15 Best Consulting Presentation Examples (+Templates & Tips)

15+ Best Consulting Presentation Examples & Templates (+ Tips)

Presentations are used by businesses to educate, inform, motivate, train, and for a variety of other purposes. Companies that provide consulting services are no different from any other type of business, and as such, they may benefit from developing a consulting presentation.

Let’s take a look at some great consulting presentation examples from leading consulting companies to better understand what they are.

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15 Consulting Presentation Examples & Templates To Inspire You

What Is a Consulting Presentation and Why Do You Need One?

5 Tips for More Effective Consulting Presentations


15 Consulting Presentation Examples & Templates To Inspire You

1. Consulting Proposal Template

A consulting proposal functions as a sales pitch that you send to a potential customer. In your consulting proposal, you normally provide an explanation of how you will handle a certain project, your experience, and talents that make you the best fit for the work, and your price terms, and conditions.

This template comes with 12 slides that help potential consumers know about who you are, the essential aspects of your consulting services, your company strategy, and why clients should opt for your consultant services. Your consulting proposal should convey the sense that you’re competent, dependable, and informed.
Plus, you may personalize it to suit your brand voice and brand colors.

2. McKinsey 7S Framework Powerpoint Presentation Template

The McKinsey framework, which is what this full deck consists of, has been adopted and implemented by all industries and countries throughout the world. Implement this comprehensive package to capture the core of the McKinsey 7s model and make it a permanent fixture in your operations management.

Because it is an editable collection, it is ideal for deployment and use across many industries. Incorporate it into your company’s operations today.

McKinsey 7s Framework


3. Consulting Presentation Template

This consulting presentation template will help you make a fantastic first impression on your clients. Upon completion of the engagement, the consulting team provides the client with a slide deck summarizing their findings and suggestions.

While at a client meeting, you may use this color-coded template to bring immediate attention to your proposal. Your clients will be impressed with this content-ready template that breaks down your presentation into easy-to-understand steps.

The issue description, solution, benchmark, deliverables list, and more are all included in the template. Make a lasting impression on your audience by using this stunning consulting presentation template.

4. McKinsey Global Institute Report – A Labor Market That Works: Connecting Talent and Opportunity in the Digital Age

Labor markets throughout the world have failed to keep up with the fast changes in the global economy, and the resultant inefficiencies have had a significant impact. Millions of people are out of work, despite the fact that industries ranging from technology to healthcare are struggling to fill available positions.

Because of the thoughtfulness of this consulting slide presentation, if you look at slides 30 – 33, it provides an actionable strategy and recommendations for each individual stakeholder. This personalizes the messages and makes them more memorable because it occurs at the end of the message.

Collage of McKinsey Global Institute Report


5. Technology Project Status Update Presentation Template

Project status reports describe what you’ve accomplished and what still needs to be done in relation to the project’s objectives. They also help recognize and analyze any problems you may be experiencing. Providing regular project progress reports to your clients is essential for establishing and maintaining confidence with them.

The project description, project execution, project status, project progress, and existing and future issues will all be appropriately communicated with this customizable template. The template is simple to use, and it includes visuals that are simple to edit, such as graphs, maps, tables, timelines, and mockups.

6. Four Approaches To Automating Work Using Cognitive Technologies

Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly advancing, which has sparked a heated discussion regarding the societal ramifications of this development. For others, this is an economic boost and a chance to better one’s level of living. Killer robots and widespread technological unemployment are seen as existential threats by some.

It’s impossible to disregard cognitive technologies, which are the byproducts of artificial intelligence research, even if the worst worries are exaggerated. Businesses are increasingly turning to them as a source of competitive advantage, and they are on their way to becoming commonplace in both the workplace and the home.

This business presentation’s intended audience will benefit from a clever strategy used to provide an instructive answer.

