100 Best Free Fonts for Your Brand Elements (Designer’s List)

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Typography and fonts make up the backbone of your brand. Along with your colors, textures and graphics, fonts are essential to creating brand elements for your design projects.

We’ve collected 100 of the best free fonts for your brand elements, and they’re all available inside your Visme editor.

All fonts on this list are free for personal use and commercial use. Many of them are listed as Google fonts and others are from reputable font foundries.

Choose the category of font you’d like to see more of or scroll to see them all.


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100 Free Fonts for Commercial Use

Category #1: Retro Fonts

Category #2: Script Fonts

Category #3: Elegant Fonts

Category #4: Sans Serif Fonts

Category #5: Modern Fonts

Category #6: Display Fonts

Before we get started, here’s a video tutorial on how to pair fonts in your designs!


Category #1: Retro Fonts

Our first category is Retro Fonts. These are fonts that use vintage elements in their composition. Retro fonts aren’t exactly vintage fonts but more of a modern take on vintage typography styles.

You can use Retro fonts in designs like brochures, posters, flyers, logos and business cards. Let’s get started.


Font #1: Ansley Display

The font Ainsley Display.

Ansley Display is reminiscent of ‘Old West’ style posters and other vintage print art. The strong serifs make an impact when used in a header or title. 

Download here


Font #2: Trocchi

The font Trocchi.

Trocchi was inspired by vintage typefaces from the late 1700s.  This font is excellent for both titles and text. As a casual serif, it goes well with elegant brands that don’t take themselves too seriously.

Download here


Font #3: Yellowtail

The font Yellowtail.

The first script font on the list is Yellowtail. A bit loose, a bit orderly, the perfect mix of both. Yellowtail was inspired by the lettering of sign painters in the 1930s and looks great in display text elements. 

Download here


Font #4: Oregano

The font Oregano.

Oregano font was inspired by calligraphy artist, Randy Holub. It works well on advertisements, flyers, social media graphics and greeting cards. This font is ideal for making a subtle statement without going over the top.

Download here


Font #5: Theano Didot

The font Theano Didot.

Theano Didot is a serif font elegantly inspired by Greek letters and calligraphy. Initially, this font was created only for use with the Greek alphabet but extended to Latin languages later. This font is ideal as a header but also works well as text.

Download here

You can also use this font right inside Visme by customizing the letterhead template below for your business letters and communications.

A letterhead template available in Visme.

Font #6: Lora

The font Lora.

Lora is a friendly font loosely inspired by calligraphy and handwritten type. The curvatures and subtle serifs are a refreshing combination for a serif font that works great as body text.

Download here


Font #7: Deutsch Gothic

The font Deutsch Gothic.

This retro font goes back to medieval times. The Gothic style in Deutsch Gothic is solid and impactful. This font is a good choice for display headers that tell a particular story.

Download here


Font #8: 1942 Report

The font 1942 Report.

Of all the retro fonts on this list, this one is a little different. Visually it resembles writing from a gritty typewriter from the era of the Conquistadores. Exciting and very bold.

Download here

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Category #2: Script Fonts

The second category on our list is script fonts. These are all calligraphic style types, most with ligatures between letters, although many also resemble handwriting. Script fonts come in many styles, from elegant to simple calligraphy and writing.

Let’s see what script font choices you have inside your Visme editor.


Font #9: Journal

The font Journal.

Journal is a casual script that feels like it’s been handwritten with a pen. Not an excellent font for long text or paragraphs but works well in short display titles or name labels. 

Download here


Font #10: Bilbo

The font Bilbo.

Bilbo is a warm script brush font with a handwritten feel. It has a sister font with swashes for a more elegant look on display titles. This is a perfect font for greeting cards, t-shirts with catchy phrases or short paragraph text.

Download here


Font #11: Playlist Script

The font Playlist Script.

Playlist Script is a beautiful calligraphy style font reminiscent of beautiful handwriting on love letters. It matches well with a robust all-caps font for a fun pairing that works great on mugs, merchandise, t-shirts and social media.

Download here

Design with this font pair right inside Visme.

