icons and illustrations that will really set your proposal apart from the rest.


26 Copywriting Proposal Template

copywriting proposal template

Showcasing testimonials is an important part of your proposal, so you want to take advantage of a proposal template that already has a page set out for these. Testimonials are a great way to show potential clients that you have previous client success stories.

Design Tip: Place a stock photo across your entire page and use translucent or opaque sections to place text and other informational elements on top.


27 Translation Services Proposal Template

translation proposal template

This proposal template is perfect for international companies who want to showcase the vast variety of services offered by their business. Include a map, flags, icons, text and more to give prospective clients the full scope of what you can offer them.

Design Tips: Using white and light grey to create two-tone pages can create a new depth for your proposal.


28 Transcription Services Proposal Template

transcription services proposal template

There’s a plethora of information you might want to include within your proposal, but our proposal templates include pre-written copy to help guide your proposals.

You can easily customize our templates to make them work for your business or industry, and to perfectly sell or promote your product or service to your prospective client or customer.

Design Tip: You don’t have to take up a full page with your content. Take a page out of this proposal template’s book and create a ton of white space and minimal content by using a full page for a small piece of content.


29 SEO Proposal Template

seo proposal template

Showcase a lot of color on your proposal with a template like this one. With this stunning bright blue utilized throughout the pages, your content will really stand out to your audience.

You can take advantage of this beautiful blue, or update the accent color to your brand color. Use this color in a variety of page designs to grab your reader’s attention.

Design Tip: Use cutouts of your digital products within your proposal template. You can create mockups or use cutouts provided in Visme’s stock photo library to create this effect.


Customize a Proposal Template Today

Utilize one of these proposal templates to start customizing your own proposal and generate sales and conversions today. Sign up for your Visme account and start creating your proposal, wowing your audience and showcasing your product or services.

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