Deloitte review slide


7. Marketing Agency Presentation Consulting Template

Typically, a marketing agency consultation template would include a summary of your company’s marketing and advertising objectives, as well as a list of questions to ask the marketing agency. A description of your company’s present marketing stance, including a timeframe for when tasks within your plan will be accomplished, as well as key performance indicators that you will be measuring, and a description of your company’s target market and client demands.

With an engaging, aesthetically attractive marketing agency presentation template, you can ensure that your work is recognized and remembered. The simple-yet-clever theme allows you to put your thoughts into perspective, and it, like other Visme marketing templates, can be readily customized to make it your very own.

8. From Touchpoints to Journeys: Seeing the World as Customers Do

Customer experience is typically thought of in terms of touchpoints, or the discrete interactions consumers have with various aspects of a business and the products and services it provides. This makes perfect sense. Organization and responsibility are reflected in this system, which is simple to implement into day-to-day activities.

Companies strive to guarantee that their consumers are satisfied with their product, customer service, sales team, or marketing materials. Individual touchpoints are vital, but they are only one of a wider picture: the customer’s end-to-end experience. To truly enhance performance, you must look at the customer’s experience through their own eyes—along the complete route they’ve taken.

Using a presentation structure, this slide deck makes it easy for the audience to follow the material. Additionally, the usage of illustrations helps comprehension since our brains digest visuals more quickly than words.


9. Branding Consultancy Presentation Template

There are a number of different aspects to brand consultancy that include anything from corporate identity to brand value to user experience to awareness. So use this professionally created brand consultancy template to help your audience grasp the complexities of this topic.

Using the best visual aids, this presentation template has addressed the topic thoroughly. Focusing on this strategy will help the brand gain value and make it simpler for people to identify with the product or service. This is a must-have visual tool for consultants who want to wow their audience.

For a competitive analysis, graphs depicting market research and consumer profiles, flowcharts depicting process steps, and brand introduction slides are all included in this easy-to-edit branding consultancy presentation template created by Visme.

10. Sales Consultancy Presentation Template

An effective sales presentation bridges the gap between your product and the audience’s problem by telling an engaging tale and emphasizing the value proposition of your brand. A well-crafted sales presentation goes much beyond a simple collection of slides and creates a favorable impression of you in the client’s mind, regardless of the purpose.

Using this template, you may create a professional-looking sales pitch. There are charts and a price table included in this template package. This product presentation template may be used for any kind of sale. Moreover, it might serve as an excellent source of product presentation ideas.

11. Moving Laggards to Early Adopters, McKinsey & Co

What happens when technology or procedures are adopted, but subject-matter experts (SME) are not consulted early enough? That will be the emphasis of the presentation. Over time, the majority of organizational frameworks deteriorate into fragmented entities.

Organizations frequently have the infrastructure to interchange product and process information across the company, provided infrastructure, data models, and stakeholders allow since PLM systems serve as a store for product and process information and a backbone for information movement.

Despite this, organizational change that requires modifying established practices and procedures is typically greeted with resistance and a lack of acceptance. Today’s businesses demand PLM systems and methodologies that can handle ever more complex goods.

McKinsey&Company Moving Laggards Slide


12. Compliance Consulting Presentation Template

Ethical and legal regulations must be followed by everyone in the workplace in order to maintain a healthy and productive working environment. Policies, regulations, and other pillars may be included in these rule sets, which may help an organization run smoothly.

Policymakers and HR professionals may use this compliance consulting presentation template to help their coworkers understand the importance of compliance. An in-depth depiction of the program’s components, the procedures involved in constructing the software, and so on is provided.

Visme’s presentation template for healthcare professionals is an easy-to-edit assemblage of slides that can be customized to suit your needs. Using the changeable visuals and slides, you’ll be able to create a stunning presentation that will leave your audience awestruck.

13. Moving Digital Transformation Forward: Findings From the 2016 Digital Business Global Executive Study and Research Report

In response to an increasingly digital marketplace, many organizations are either creating new digital positions or reworking existing roles to be more digitally oriented. “digital” positions and responsibilities in the workplace are constantly expanding. Digital strategists, chief digital officers, digital engagement managers, digital finance managers, digital marketing managers and digital supply chain managers are just a few of the new professions that have emerged.

