10 Communication Plan Templates for Professional Use (2022)

Communication plans can help you deliver information timely and effectively to stakeholders in various situations — from a PR crisis to a new product launch. They are excellent tools to share with your team and prepare them to communicate properly in any given situation.

If you’re intimidated by the idea of creating a communication plan from scratch, it’s okay. You can simply use a pre-designed communication plan template to speed up the process.

We’ve put together a list of 10 professional communication plan examples for various use cases.

The best part?

You can edit these communication plan templates online and download them or share them with your team.

Just choose the category from the list below that best describes your needs and start designing a successful communication strategy.


10 Communication Plan Templates for Professionals

Template #1: Strategic Communication Plan

Template #2: Crisis Communication Plan

Template #3: Project Management Communication Plan

Template #4: Internal Communication Plan

Template #5: Simple Communication Plan

Template #6: Change Management Communication Plan

Template #7: Stakeholder Communication Plan

Template #8: School Communication Plan

Template #9: Marketing Communication Plan

Template #10: Product Launch Communication Plan

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Before you start scrolling, here’s a video on how to create attractive documents with Visme to get your creative juices flowing.


Template #1: Strategic Communication Plan

Strategic communication plans are essential documents that corporations, organizations and companies use to maintain stable and constant communication with their audiences.

This sleek communication plan example uses contrasting desaturation with bright colors to bring attention to the content. The placeholder sections in the table of contents include:

  • Executive Summary
  • Objectives
  • Situational Analysis
  • Demographics

Adding your content is easy as all you have to do is copy and paste into the template and adjust as needed. If you want to add pages with a type of graph or more text content, just duplicate a page. Use the same colors as the rest of the design to have a balanced look and feel.


Template #2: Crisis Communication Plan

Every startup, company or enterprise is bound to have a moment of crisis to deal with. It could be an unhappy customer or a global pandemic. For that reason, you need a crisis communication plan to specify actionable practices in any crisis.

In a crisis communication plan, all involved parties have access to the necessary information. Our designers have put together a collection of pages and sections to get you started, including:

  • Crisis Communication Policy
  • Crisis Command Center Team
  • CCC Activation Hierarchy
  • Media Liaison

To personalize your brand’s communication plan, simply change the colors and fonts using your Brand Kit. If you need more pages for more key messaging sections, it’s easy to duplicate the pre-designed pages and add your content.

You’ll need to adjust the layout a bit, so the pages don’t look the same. Change the image background for another and customize the text boxes and icons to match your content.


Template #3: Project Management Communication Plan

Is your team working on a project together and you need to keep everything in check and on track? Are you looking for a way to let everyone know what needs to be done and when?

This project management communication plan sample is just what you need as the basis of your action plan.

Be clear and direct about what needs to be done, by whom and when. Putting it all in this project management communication framework template is going to create transparency within your team.

Your job as a project manager is to make sure everything is taken care of correctly and on time. When you use a communication plan like this one, your success rates go up.

Use the table of contents in this project management plan to outline all necessary information and key messaging. Explain how and when deliverables are to be expected and who are the key stakeholders in the process.

Link to collaboration channels and give instructions on how to use them best. Give instructions on how to name files and where everything is stored in the cloud.


Template #4: Internal Communication Plan

Working on a project together takes careful planning. A project manager needs to ensure that everyone knows what’s expected of them and who to contact about different things.

If you’re a project manager or are in charge of an internal project for your company, this internal communications strategy template is just what you need to keep the team on track.

Our professionally designed internal communication plan is easy to use and customize with your content. The sections are separated as follows:

  • Goals
  • Stakeholders
  • Implementation
  • Team Involved

If you plan to share your communication plan as a digital PDF, add links to the respective pages. This way, the reader can navigate to their desired content from the table of contents.

Use the timeline feature in the implementation section to visually schedule the tasks for the project. If you need to make the timeline longer, simply duplicate the page. Customize the colors and fonts for your brand using your Brand Kit.


