How to Build a Buyer Persona (+ Templates & Examples)

How to Build a Buyer Persona

How well do you know your ideal customer? Smart marketers and business owners know that clearly defining the ideal customer is the key to high conversions. A survey conducted by ITSMA showed that 90% of the companies that use buyer personas claim to understand their audience better than those that don’t.

But the question is — what does it take to create a buyer persona?

Using a buyer persona template is the easiest way to organize your research to create your own buyer persona.

In this guide, we’ll discuss how to build a buyer persona and share some customizable templates to help you create one.


Table of Contents

What Is a Buyer Persona?

Why Should You Create Buyer Personas?

How To Build A Buyer Persona In 5 Steps

15 Buyer Persona Templates You Can Use (+ Design Tips)

Buyer Persona FAQs


What Is a Buyer Persona?

A buyer persona is a researched-based representation of your ideal customer who will be the most interested in your products or services. As a business, your products and services solve your customers’ problems and make their lives easier. You need to ensure that you only focus on selling your products and services to those who need them the most.

A buyer persona is used by businesses to better understand their customers’ needs and wants. Since lead generation requires tailoring marketing efforts toward the right people, a buyer persona is a crucial marketing tool.

Here is an example of a buyer persona template.

Design Software Customer Persona


Why Should You Create Buyer Personas?

Before discussing how to build a buyer persona, let’s understand why you should create buyer personas. Here are the top five benefits of creating a persona.

1. Better understanding of your ideal customer – Understand the needs and wants of your existing and prospective customers. Offer products, services, content and anything that adds value to your customers.

2. Segmented marketing – Once you understand your customers, use those insights to segment your marketing campaigns. Create content around the topics your ideal customers want to learn more about.

3. Better quality leads – Use the information you collected about your prospects from your marketing campaigns and build better lead nurturing programs to improve lead quality for your business. Better quality leads mean better customers.

4. Synchronize your sales and marketing teams – Your marketing team knows which visitors have higher chances of converting into leads. Likewise, your sales team knows which leads have the highest value when converting. Creating a buyer persona helps your marketing and sales team get on the same page so they can get the best results.

5. Better product development – Identify and prioritize changes to your product based on what your customers need the most. However, the benefits are endless once you know your ideal customers.


How To Build A Buyer Persona In 5 Steps

Defining a buyer persona might seem like a daunting task. We’ve broken down the process of building a buyer persona into five manageable steps to make it easier for you.

Step 1: Involve Your Team

Persona building should be a collaborative process between marketing, sales and leadership. So, it would be best if you involved your team in the process. For example, you can include your chief marketing officer, account executive, director of sales, content strategist so they can add their valuable insights.

However, getting everyone on the same page to create the buyer persona can be time-consuming and difficult.

Visme’s collaboration features help you involve anyone in the process. Invite users via a shareable link to view, edit or comment on the same design, tag collaborators in comments, reply to and resolve comments and more.

Watch our tutorial video to see this in action.

Step 2: Research Your Target Audience

Researching the target audience will help you create a realistic persona and find helpful insights about your existing customers. Here are three simple ways you can do this.

1. Analyze your existing customer base: If you already have a customer base, it’s always better to start from them. Communicate with them through social media, email and phone.

2. Analyze competitors: If you are just starting and have no customer base, you can start with your competitor’s customer base. Track them on social media and review platforms.

3. Conduct market research: Conduct market research on your industry to find unique information about people who can benefit from your product or service, even if they are not your customers yet.

Share important findings of your competitors and market using this stunning report template below.

Step 3: Narrow Down the Details

Look for the most common details in the research insights you have gathered. There might be a common issue that most people in your target audience are facing. Once you’ve identified the common issue, include it in your persona.

Here are some basic details you need to consider for the persona.

