11 Project Charter Templates to Streamline Your Projects

Many projects fail to deliver the expected results and ultimately end up a disaster.

According to McKinsey, 17% of IT projects fail and can threaten a company’s existence. Another survey shows 11% of agile projects fail and deliver nothing. Interestingly, a joint survey by AIPM, KPMG and IPMA revealed that only 19% of organizations execute successful projects.

Considering the high project failure rate, it’s not enough to have a project management plan. Having a project charter before a plan puts your project in the driving seat for success.

Project charters provide a clear roadmap for the team and key stakeholders. They bring everyone on the same page and ensure they have a clear idea of the project goals, scope and KPIs.

If you’re looking to create valuable project charters, you’re in the right place. We’ve compiled professional project charter templates to help you streamline your project.

Let’s get to it.


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11 Project Charter Templates You Can Download Now

Do you want approval from key stakeholders or get everyone onboard your project? If the answer is yes, your project charters should be attractive and engaging.

Whether you’re a novice or an expert, using premade templates gives you an edge. They help you create stunning project charters that wow your audience.

Let’s look at easy-to-use Visme project charter templates to help you get started.


1. Healthcare Project Charter Template

This health project charter template answers any questions stakeholders may have about the COVID-19 vaccination drive. It’s straightforward and includes all the critical elements for your projects.

The template features a project name, purpose, duration, resources and stakeholders. The project scope is listed in bullet points. At the same time, names, roles and photos of management team members are neatly presented in a vertical format.

But there’s so much more you can achieve with this template. Since it’s fully customizable, you can adapt it for other healthcare-related projects. Feel free to edit content, apply custom colors, input your own fonts and logo, change image(s) and more.


2. Construction Project Charter Template

Are you looking to get approval for a construction project? This project charter template has everything you need to communicate the main elements of your project.

This template contains a project name, overview and scope and deliverables. It also highlights your project assumptions and constraints, milestones and due dates, budget, project risk and stakeholders.

This stylish and professionally-designed template makes your project charter attractive and readable. You can tweak design elements like fonts, colors and shapes to maintain a unique brand identity.


3. Software Project Charter Template

Software project charter doesn’t have to be bland. If you’re looking for a smart way to make your project charter pack a punch, this template fits the bill.

The template has a spacious layout that accommodates essential information like project name, objectives, scope, milestones, risk and roadblocks. You can highlight information to drive decision-making like team members, proposed budget and time.

Simply input your project information, change the color, font and typography to match your brand identity and you’re ready to go.


4. Website Project Charter Template

With a rich blend of bright colors and stylish fonts, this template is the perfect pick for making a strong impression on your project sponsors. Not only does the template have a strong visual appeal, but it also highlights key stakeholders.

The template isn’t limited to the tech industry. You can use it to communicate your plans for different project types in any niche or industry. Simply choose the perfect images, fonts and colors to make your project charter suit your brand’s theme.‍


5. Agile Project Charter Template

Agile project management involves constant communication and collaboration with stakeholders and steady improvement at every stage. Hence the need to kick off with a project charter that provides clarity and keeps your team on track as you embark on your agile project.

Not sure how to produce a stunning project charter? This template is an excellent fit. You don’t need to be a professional designer to make a beautiful template like this one.

Customize this agile project charter template with your own images, brand colors, fonts and more. Or, tap into Visme’s built-in library of icons, illustrations, photos and videos to make your document pop.


6. Quality Improvement Project Charter Template

Are you looking to improve existing processes or service quality in your company? Then this template is what you need to lay the foundation for your project.

This project charter template is designed with quality improvement projects in mind. It caters to a wide range of industries, including education, healthcare, construction, manufacturing and so on.

This project charter template brings key stakeholders on the same page. It clearly explains what you’re looking to achieve, why the quality improvement is necessary, the project’s success criteria and more. You can cut, copy, paste and adjust anything you like until it fits your unique needs.


7. Lean Project Charter Template

Using a project charter template with an elegant design and unique layout is an excellent way to draw in your reader and set the tone for your project.

This customizable project charter template features key elements like problem statement, objectives, constraints and budget. As typical with lean project management, these elements can be periodically reviewed and refined throughout the project.

It features several helpful design elements made with Visme, from icons to tables to images. All data widgets are created to help you communicate with your audience with as little clutter as possible.


8. Six Sigma Project Charter Template

Six sigma projects aim to make business processes more effective and efficient. The goal is to continually create better products and services, boost customer trust and stay competitive.

Getting stakeholders to commit to continuous improvements can sometimes be a tough nut to crack. That’s why you need a template like this one designed to help you market your project, convince stakeholders to come on board and increase your success rate.

This template can give you a creative head start even if you’re stuck on inspiration. Ignite your creative spark and level up your lean project charter by incorporating Visme’s images, shapes, graphic vector icons, charts and other design elements.


9. Wedding Project Charter Template

Whether you’re planning a wedding, summer party, get-together or any event, this template puts your project into perspective.

With a template like this one, you can provide details on how the event will be planned, coordinated and executed. It highlights project goals, activities, timeline and budget.

Go ahead and edit the content, font and color scheme to make it your own. You can either create a new, on-brand color scheme or apply one of Visme’s premade color palettes to the document with one click.


10. IT Project Charter Template

Drive stakeholders’ interest in your IT project with this project charter that serves as an elevator pitch. It features bold headings, beautiful icons and a monochromatic color scheme that you can personalize for the perfect project charter within a few minutes.

You can adapt this template to different IT projects such as:

  • Hardware installation
  • Software development
  • Web development
  • Mobile app development
  • Network configuration
  • Software implementation
  • Database management
  • IT emergency recovery

Make your IT project charter unique and engaging by customizing this template.


