40+ Consulting Templates to Impress Your Clients

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Consulting templates are one of the most valuable resources in a consultant’s toolkit.

For one, a suitable consulting template can streamline the deck-designing process, saving you precious time when choosing fonts and design elements. Visual templates can also help your audience comprehend data more effectively.

But most importantly, a good template can turn a dull, text-heavy presentation into an engaging visual tool that’s guaranteed to make a lasting impression.

Eager to grow your consulting business? Do yourself a favor and grab some of the templates found below.

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Consultation Presentation Templates

Business Proposals Presentation Templates

Data Reports Presentation Templates

Marketing and Branding Presentation Templates

Project Management Presentation Templates

Sales Presentation Templates


Consulting Presentation Templates

1. Marketing Consulting Presentation Template

This marketing consulting presentation template is perfect for any marketing consultant who wants a sleek and elegant way to pitch their expertise.

This professional and understated minimalist template features a palette of blues and whites. The slides are perfect for data-heavy presentations while remaining visually appealing and leaving room for pictures.

2. Financial Consulting Presentation Template

The financial consulting presentation template is designed for consultants who want to give their clients a clear overview of complex financial data.

The slides are easy to edit and contain all the necessary graphs and charts to present data effectively. Black, gray and yellow coloration make the template stand out and the sharp typography ties it together nicely.

3. Branding Consultancy Presentation Template

According to color psychology, the dominant purple colors in this effective branding template make it perfect for any business that wants to convey creativity, excitement, and imagination.

The subtle orange accents also help to inject some energy into the mix, while the clean, modern design keeps the template looking professional.

4. Real Estate Consultant Presentation Template

This real estate consultant presentation template offers a minimalist slate for you to showcase your properties in the best light, making it perfect for presenting to potential clients.

The sleek font choices and geometric shapes used throughout the template help give it a cutting-edge look. The clean layout also makes everything feel tidy and organized.

5. IT Consulting Presentation Template

Framed by fragmented orange and blue lines, this IT consulting presentation template is perfect for any business that wants a clean and modern way to show off its technical expertise.

The slides come in 1366 x 768 pixels widescreen resolution, making them easy to edit in Microsoft PowerPoint, Keynote, or Google Slides.

6. Sales Consultancy Presentation Template

Playful yet professional, this sales consulting presentation template is perfect for any business that wants to show its human side while still looking smart.

The mix of gray and green colors gives the template a natural feel, while the playful paperclip image and wavy lines help promote a distinct flair.

7. Management Consultant Presentation Template

Are you looking to put your best foot forward with potential clients? This management consultant presentation template is for you.

The deep blue color exudes a professional and no-nonsense aura, while the clean, modern design helps convey professionalism and expertise. Perfect for promoting long-term relationships.


Consulting Proposal Templates

8. IT Consulting Proposal Template

This consultancy proposal template offers a sophisticated and friendly design with plenty of room to insert your company logo and describe your services.

With a clean layout and ample whitespace, this proposal also permits you to put colors, fonts, images, or logos as you see fit.

9. Real Estate Consulting Proposal Template

This real estate consulting proposal template is perfect for you if you’re looking to impress your property management clients with crystal-clear visuals and a memorable typeface.

The 8.5” X 11” dimensions also allow you to insert photos, logos, and other branding elements. Built-in graphics and animations are available, too, courtesy of Visme.

10. Travel Consulting Proposal Template

Exude a sense of calm with this travel consulting proposal template, which comes with an earthy green accent and an ashy gray background.

The use of green conjures up feelings of hope and thoughtfulness, like a paradise an ocean away. However, just like all of the templates here, you can change the colors of this template at your whim.

11. Project Management Proposal Template

Looking to win over a new client through a business proposal that details your strategy? Then this project management proposal template by Visme is a good choice. It’s downloadable in PDF, image, or HTML5.

12. Marketing Agency Proposal Template

Even post-lockdown, marketing agencies continue to boom, making it necessary to stand out among the rest.