Playlist Script font pair inside Visme's editor.

Font #12: Pacifico

The font Pacifico.

Pacifico is a script font inspired by 1950s surf culture. It’s a bouncy and fresh script with ligatures between most letters. This free font looks great on large signs or friendly messaging on billboards. 

Download here


Font #13: Black Jack

The font Black Jack.

Black Jack is a brush-style script font that looks great as a signature or in a quote graphic. This script font also fits in the elegant and retro categories because it’s so versatile.

Download here


Font #14: Dancing Script

The font Dancing Script.

Dancing Script is a relatable font that resembles tidy hand-lettering. With characters that differ in height, this font is perfect for projects that need a bit of personality and warmth.

Download here


Font #15: Daniel

The font Daniel.

Daniel is a hand lettering font with delicate movement and a minimalist style. The capital letters are large, take up space and make a visual impact. This is an excellent font for titles and signatures.

Download here


Font #16: Selima

The font Selima.

Selima is a unique brush script font perfect for vibrant social media graphics and blog titles. This fun hand-lettering font also works well with package design and labels.

Download here


Font #17: Great Vibes

The font Great Vibes.

Great Vibes is an elegant, flowing calligraphic script font ready to be used on wedding invitations and holiday greetings cards. This font is excellent for prim and proper design but pairs well with a strong sans serif font for a modern feel.

Download here

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Category #3: Elegant Fonts

Moving on, the next category is elegant fonts. Many of the fonts in the category above, script fonts, also fit inside the elegant category. 

Let’s take a look at the elegant and free serif fonts available inside Visme.


Font #18: Amiri

The font Amiri.

Amiri is an Arabic typeface that also works well as an elegant serif font in Latin letters. It’s perfect for long text in hardback novels or educative material. Its legibility is high and pairs well with its italic and bold variations.

Download here


Font #19: Audrey

The font Audrey.

Audrey is a thin feminine sans serif font with an elegance that transcends. It’s perfect for perfume brands, delicate messaging on packaging or logo design. It’s not a Google font but is available as a free font for personal use and commercial use.

Download here


Font #20: Bentham

The font Bentham.

Bentham is a classic-style serif font inspired by vintage textbooks and nineteenth-century maps. It’s one of those typefaces that works surprisingly well in longer text, making it pleasurable to read.

Download here


Font #21: Cormorant

The font Cormorant.

Cormorant is an elegant serif font inspired by the all-time classic Garamond. What makes Cormorant unique is the small size of the letter counters, the closed spaces in letters like e, a and b. 

Download here


Font #22: Jacques Francois

The font Jacques-Francois.

Jacques Francois has strong serifs and delicately slanted letters and numerals. You can feel a mix of old-style and modern techniques in this font. It’s great for titles, educational books and elegant marketing material.

Download here


Font #23: Otama E.P.

The font Otama.

Otama E.P. is a confidently elegant font with powerful uppercase capitals and interesting lower case letters. This font is ideal for high-class products with elegant and classic marketing techniques.

Download here

A CTA with the font Otama.

Font #24: ST Marie

The font ST Marie.

ST Marie is a unique thin slab serif font perfect for elegant invitations, calling cards and intricate labels.  It’s not suitable for lengthy text or paragraphs but does work as a subtle title. Pair this font with a neutral font, so it balances out.

Download here


Font #25: Libre-Baskerville

The font Libre-Baskerville.

Libre-Baskerville is an elegant web font optimized for text at 16 pt. It’s a small type family with regular, bold and italic variants. Use this font for sleek website content and bold marketing material.

Download here


Font #26: Linux Biolinum

The font Linux Biolinum.

Not many sans serif fonts are classified as elegant. Linus Biolinum is one of them. The spacing between letters (tracking) is generous and makes the font legible in lengthy texts. Pair it with the bold style as the title, and you’ve got a balance font design.

Download here


Font #27: Playfair Display

The font Playfair Display.

Playfair Display is a font family with different weights and variants. Visme has the regular weight with bold and italic variations. This is an elongated serif font, depicting the change from quills to pens in handwriting and calligraphy. It works best as a display font paired with a subtle font for text.