Template #5: Simple Communication Plan

Communications planning doesn’t always need to be complicated. A simple communication plan will do the job for any small project. All you need for effective communication is the key messaging and the relevant links to the preferred communication channels.

This communication plan template is simple and keeps things to only two pages. It effectively uses icons, progress bars and a table format to visualize possible situations of crisis, and the appropriate response to each situation.

You can remove the cover page and download your communication plan as a single-page infographic. Or you can add more pages to turn it into a more comprehensive document.


Template #6: Change Management Communication Plan

If you’ve ever had to change something inside a company, you know how difficult it can be to it seamlessly. Change can be about a piece of software, a physical working location, a process or system.

A change management communication plan will help everyone involved in the transition by making sure they’re all on the same page.

This change management communication plan designed by our Visme designers uses placeholder content for a change in CRM. The sections apply to any type of change and are:

  • Summary: What is changing and why?
  • Stakeholders: Who is involved in the change and how?
  • Phases: How will the change take place with the help of a timeline?

This is the perfect communication plan template to help your team change something seamlessly without affecting other aspects of your work.


Template #7: Stakeholder Communication Plan

Having many stakeholders aiming for the same goal requires good organization and planning. Make sure everyone’s on board with this stakeholder communication plan example.

This professionally designed template offers all the pages you need to organize the information for your stakeholders. Share everything they need to know about your company, the goals, objectives, changes, projections and more.

Plus, share all relevant information like the dates for team meetings, a project roadmap, and the manager’s phone number.

If you need more pages than the template provides, simply duplicate and add your content in text boxes. Also, maintain a visual balance in the general look-and-feel of the page.

To keep the communication plan easy to read and understand, link to longer content with popups or external hyperlinks. Make sure to share the finished communication plan as a digital PDF file.


Template #8: School Communication Plan

Ensuring that all communication levels are clear and concise within a school setting can be difficult without a communication plan. That’s because precise instructions and direction are often essential for teachers, staff, parents and managerial positions.

Our school communication plan sample was created especially for you by our Visme designers. The three main sections cover communication strategies at three different levels:

  • Academic Communication
  • Staff Communication
  • School-Wide Communication

Customize the tables with your school colors and input your specific information into the cells. Make your communication plan interactive by adding links to the correct communication channels for direct messaging and virtual or in-person meetings, and then share it online.


Template #9: Marketing Communication Plan

Marketing and social media campaigns are successful when everyone involved knows what their part is in the process and what their tasks are. Setting every team member up with the information they need to reach a common goal is the primary purpose of this marketing communication plan.

This marketing communication plan example has a colorful, modern feel. Circles form a big part of the visual layout, making the content easier to digest and more interesting to look at.

In this plan template, there are four sections for your key messaging:

The SWOT analysis page is a practical guide to see where your project has weaknesses and what strengths will pull it through. On the last page, you’ll find a timeline to help keep every team member on track of their tasks and in what timeframe.

Easily customize the template to match your brand by using your Brand Kit. Share the template with team members to get feedback and collaborate on the final design.


Template #10: Product Launch Communication Plan

When launching a new product, it’s good practice to work as a team. The best way to make sure all the pre-launch tasks are taken care of is to create a product launch communication plan.

In the six pages of this attractive product launch communication plan, you can lay out all the steps for your product’s pre and post-launch activities.

Use the timeline page to explain in detail what needs to happen. Specify which communication teams take care of what tasks, like the press release and influencer outreach emails.

Use hyperlinks to more in-depth content for specific teams and don’t forget to share the links to relevant communication platforms.

Use the sections set up for you in the template or create your own. Your key messaging will probably be similar to this but it’s easy to personalize or add more.

  • Launch Phases
  • Pre-Launch Activities
  • Launch Day
  • Post-Launch Follow Up

Make sure to include the steps for recording post-launch metrics as these are just as important as the ones done pre-launch. Plus, measurable insights can help with other product launch projects in the future.


