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Just like people, no two businesses are exactly the same. One key element that sets your company apart from others out there is your brand identity.

Having a strong brand identity shapes how customers perceive your brand. It can make them choose you over your competitors, tipping the scales in your favor. Hence, you can’t afford to wing it.

Now the big question is, how do you create a strong brand identity that drives business growth? Continue reading to find out what a brand identity is and how to build it. We’ve also included examples and templates to help you develop a memorable brand identity.

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What Is Brand Identity?

Why Is Brand Identity Important?

5 Brand Identity Examples

5 Brand Identity Templates

How To Present Your Brand Identity

Sealing The Foundations of Your Brand Identity with Visme

What Is Brand Identity?

If a brand were a person, their brand identity would be their personality and special aspects that make them unique. For a business, a brand identity is the face it shows to the world, a representation of brand values, mission and purpose.

For the consumer, there will always be an emotional association with the combination of colors, fonts, images and storytelling from your brand. These together are what makes up a brand identity.

Here’s a quick list of all the elements that make up a brand identity:

  • Brand name
  • Logo package
  • Colors
  • Typography
  • Graphics, images, illustrations and textures
  • Voice and tone
  • A catchphrase or slogan

When we talk about marketing, a brand identity is an essential element for success. All visual and content-based marketing material must follow brand identity guidelines. This is how people recognize the content you share as being yours.


Why Is Brand Identity Important?

Why does your business need a brand identity? Foremost, an identity is essential if you’re aiming for increased brand awareness, better brand loyalty and eventually positive brand equity. Brand identity is what fosters memories about your brand in people’s minds.

A strong brand identity is a foundation for growth. Your business needs a brand identity to properly tell the stories it needs to tell. Also, to visually and emotionally enrich the experience that people have when they interact with your brand touchpoints.

Without a brand identity, your brand goes unnoticed. It’s that simple.

Visme makes it easy for your business to build and manage a powerful brand identity. That’s not all. With the Visme Brand Wizard, your team can stick to the brand identity easily on every project they work on.

Before we move on to the templates, I just wanted to remind you about our YouTube Channel, where we share videos chock full of tips on how to brand, manage and market your business.

Here’s a video about brand personalities to help you craft a brand identity you can be proud of.

5 Brand Identity Examples

If you’re creating a brand identity for your business, looking at examples will help you understand the scope of its importance. The brand identity examples below are from large companies that have great brand equity and a loyal customer base.

How do you think they got there? With a lot of perseverance and, you guessed it, a solid brand identity to carry them through.


The brand identity for Hydroflask is all about living your best life, preferably outdoors. Their slogan is “Hey, let’s go” and they inspire users, ambassadors and team members to use the hashtag on their social media. The Hydroflask identity isn’t about a color palette but about the storytelling and the people.

Hydroflask Screenshot



Since the beginning, HubSpot has always been orange. Their signature color is at the base of all their visual branding.

But the orange isn’t everything; their brand identity goes beyond that. Part of HubSpot’s brand identity is its Culture Code, a 120-slide deck that explains why HubSpot cares so much about culture, both for their clients and their team.

HubSpot Screenshot



The Duolingo owl is one of the most memorable brand mascots on the internet these days. So much so that it’s a hit on TikTok. But Duo’s (the mascot’s name) popularity didn’t start on social media. The mascot is the foundation of the brand identity; its shape inspired the curved shapes on the logo.

Duolingo screenshot



There are a number of things we can say about the Ikea brand identity that go beyond its logo and iconic colors. For example, their Swedish meatballs or the way you have to walk through the entire maze to get to the end, or the illustrations in the building instructions and even the names of the items they sell.

Ikea is all about identity, and you can feel it at every touchpoint.

Ikea screenshot


5 Brand Identity Templates

Visme has all the templates you need to keep your brand identity in check. Here are five brand identity templates to help solidify your brand identity.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. To see more, visit our template gallery.

Pro Tip: Create digital, online brand guidelines that you can share with a link instead of a downloaded PDF. With Visme, you’re able to create an interactive brand identity guide in any dimensions you like; a document, a presentation or an infographic. The best part about using digital documents is that you can add all sorts of interactive elements to them: video, hotspots, popups and animated elements like illustrations, icons, characters and even charts and graphs.

1. Brand Guidelines Document

This 11-page document not only lays out all the essential elements of a brand identity but also has pages for other elements like letterheads, business cards and email templates. Likewise, you’ll find a page for the tone of voice for your brand communication.

2. Brand Guidelines PDF

The PixelGo branding template is a simple document where you can share your basic brand identity elements. Include the dos and don’ts of how to use your brand logo on any type of content your team creates.

3. Brand Guidelines Template

You don’t need that many pages to share your essential brand identity elements. Add your logos, colors and fonts to a document and add the digital link to all the briefs for content creators.

4. Healthcare Brand Guidelines PDF

When creating a brand guidelines document, it’s a good idea to include an introductory section with the values and mission of your brand. The “why” about your brand is just as important as the colors and typography.

5. Worksuite Brand Guidelines Document

Use your brand guidelines document as a starting point for how your brand communicates. This document is like a window into your brand, so make sure its pages represent your brand identity as well.

How To Present Your Brand Identity

The first order of business for presenting your brand identity is a brand guidelines document or presentation. You saw five examples above of brand guidelines document templates, which are just one way of presenting your brand identity.

Below is another type of brand guideline, in this case, a presentation. You’ll find all the same pages as the document but in a different layout. These slides are easy to add to a proposal, pitch deck or employee handbook presentation.

Other ways of presenting your brand identity to the consumer are at every form of branding they interact with.

For example :

And the list goes on…


Sealing The Foundations of Your Brand Identity with Visme

Having a brand identity is critical to your business growth. So why are you still putting it off? It’s time to get your brand identity down on a digital document. Not only for your team to use, but also to include in investor pitch decks, proposals, media pages for influencers and much more.

Visme can help seal your brand identity on all the touchpoints of your business. From simple color-coded icons to interactive scrolling infographics and event posters.

Discover all the ways Visme can help your brand identity shine.

Brand Kit

The Visme Brand Kit is a feature inside your Visme dashboard. This is where you set up your logos, fonts and color palettes to use on all the projects you and your team work on together.

Once the Brand Kit is set up, all the assets are in your editor and are automatically applied when you create new projects. The Brand Kit is a key element for team collaboration when working on branded graphics together.

Branded Templates

Inside the Brand Kit is a section where you can store branded templates to reuse whenever you want. Keep presentations, proposals and reports ready for your team members to use.

Once you or one of your team members works on a branded project that looks and works great, it’s a good opportunity to turn that project into a template for future use.

Visme Brand Kit GIF

Brand Wizard

Finally, the cherry on the pie when it comes to running a brand identity with Visme is our Brand Wizard. By simply adding the domain for your website, your brand assets are pulled into the system and our AI creates a set of branded templates. All the generated templates are ready to use as soon as you have them.

If you don’t have a website yet, you can also just add the logo, colors, and fonts yourself. Likewise, if you still aren’t sure about your brand assets, the Brand Wizard can help you test out combinations until you choose the perfect one.

Visme Brand Design Tool

Your Turn

Managing a brand and its respective identity isn’t a job for just one person. Even if your company has a brand manager or something similar, it’s not their job alone to make sure all brand touchpoints are covered.

That’s where brand guideline documents, brand kits and branded templates come into play.

Get on over to your Visme dashboard and create a digital brand guidelines document. It’ll be a lot easier for your team to stay on brand together every step of the way.

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