This simple, olive-green marketing agency proposal template is client-friendly and proven to close deals and leave a lasting impression.

13. Supply Chain Management Proposal Template

Showcase your company’s strengths in supply chain management with this proposal template.

This design features a gray and yellow color scheme with a modern typeface. Aside from that, this template is excellent for illustrating facts in bite-sized pieces.

14. Auditing Firm Proposal Template

If you’re in the auditing business, this proposal template is perfect. It has a clean layout, a blue and white color scheme, and symmetrical, four-sided elements.

Consulting Report Templates

15. Financial Consulting Report Template

Once you’ve finished gathering financial data to present to your client, you can use this clean financial consulting report template to compile everything in an easily digestible format.

Whether you’re showing financial projections or a quarterly review, this report template can come in handy.

16. Market Research Report Template

Clients want a scannable and impartial report about your findings? This market research report template has you covered.

With a clean layout and plenty of room for charts, graphs, and images (all of which Visme can cover), this professional template is perfect for letting C-suite executives know that the business is moving in the right direction.

17. Company Evaluation Report Template

The company evaluation report template will help you communicate the company’s performance with precision and good design.

Besides its accurate and objective content, this template is also a beginner-friendly template that entry-level associates can fully customize to better suit the brand.

18. Statement of Work Report Template

Digital marketing agencies and consultants use a statement of work document or report to establish and lay down their responsibilities for their clients.

This SoW template is perfect for relaying how you plan on doing work for a client, how much it will cost, and the timeline for deliverables.

19. Survey Results Report Template

With sliders, progress bars, and thousands of stock images, this survey results report template by Visme is an excellent choice for consultants and analysts.

This template lets you explain your findings in an entertaining, intelligent, and easily digestible way, which is why many experts abide by it.


Consulting Templates for Marketing & Branding

20. Marketing Plan Template

With 16 slides and various figures and stats, this template made for business marketing plans offers everything you need to impress your clients.

Moreover, everyone in the team can collaborate and work on this project through Visme’s in-house collaborative design features.

21. SWOT Analysis Template

This SWOT analysis template is perfect for consultants who want to communicate their findings as straightforwardly as possible. This design is also printer-ready, perfect for showing clients on the go.

Swot Analysis Worksheet

22. Competitor Analysis Template

Competitor analysis is when a business looks at what its competition is up to, which can help gauge its performance in the market.

This template is excellent for consultants who want to showcase how they fare against competitors and industry leaders.

Logistics Firm Competitor Analysis Infographic

23. Consulting Case Study Template

Creating case studies often requires being both creative and detail-oriented, which can be a daunting task. But while it’s daunting, a well-composed case study can be one of the best forms of social proof to validate your business’s successes.

With this case study template, a big chunk of the job is already done for you.

24. Consulting Infographic Template

From the prismatic color scheme to the cyclic diagram, this consulting infographic template has everything you need to communicate data-driven insights creatively.

Nongovernment organizations, socially responsible companies, and educators will find this design especially useful.

Corporate Social Responsibility

25. Consulting LinkedIn Post Template

Announce news, updates, and achievements to your professional circle with this sleek LinkedIn post template. Aside from the main content, there’s enough space to include separate messages and special discounts.

New Partner Announcement LinkedIn Post

26. Consulting Facebook Post Template

This Facebook template maximizes the impact of your content with a design that looks good on all devices.

Sustainable Investment Consulting Facebook Post

27. Consultancy Brand Guidelines Template

Want to define your brand’s guidelines in your brand style? This customizable consultancy brand guidelines template allows you to do just that.

28. Consultancy Booklet Template

Writing a book is hard, but designing it is even harder. If you opt for a pre-designed consultancy booklet template, you only need to focus on the content, saving you long, tedious hours structuring your booklet.

29. Customer Persona Template

Every self-respecting consultant should have a solid understanding of their target market. This is where customer personas come in.

With this persona template, you can start mapping out your target audience’s needs, wants, and interests in an easy-to-scan format.