Download here


Font #28: Vollkorn

The font Vollkorn.

Vollkorn is a versatile, elegant font with a unique feel to the curvatures. Use this font to create familiarity with the viewer, as this is an inviting font for titles, labels and stamp style marketing designs. Great font for Cyrillic and Greek alphabets.

Download here


Font #29: Zantroke

The font Zantroke.

Zantroke is an extra bold stocky serif font with tight tracking between letters. This font has a reminiscence to stencil styles and will work well on posters, billboards and large-scale design projects.

Download here


Font #30: Fjord

The font Fjord.

Fjord is a well-modulated font especially designed for long text and good readability. The letter construction is heavy but not overpowering and the spaces between serifs of different letters are nuanced and friendly.

Download here

Create your own design with Fjord, like we see below in this font pair.

A font pair using the font Fjord.

Font #31: Forum

The font Forum.

Forum is a multilingual font with glyphs for Cyrillic, Asian Cyrillic, Eastern European and Baltic languages. The letterforms have elegant,  angled serifs that don’t compete for your attention—great font for both long text and titles.

Download here


Font #32: Garton

The font Garton.

Garton is a curly and elegant serif font with an inviting personality. It works on text blocks, but visually it won’t read like a textbook or novel, but more like a vintage letter or poster. The capital letters are particularly beautiful in an all-caps design.

Download here

See this font in action below.

A graphic using the font Garton.

Font #33: Georgia

The font Georgia.

Georgia is one of the most versatile fonts on this list. Perfectly balanced between elegance and casual, it’s perfect for both long text and titles. 

Download here


Font #34: Tenderness

The font Tenderness.

Tenderness is an elegant serif that makes a statement without being overwhelming. This font works well in long text paired with a strong, bold display font.

Download here


Font #35: Merriweather

The font Merriweather.

Merriweather is an elegant font specially designed to be legible on screens. This font keeps content looking sharp and neat and pairs well with Open Sans.

Download here


Font #36: EB Garamond

The font EB Garamond.

EB Garamond is an open-source version of the classic Garamond typeface. Of all the Garamond-inspired fonts, EB Garamond is a favorite with designers.

Download here

make your text look beautiful with visme


Category #4: Sans Serif Fonts

We’ve arrived at the largest category on our list. Sans serif fonts are the bread and butter of the typography world and work for many purposes depending on each font’s unique style. 

Let’s dive into what is easily my favorite section of them all.


Font #37: Raleway

The font Raleway.

If you’ve seen any blog online, you’ve come across the Raleway font. It’s simple, easy to read and doesn’t compete with other elements in your design. It’s the perfect font for online content or easy-to-read print.

In Visme, you have access to the classic Raleway, plus the display variety of Raleway Dots. 

Download here

You can use Raleway yourself by customizing this template below.

A creative agency invoice template available in Visme.

Font #38: Arial

The font Arial.

Arial is the king of sans serif fonts. It’s generally the default choice on documents and long reports. Arial does the job and is always reliable. When in doubt, use Arial. If you’re bored with Arial, try Lato or Open Sans.

Download here


Font #39: Trebuchet MS 

The font Trebuchet MS.

Trebuchet MS was created for the Microsoft Corporation in the 90s. It’s still considered one of the most used web fonts to this day. Trebuchet MS has some unique features in letters that make it stand out from other sans serif fonts, like the low bar on the capital A and the tiny curve on the lowercase l.

Download here


Font #40: Junction

The font Junction.

Junction is another open source free font available for web applications. It was designed as a mix of a classic handwritten serif font with a web sans serif. The font is unique because the n and u have angled bowls instead of the usual round styles.

Download here


Font #41: Josefin Sans

The font Josefin Sans.

Josefin Sans is a clean-cut geometric sans serif for any purpose. This is a great font for body text of any size. Easy to read at small point sizes and great for titles in the bold variant at a higher point size.

Download here


Font #42: Poppins

The font Poppins.