11. Project Charter Worksheet Template

This multi-purpose project charter worksheet works pretty well for any project type or size. Be it an administrative, construction, computer software development or research project.

With this intuitive template, you can lay out the project vision, goals and objectives, responsibilities, timeline, constraints, budget and more. Start out by integrating icons and illustrations that suit your needs. Using Visme, you can easily choose fonts that work for you.

Tie it all together by choosing a color scheme that piques attention but doesn’t pull attention away from the text. Visme has an extensive collection of icons, color palettes, fonts and typefaces you can pick from and add to your document with one click.


What is a Project Charter and Why Do You Need One?

A project charter serves as a detailed roadmap for any project. It’s typically created at the beginning of the project life cycle, even before the project planning stage. A project charter clearly defines the problem the project will address, the expected results, who will participate, roles and responsibilities, risks, deadlines and more.

A well-written project charter can help secure approval and funding for your project. The document captures the essential details of the project. Like project status reports, project charters provide detailed certainty and strong guidance, ensuring that team members stay on track.

Here are the top benefits of writing a project charter.

1. Saves Time and Keeps Your Project on Track

Given the number of projects that fail due to unclear objectives, scope creep and proper planning, it’s important to get it right from the start.

Writing out the key elements of the project from the onset will save time, optimize your process and eliminate uncertainties. It ensures that team members focus on what’s important and complete the project on schedule.

2. Provides Clarity for Key Stakeholders

No matter how innovative your planned project is, a lack of clarity can quickly lead to failure.

Well-crafted project charters set out the business case, scope, timelines, budget, risks, constraints and high-level metrics. This high-level information provides valuable guidance for team members throughout the project life cycle.

Your team will become more productive and achieve better results when they clearly understand the overall goal.

3. Keeps Your Budget on Track

Projects that go over budget can impact profit margins, productivity and financial stability due to extra expenses and decreased liquidity.

One way to keep your project budget in check and avoid overruns is to clearly highlight it in your project charter. When your team has a clear idea of the project’s overall budget, they’ll likely stick to it.

Here’s the beautiful thing about project charters. They define project activities, milestones, budget and people responsible for releasing funds before the project begins. You can quickly identify and address risks, uncertainties and estimation errors that may shoot up your budget.

4. Eliminates Scope Creep

Most projects tend to deviate from the original scope through the addition of new tasks, deliverables and provisions. This is referred to as scope creep.

Whatever may be the cause, these change requests could result in missed deadlines, budget overruns and failure. Project charters define clear project scope, so your team won’t have to deal with scope creep at any point.

5. Prepares Your Team for Uncertainties

Project charters outline the risks and constraints your team will face during execution. Predicting these challenges will help you minimize them before they arise or cause your project to fail.


What to Include in a Project Charter

Managers approach project charter details based on their chosen project management method. Regardless of your approach, your project charter should address all the key concerns stakeholders may have about the project.

A project charter typically includes these major components:

  • Project Name. At first glance, the project name should give readers an insight into what your project is about.
  • Project Overview, Purpose and Goals. Highlight the pain points your project aims to address and how you plan to measure success.
  • Project Scope. This is a high-level overview of tasks, activities and the amount of work required. Make sure to mention if your project will accommodate changes to the scope and the cost.
  • Deliverables. Include a bullet list of tangible and intangible output. This includes products, services and results that should be delivered during and after the project.
  • Budget. Outline the estimated cost of executing the project. Also, mention those responsible for managing the budget and include other budget-related information.
  • Risks, Constraints and Challenges. Mention events that could potentially impact your project deliverables, budget, timeline and performance.
  • Timeline and Milestones. Based on expected deliverables, list the key project milestones, including the start and end dates.
  • Roles and Responsibilities. List the names of the notable team members and key stakeholders such as the project sponsor, project manager, clients and more.


How to Customize a Project Charter Template in Visme

Now you have an idea of what a project charter is and what you should include in one. Let’s show you how to create a project charter in Visme in three simple steps.

To get started, log into your Visme account or sign up for free if you’re a new user.

1. Pick a template or start from scratch.

Depending on your project type, you can use one of the templates we shared above or design yours from scratch.

To start a new project, go to your dashboard and click the Create New button in the upper left corner of the screen. Select the presentations category from the list of visual content options. And then choose the project charter template that fits your needs.

2. Customize the template to fit your needs.

Visme makes it super-easy for you to customize everything you see, from the content to icons, font styles and the color palette.

The editor allows you to change design elements within your project charter. You can switch between icons, shapes, illustrations, images and design elements to make your project charter shine.

Visme has a rich library of images, icons, colors, font styles and other creative assets designed to help you keep a cohesive look.

There’s no limit to what you can achieve with Visme. Feel free to get creative and craft design and new color combinations to drive visual appeal. In addition, you can use project management charts in Visme to visually represent important data and project-related activities.

Not satisfied with the creative assets in Visme? You can upload your images and use them in your project charter.

3. Download and share your project charter.

Once you’re satisfied with your project charter design, you can quickly download it in JPG, PNG, PDF or HTML5 format for offline use.

You can also generate a shareable link to send the project charter to team members and key stakeholders. Or, embed it online or upload it to social media, your website, blog and other platforms.


Get Started With a Project Charter Template

Project charters are important and you cannot afford to wing them. They lay a solid foundation for any project and provide clarity to key team members and stakeholders.

Excellent project charters up your chances of planning and executing successful projects. With Visme’s easy-to-use professional document creator, you can create stunning project charters in minutes using professional project charter templates.

You don’t need to be a professional designer or developer to get the hang of it. Start creating project charters that provide clarity and help you succeed.

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