  • Demographics: age, marital status, race, sex
  • Behaviors: skills, interests, use of products and services, content consumption
  • Geographic: the geographic area where most of your customers reside
  • Challenges: customer pain points
  • Interests: interests and hobbies
  • Communication preferences: how often they want to communicate and why they open their emails

Step 4: Segment Your Customers

Not everyone in your target audience can fit into the same group. For example, your audience may include people aged between 18 to 50. Their preferences will vary widely and the same sales and marketing approach may not work for everyone.

Depending on your requirements, divide your audience into groups and create different buyer personas for each of them. Here is an example of multiple buyer personas.

Ride-Sharing App Customer Persona

Step 5: Create Your Buyer Persona

Naming your persona and writing a story about it is the best way to think about it. Providing a name to the persona will help you feel like you are communicating with a real person. And creating a story will help you understand their pain points and how your products or services will solve their issues.

Here are a few best practices for writing a buyer persona.

    • Provide a name to each of your buyer personas
  • Add a profile picture to make them more personalized
  • Write a story about their challenges
  • Categorize data for each persona
  • Include excerpts from interactions with your target audience

Here is another buyer persona template for your inspiration.

Health Conscious Customer Persona


15 Buyer Persona Templates You Can Use (+ Design Tips)

We’ve covered how to build a buyer persona. But there’s no need to create a buyer persona from scratch.

Here are 15 customer persona templates you can use. We’ve also included some design tips along the way to help you customize these templates.

1. Job Board Customer Persona Template

Let’s start with the job board customer persona template. If you have a job board or are planning to create one, this template is for you.

The crisp color combination of blue and white gives the template a clean feeling. However, you can change the color combination using Visme to make it more personalized and stay on brand.

Here is how you can change the color of this template in Visme.

How to change template color in Visme

Customize this template to represent the ideal candidate for your job board and reach them through your marketing efforts.

Job Board Customer Persona

2. Parent Customer Persona Template

Brands that focus on selling family-related products can use this template to create their buyer persona. In this template, the brand’s ideal customer is a working mother in her early thirties who wants to spend quality time with her husband and children.

Do you think your ideal customer shares the same story like this? Then use this template to build your buyer persona.

Parent Customer Persona

3. Marketing Manager Customer Persona Template

Your buyer persona story can be about their job or profession. For example, it can be about their work environment, challenges at work and career goals. So, it will help you know the type of content they consume, their hobbies and interests, spending behavior and more.

If you are targeting marketing managers, research the similarities between your target customers and use this template to jot them down.

Job Board Customer Persona

4. Fitness Enthusiast Customer Persona Template

Is your business focused on health and fitness-related products and services? Use this buyer persona template to give life to the data your team brings in a spreadsheet. Not only does the template perfectly outline a fitness enthusiast’s personality traits, but it’s also aesthetically pleasing.

Fitness Enthusiast Customer Persona

Significantly, the use of colorful shapes and the font hierarchy in the template makes it unique. But, you can change them and use your brand colors and brand fonts for consistent branding.

How to change font color in Visme

5. Millennial Customer Persona Template

Like many businesses, you may be scratching your head trying to create a millennial buyer persona because they represent a diverse demographic. Therefore, you better not over-simplify or generalize their wants and expectations.

This millennial customer persona template has come to your rescue. Edit it and replace the information with your own to build a perfect millennial persona.

Millennial Customer Persona

6. College Student Customer Persona Template

To boost enrollments and make your college widely known, you must create and use student personas. It will help you understand the needs of the prospective students at different points and reach out to them to provide better assistance. Use this template to build a college student buyer persona and guide your students throughout their customer journey map.

College Student Customer Persona

7. Avid Shopper Customer Persona Template

Every customer is essential to your business. However, high-paying customers that make a more significant impact on your business are objectively more valuable. Though they already buy from your store, strengthen their relationships with your business.

Use this template to identify your high-spending shoppers and create personalized customer experiences to convert them into repeat customers.

