The h2E store is going away!

H2E is planning to sell the design store to the company that owns the website.That will mean that people who bought a design from the store will get to keep it, rather than getting nothing at all.H2e said it’s working on a new version of the store that will be more affordable for everyone, and […]

Dunnes Stores, owner of Target, announces plans to close store in Orlando

Dunnes, the parent company of Target and Best Buy, is planning to close a store in the Orlando suburb of Tempe, according to a press release.The store, which opened in the spring, will be demolished and the property sold, the release said.The property is near the intersection of US-2 and Paseo de los Muertos and […]

How to find nail polish you love

The best nail polish for women is hard to find, and sometimes it’s hard to pick out the best one.And you’re more than welcome to go out and buy one that you adore!That’s exactly what nail artist, designer and makeup artist Nika Lutz, did, and in her Instagram post she shared how to find the […]

Hangar Design Store Design Awards 2016

In 2016, Polygon was one of the first to bring you our award-winning blog post, Hangar, which described the design of a new hangar design store.The store was the result of our ongoing collaboration with the hangar designer, Chris Davenport.Over the past few years, we’ve seen many hangar designs emerge.While Chris is one of our […]

How to design a tech store design

The next step in the design of a tech company is to design one.If you’re designing an Apple store, you’ll want to think about where you want to display products.And if you’re building a startup, the next step is to create a retail environment for employees.In the case of Apple, you want a design environment […]

How to Use Your Smartphone as a Medical Store Design,Moma Design Store Design

The design team behind the Moma Medical Store, one of the hottest new startups in the world, wants you to see how to create a health app in your smart phone.And it’s a big, bold and colorful way to go about it.The Moma design team has developed a “smart” store that is a unique product […]

How Disney bought the most famous Pixar store

Disney purchased the largest and most well-known Pixar store in the world, The Pixar Store, for $4.7 billion, and it is set to transform Disney World into a modern-day Disneyland, the company announced Wednesday.Disney acquired the former Pixar store at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in 2009 for $500 million, and in 2015 the company bought the […]

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