Another presentation design and storytelling triumph is this consulting slide deck. If you look closely, the presentation takes you on a trip from the beginning (slide 7) to the conclusion (slide 21). An infographic is used to convey the information, but each component is explained in detail so that the reader may readily comprehend it.

Moving digital transformation forward slide


14. Financial Consulting Presentation Template

Having a well-structured agreement between the consultant and customer is essential because of the competitive nature of financial consulting services. You’ll stand out from the crowd if you use this eye-catching financial consulting presentation template to create this agreement.

Use this consulting proposal template graphic to demonstrate to everyone who uses your services that you are the best at offering financial recommendations. Educate your audience on how you can help them achieve their business objectives, such as auditing financial records or managing risks.

Using this user-friendly sample quotation for financial advice services, you can present your services and their associated fees to your target audience and convert them into customers.

Visme’s presentation template for financial consultancy firms is fully editable and totally adaptable. The only thing you need to do is fill in the text placeholders and adjust the color of the slides if necessary. High-resolution photos can also be retouched to meet your business demands.

15. Putting Digital Technology and Data to Work for Tech CMOs

The tech firm CMOs have a distinct advantage when it comes to using digital technology and data to improve business outcomes. It is PwC’s mission to shift the digital marketing focus from clicks and views to the creation of customer experiences that drive business results.

This is just another excellent example of a well-executed presentation. A real-world case study is also provided in slides 15-18, which provides step-by-step concrete advice. In many presentations, statistics and suggestions are presented but not explained. Keep in mind that showcasing your accomplishments and client testimonials will lend you more credibility.

What Is a Consulting Presentation and Why Do You Need One?

In the event that an organization is unable to come up with an effective solution to a challenging problem, management consultants are called in. It is the job of consultants to give their clients objective advice that is based on their own experiences in other businesses.

These specialists go through a thorough problem-solving procedure before they can help you. Essentially, they discover the root cause of the problem, examine all viable remedies, and offer the best one for the business.

The Partner or Project Leader will meet with the client at the end of the consulting engagement to present their findings and discuss their plans for moving forward. An executive summary of their findings and suggestions will be provided to the customer in the form of a consultation presentation.

Presentations are widely acknowledged as the standard form of corporate communication, and this is a good thing. Your outcomes will be better if they are more effective.

A presentation’s effectiveness hinges on its ability to follow a clear, logical, and unified framework. In addition to the challenge of getting someone to go from point A to point B, convincing them is another. According to their recommendations, the best course of action is as follows:

  • First, focus on the most important issue at hand: your solution or response.
  • Organize your evidence to support your claims.
  • Organize your evidence in a sensible order.

As you progress through your presentation, your audience will be able to evaluate your logic and reasoning. They won’t have to go through all of your words to figure out what you’re trying to say. The trick here is to provide the information without requiring the reader to put up any effort to understand it.


5 Tips for More Effective Consulting Presentations

Even if you don’t sell a product, consultants like you still need to think about how to make a presentation to package what you offer in the form of advice, ideas, and experience.

Showcase your presentation ideas in creative ways, convince your clients to embrace your recommendations, and portray yourself as an experienced and perceptive consultant in the process.

If you want to make a good impression on potential clients, these five presentation tactics can help you do just that.

1. Start With Your Point While Structuring Your Presentation

Having a well-organized presentation is essential to its success. It’s not enough to simply guide someone from Point A to Point B; you also need to persuade them along the way.

Consultants, on the other hand, have found that the most successful way to create an argument is to begin with the major point first and then back it up with real facts and proof, step-by-step. The Pyramid Principle is what they name it.

According to the Minto Pyramid Principle, “your thinking will be easier for a reader to understand if you provide the concepts structured under one point.” Barbara Minto, from McKinsey, coined the principle.