Health Conscious Customer Persona

30. Consulting Promo Video Template

People see 5000 ads a day. Yours must stand out. Creating a video is one of the most effective ways to do so, and this promo video template is particularly eye-catching and attractive.

31. Consulting Email Newsletter Template

Instead of relying on rehashed templates from your email marketing service, put your consultancy’s best foot forward with a custom-designed email newsletter.

With this design, you can turn a boring subject into something people want to read.

Digital Marketing Newsletter

32. Consulting Brochure Template

If your consultancy offers unique services that require a little more explanation, this brochure template is perfect for you.

There’s plenty of space for case studies, service descriptions, and testimonials in this template – giving your client more than enough information to make an informed decision.

33. Customer Journey Map Template

The marketing funnel is a popular framework for mapping out a customer’s steps from awareness to purchase.

This customer journey map template is perfect for consultants who want to capture and visualize a customer’s journey in the best way.

Online Course Website Customer Journey Map


Consulting Templates for Project Management

34. Project Plan Template

Introduce your software, objectives and timeline to clients with the project plan template. This particular template is perfect for small-scale projects and enterprise-level ones alike.

35. Communication Plan Template

Diversity promotes creativity and innovation, which is why this communication plan template is perfect for consultants who manage global teams.

36. Project Timeline Template

Are spreadsheet timelines getting too dull? Don’t fret—this colorful and interactive project timeline template is the perfect alternative.

This template is excellent for consultants who want to make data visualization a part of their storytelling process.

Project Timeline

37. Project Gantt Chart Template

With this Gantt chart template, track your project’s every task, activity, and subtask in one scannable graphic.

Project Gantt Chart

38. Project Charter Template

To meet business objectives, every employee must be in the loop. This project charter template aligns teams and provides a comprehensive overview for everyone to be on the same page.

Project Charter Worksheet

39. Project Worksheet Template

Unsure how to start a project? This worksheet template is here to help you plan, track and assess every aspect of your upcoming endeavor.

Project Worksheet

40. Action Plan Template

This template’s capacity to keep track of deadlines, allocated tasks, budgets, and goals in one location make it ideal for consultants and marketing managers.

Marketing Action Plan


Consulting Templates for Sales & Client Success

41. Sales Plan Template

Have an excellent SaaS product you’re itching to pitch? This sales plan template is just what you need to complete your sales process and get clients on board.

You’re free to edit the template’s content and logo. Exercise your creativity to the highest degree!

42. Client Engagement Letter Template

If you want to strengthen your client relationships, this engagement letter template will help you do just that.

This design is simple and focuses primarily on the message. However, you’re free to change the fonts, visuals, and animations to reflect your brand identity better.

Client Engagement Letter Consulting

43. Consulting Contract Template

For your financial consulting needs, this contract template is a great way to formalize agreements with new clients.
This design is clean, straightforward, and easy to edit. The left side of the template is highlighted with a blue, professional color scheme.

44. Customer Feedback Gauge Chart Template

Determining customer feedback has never been easier with this chart template that gauges customer feedback.

This design is perfect for consultants who need to track customer sentiment and report their findings to clients and C-suite executives.

Modern Gauge Chart Consulting

45. Consulting Invoice Template

Professionalism is critical in billing clients, which is why this invoice template is perfect for consultants. This design is modern and orderly, sure to give off the air of a respectable businessperson.

Financial Services Invoice

46. Business Plan Template

This business plan template will help you get everything in order if you’re starting a consulting business from scratch. This comprehensive design includes high-quality stock images to make your slides more attractive.

Grow Your Business With the Right Consulting Template

To effectively communicate data and information, you’ll need to provide high-quality visuals to keep your clients and team engaged and interested.

With the right mix of content and design, these templates can help keep the team aligned, improve your client’s branding, and drive growth for your own business.

Want to find more consulting templates? Visme has several free and premium templates that can make anyone from eight to 80 look like a seasoned designer.

Browse through these consultancy templates for a list of high-quality templates sure to delight your clients.

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