Design Your Own Communication Plan Online

Creating a communication plan is easy when you have practical and inspiring templates to guide you. To get started with designing your communication plan, simply choose the template that best fits your vision and input your content.

If you’re new to Visme, use one of the free templates and adjust the content accordingly. That said, you’d be surprised at what you can do with a premium Visme subscription.

With a premium subscription, not only will you get access to premium templates and graphic assets, you’ll also be able to create any type of visual — from documents and presentations to infographics, charts, surveys, social media graphics and more.

You’ll also be able to download your designs in multiple formats, from image to PDF to HTML5, work in collaboration with your team, create a Brand Kit and much more.

Ready to get started? Sign up for a free Visme account today and create a great-looking, comprehensive communication plan to share with your team.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are you still weighing your options about creating a communication plan? Hopefully, the templates on this list inspired you to take a look and give them a try.

But you might still need a little help deciding if this is a suitable document for what you need. That’s why we’ve put together the most common questions asked about communications plans.

Q1. What is a communication plan?

A communication plan is a strategic document that shares coordinated, consistent and directed messaging for achieving a specific goal, such as managing a PR crisis or successfully launching a new product.

A communication plan can be printed, sent via email as a PDF or shared as a live online link. A well-structured and effective communication plan is the single most crucial factor of project management in any industry and for every use case.

Q2. What is the purpose of a communication plan?

The primary purpose of a communication plan is to deliver consistent information about a shared goal. It keeps everyone on the team on the same page about what needs to be done, how and when.

A communication plan solves many problems that teams usually face when there’s no clear direction for everyone involved. With a clear communication plan, everything is explained in detail and easy to follow.

All communication needs are laid out in detailed sections covering topics from goals and objectives to timelines and schedules. A communication plan brings together all the communication channels into one single document. From there, team members can spread out through relevant links and supplementary documents.

Q3. What’s included in a communication plan?

Every communication plan example is different, just how every project is different. But what remains the same across the majority of communication plans is the relevant and strategic information.

A standard communication plan includes sections like:

  • Short and long-term goals for the project.
  • A set of key messages to be explained in detail, separated into sections.
  • Strategies for communication, both in-house and outbound.
  • Details about the people involved in the project.
  • A schedule and timeline for specific events, deadlines and reporting.
  • Further communication methods.
  • Specific instructions about your company’s communication process.
  • Strategies for measuring success.

Apart from the list above, a communication plan must also include details pertinent to the specific project. If there are folders or systems that people need to access for the project’s success, list them and explain how to use them.

Q4. What is the first step in communication planning?

The first step in communication planning is to define the goals you and your team want to achieve. Outline both short and long-term goals so it’s easier to plan the project as pieces of a whole.

Following the goals, set the objectives. Explain how you plan to achieve these with the help of timelines, schedules, and tables. Include a list of involved stakeholders and links to further means of collaboration.

Q5. What are the key messages of a communication plan?

A communication plan’s specific key messages will depend on what you want to achieve and who your target audience is. Your key messages are the most essential communication points for any particular project.

For example, let’s say you’re creating a communication plan for a product launch. The key messages would cover;

  • The goals and objectives of the product launch.
  • The reason and story about why this product was created and what problem it solves for people.
  • A timeline of pre-launch activities including who will be contacted for outreach and what information will be shared with them.
  • What messaging and visual strategies to use for social media and advertising.

An excellent way to make sure all key messaging is clear is to add each one as an item in the Table of Contents.

Q6. What’s the best tool to create a communication plan online?

If you want to create a communication plan that makes an impact, use Visme! Our professionally designed communication plan templates will look amazing with your content and be super easy to customize.

With a Visme communication plan, you can include data visualizations using data from a Microsoft Excel sheet. In fact, if you’ve been creating project communication plans in an Excel spreadsheet, it’s time to upgrade your communication efforts!

Knock your team out of their seats with your impactful communication plan!

Head over to Visme’s professional document creator and look through the template library, or click on any of the communication plan template buttons in the list above.

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