Poppins is a geometric font with a fun, relatable attitude. This is one of the best fonts for web and app design. User Interfaces are easy to follow with Poppins as the main font in both titles and body text.

Download here


Font #43: Montserrat

The font Montserrat.

Montserrat is a versatile font that not only works well in both titles and text, it also works well for any industry. It’s the ultimate neutral font for any design project.

Download here

Take advantage of this font by customizing the brochure template below for your business.

A brochure template available in Visme.

Font #44: Helvetica

The font Helvetica.

Helvetica is the queen of fonts. No other font even comes close, not even Futura. The font, Helvetica, is so ingrained in design history that it even has an entire documentary dedicated to it.

Download here


Font #45: Hind Madurai

The font Hind Madurai.

Hind Madurai is a Tamil language font with Latin characters that mix well with each other. It’s an excellent font to choose if you’re working on a web application in Tamil.

Download here


Font #46: KoHo

The font KoHo.

KoHo is a Thai language font in a geometric style. It comes in two weights, regular and extra light for variation. This is the best sans serif typeface for commercial projects in Thai. 

Download here


Font #47: Colaborate

The font Colaborate.

Colaborate is a sans serif font family that seems to fly under the radar until you notice its unique details at the base of the lowercase t and b. This is also a highly multilingual font available in over 40 languages.

Download here


Font #48: Amaranth

The font Amaranth.

Most fonts are created upright and then adjusted for an italic variant. Amaranth is the other way around. It’s an upright italic with easy-to-read letters with unique swashes and terminals.

Download here


Font #49:Roboto

The font Roboto.

Roboto is a unique fusion font reminiscent of classic serif fonts with Grotesk terminals. It sits like a serif font and reads like a sans serif, creating a perfect balance.

Visme has both Roboto regular and Roboto condensed, so you can pair them easily inside a design project.

Download here


Font #50: Source Sans Pro

The font Source Sans Pro.

Source Sans Pro was the first open source type family designed by Adobe. It’s specially engineered for user interfaces in web applications.

Download here

See Source Sans Pro in action in this template below.

A how-to infographic template available in Visme.

Font #51: Resagnicto

The font Resagnicto.

Resagnito is a decorative sans serif font with unique connectors inside letters. Both rounded and angular, this font is best for small body text, quote graphics or headers. Corporate design projects would be a good fit for this font.

Download here


Font #52: Molengo

The font Molengo.

Molengo is a simple, no-fuss sans font with a bit of flair. Just enough to make it too fancy for body text but just right as simple title text. Pair with a subtle font like Open Sans for the perfect combination.

Download here


Font #53: Hattori Hanzo

The font Hattori Hanzo.

Hattori Hazo is a versatile oblique font to make stunning visuals or simple web applications. It’s highly multilingual and is highly legible at any point size.

Download here


Font #54: Muli

The font Muli.

Muli is an Adobe font created for Adobe products like Photoshop and Illustrator but available in other tools like Visme.  Muli is a complete type family, but Visme offers the regular weight in bold and italic variations.

Download here


Font #55: Myndraine

The font Myndraine.

Myndraine is different in lowercase and uppercase. The Uppercase letters have angles terminals while the lowercase letters are rounded. Mixing uppercase and lowercase in this font can be a bit awkward.

Download here


Font #56: Fira Sans

The font Fira Sans.

Fira Sans is a highly versatile type family with many weights and variations.  It’s the perfect font for any type of personal project. Inside your Visme dashboard, you’ll find Fira Sans, Fira Sans Bold and Fira Sans Light. If you want to have more weights available, just download them from Google fonts and upload them to your Brand Kit.

Download here


Font #57: Noto Sans

The font Noto Sans.

Noto Sans is one of the most versatile type families for multilingual projects. The Noto letters and special characters cover almost every language and also look great in any language. This is the ideal font for web design as it will always render as it should.  In Visme, you’ll find Noto Sans, Noto Sans Condensed and Noto Serif.

Download here


Font #58: Verdana

The font Verdana.

Verdana is a registered font of the Microsoft Corporation and available to anyone for free. This has long been one of the most common fonts for documents in Microsoft doc. Even though it’s an easy font to use, designers sometimes feel like it’s overused.