Using this method, you may ensure that your message is received and assimilated in the most effective way possible.

In a nutshell, the approach suggests that to provide your solution, you should:

  • Begin by providing the answer.
  • Organize and summarize the evidence you’ve gathered to support your claims.
  • Organize your supporting thoughts in a logical manner.

2. Set Clear Objectives

It is not sufficient for the objective of a presentation to be ‘to share progress information, ‘to report on what we’ve done’, or ‘to explain our opinions’, for example. With your presentation, what do you hope your customer will learn, believe, and do as a consequence of your efforts?

Typically, you have goals that you wish to achieve – such as to explain, justify, or advocate something. Making them clear before you begin to develop your presentation can help determine what you want to achieve with your effort.

3. Make a Strong First Impression

Consider your opening statement and first slide very carefully. They’ll set the tone for how open your audience is to your message.

Start by reviewing material that your audience already understands, such as last year’s outcomes and the importance of trying a fresh strategy. Their interest will wane almost quickly if you keep bringing up the same old subjects.

Open with a tantalizing preview of what you’re about to deliver. This strategy is more effective. Make a commitment to delve into further detail later on in your presentation by teasing out the most engaging idea. Keep your eye on the prize, since that’s what your readers want to know.

Here are a few good examples of how to start a presentation:

  • “How would you react if I said that you could increase your major product line’s profit margin?”
  • “As it turns out, your company’s low morale may be remedied with one simple change.”

Toward the end of your introduction, give the audience a taste of what they may expect from you. For instance:

  • “We’ve devised a five-pronged strategy to tackle your most pressing issue.”
  • “My team has come up with a strategy that will make it easier for you to stay inside budget in the future.”

4. Maintain Harmony Between the Written Word and the Visuals

For the most part, using slides is only a convenience for your audience to follow along and take notes. Aesthetic pictures that play in the background as you speak are also a no-no.

Your audience should be able to understand what you’re expressing through the words and imagery you use. Here are a few pointers for a successful consultancy pitch:

  • Visual learners benefit greatly from the use of charts, graphs, and infographics to better grasp numerical data.
  • Simplicity is a winning strategy. A single phrase in the middle of a slide might convey a very specific idea.
  • Humor is a great way to connect with your audience. You may use cartoons, pop culture allusions, and incongruous pictures.
  • Make your audience wonder what you’re about to say by introducing an image that they’ve never seen before.
  • Use visual aids to help your audience connect with what you’re saying on an emotional level. Family, danger, luxury, calm, and turmoil may all be evoked via visual representations such as a painting or photograph.

In the event that an image doesn’t convey your message effectively, keep looking until one does.

Consulting presentation open in the Visme editor

5. Consider the Viewpoint of Your Target Audience.

Most presenters don’t follow this simple, yet critical advice in their consulting presentations despite its obviousness. If you’ve ever had the misfortune of sitting through a boring presentation, you’ll know what I mean.

Listeners have a lot going on. They’ve had a lot going on, and they may be hungry, fatigued, or stressed out by it all. Be considerate of their time and provide them with exactly what they requested.

What is the purpose of your audience’s visit, and what can you do for them? Customers want to hear about the results you may expect and the steps you’ll take to get there, whether you’re making a sales pitch or offering a solution. Some of them might be interested in looking at pertinent statistics, or hearing experiences from companies that are comparable to their own. However, they’ll need more specific information at some time.

In the event that you need to include additional material, such as a theoretical framework or industry statistics, keep it concise. Maintain a laser-like concentration on providing your audience with the information they want.



Remember while you’re putting together your next consulting presentation that it’s the package in which you convey your ideas to customers or prospects.

Make use of industry standards and the advice provided in the preceding section while giving a consulting presentation. Your words should be accompanied by high-quality visuals that represent your brand’s identity. Begin with a tantalizing teaser, address your audience personally, and conclude with a summary and a few action steps.

Consulting presentations do not have to be difficult. Make stunning presentations with Visme’s presentation software today.

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