Avid Shopper Customer Persona

8. Software Developer Customer Persona Template

Are you targeting software developers to sell your product or service? Maybe it’s a code-testing software or a tool for user-friendly game design? Whatever you plan to do, you need to learn about the pain points of a web developer first. This template will help you do that.

The dark shade of blue in the background makes the purplish-red design elements pop, giving the overall design a sophisticated look.

Software Developer Customer Persona

9. UX Designer Customer Persona Template

As we have already discussed, building a buyer persona requires visualizing your ideal customer’s goals, frustrations and personality traits. This template is a perfect example of a buyer persona that includes the person’s motivations, goals, character type, frustrations and other traits.

UX Designer Customer Persona

Since the persona is a semi-fictional character, you will need an image to represent the persona better. Browse through Visme’s stock photo library and add an ideal image to your buyer persona template.

How to add or replace image in Visme template

10. Reference Management Software Customer Persona Template

Make your buyer persona more effective by including some data visualizations in this template. It uses a flowchart to visualize the customer journey, helping you create engaging content and provide value to your customers.

How to add flowchart in Visme

Reference Management Software Customer Persona

11. Real Estate App Customer Persona Template

Defining buyer persona for a real estate app is a gradual process. It takes a lot of market research, data analysis, competitive analysis and other efforts. And this template will help you craft a realistic client portrait.

Real Estate App Customer Persona

12. Ecommerce Customer Persona Template

Since the ideal buyer persona is a graphic designer, this template gives special attention to aesthetics. The stylish design elements on the gradient background give this template a unique look. However, you can try a few other gradients or solid colors in the background.

How to change background color in Visme

Ecommerce Customer Persona

13. Online Learning Platform Customer Persona Template

Giving your personas a story is one of the best ways to visualize the type of customers interacting with your brand. Also, the marketing team needs adequate information to understand the user persona and create content accordingly. If you are looking for something like that, this template can be handy.

Online Learning Platform Customer Persona

14. Ride-Sharing App Customer Persona Template

This buyer persona template is for a ride-sharing app that appeals to young professionals. Therefore, the business may need to deal with people from various professional backgrounds.

Your business may need a double persona approach like this one to meet the needs of all your ideal customers. Use this beautiful template to build a perfect customer persona for your company.

Ride-Sharing App Customer Persona

15. Code Review System Customer Persona Template

This comprehensive and aesthetically pleasing customer persona template is for a code review system. The system helps beginner programmers who often make mistakes in writing code. So, the business has identified that beginner programmers with more than 80% of technical debt are their ideal customers.

Edit this template to create a comprehensive buyer persona like this.

All the buyer persona templates displayed above are fully customizable. So, customize them as you want and download them in PDF, JPEG or HTML5 format or share them using a private link.

Code Review System Customer Persona


Buyer Persona FAQs

What’s the difference between a buyer persona and a user persona?

The major difference between a buyer persona and a user persona is that buyer personas are created to help better understand the persona’s motivations. In contrast, user personas are created to establish a sense of empathy between the business and end-users.

Visme also offers user persona templates you can easily customize and use, just like the buyer persona templates.

How do I create my own persona?

Choose a buyer persona template from Visme’s template library, customize it with the document creator and download it to make it your own.

What are the key components of a buyer persona?

The key components of a buyer persona are:

  • Demographics
  • Lifestyle
  • Needs & Wants
  • Challenges
  • Identity
  • Fear, Doubts and Frustrations
  • Buying Behavior
  • Information Sources

How long does it take to create a buyer persona?

According to a recent survey, small companies spend between 22.5 to 72.5 hours creating a buyer persona. However, you can create it using Visme within minutes.


Start Building Your Buyer Persona Now

Building a customer persona doesn’t just help you better understand the needs of your customers. It also helps you build your brand based on the audience you’re trying to reach.

Hopefully, this article helped you understand what a buyer persona is and how to create one for your business. Now it’s your turn.

Use this article and Visme’s library of customer persona templates to identify and learn more about your ideal customers.


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