Download here


Font #59: Open Sans

The font Open Sans.

Open Sans is the font that pairs well with almost any display or serif font. It’s easy to read on both print and web and will save you every time you don’t know what sans font to use. Your Visme editor has Open Sans and Open Sans condensed for titles and subtitles.

Download here

Use this font yourself by customizing the template below.

A painting proposal template available in Visme.

Font #60: Oswald

The font Oswald.

Oswald is another of the new fonts on the list. It was created in 2011, primarily for web screens and applications. This is a bit of a condensed font and very easy to read. It’s an excellent choice for any design project as it suits most messaging. 

Download here


Font #61: Panefresco

The font Panefresco.

Panefresco is a relatively new font inspired by a font, Titillium, created by design students in Italy. This font has a unique italic variation with calligraphy swashes and details. It’s a fun font to use on titles and body text.

Download here


Font #62: Tajawal

The font Tajawal.

Tajawal is at its core an Arabic font. If you’re looking to create a design project with Arabic messaging, Tajawal is your best choice. The glyphs are clean-cut and easy to read.

Download here


Font #63: Lato

The font Lato.

Lato is one of those fonts that always delivers.  Looks great on documents, websites, in uppercase, in lowercase, in all caps. It’s an all around great font. In Visme you have access to a few of the Lato weights including Lato Light, Lato Thin and Lato Regular. Plus the bold and italic variants.

Download here

Try out Lato in your next design by customizing this webinar presentation template below.

A webinar presentation template available in Visme.

Font #64: Economica

The font Economica.

Economica, as the name suggests, is a font that economizes space. It was created as a print-ready font that takes up less space horizontally while not losing space vertically. Its condensed form looks great on body text that needs a bit of personality without going over the edge.

Download here


Font #65: Titillium Web

The font Titillium Web.

Titillium is a font designed by a group of students in a design university in Italy. The font has a digital air to it without being futuristic. It works well in a low weight in body text and sits well at a thick weight for titles.

Download here


Font #66: League Spartan

The font League Spartan.

League spartan is friendly, relatable and attractive. It’s such a nice font that it’s begun to get overused.  This font has only one weight and looks good in large titles, logos, labels, and short body text.

Download here

Work with this font right inside Visme.

A font pair inside Visme using League Spartan.

Font #67: PT Mono

The font PT Mono.

PT Mono is a free commercially licensed font designed especially for digital forms, worksheets and tables. Every letter has the same width. There is only one weight available for PT Mono and its use is very specific.

Download here

make your text look beautiful with visme


Category #5: Modern Fonts

The term  modern fonts is used to describe a specific style of typography that was born after the classic style typefaces of the early 18th century. But nowadays, modern fonts can be classified in the academic term or a more loosely based term that defines a font as being unique, different from the majority and with a modern feel. 

The academic examples of a Modern font are Bodoni and Didot. Everything else stems from those.

We’ve decided to go with a combination classification of modern fonts and below is our selection.


Font #68: Old Standard TT

The font Old Standard.

Old Standard TT fits the academic classification of a modern serif font; straight vertical lines, hairline flat serifs, a difference in width between vertical and horizontal strokes. This font works great for corporate texts and designs that need a serious component.

Download here


Font #69: Julius Sans One

The font Julius Sans One.

Julius Sans One fits in the loose modern category. It’s a relatively new sans font, but it stands out from the majority of sans serif fonts.  This is a small-cap font, meaning that there are no lowercase letters and the uppercase are just taller versions of the same.

Download here


Font #70: Abel

The font Abel.

Abel is a condensed sans font with a little flair. In small text, it looks like most condensed grotesque sans serif fonts, but in larger sizes, it shows off its unique angled terminals.

Download here


Font #71: Caviar Dreams

The font Caviar Dreams.

Caviar Dreams is a unique monoline font with differing letters in different widths. The rounded letters are wide, while the stick letters are thin. It’s an interesting combination that creates a flowing effect. This is a great font for logo design, web design headers and print labels. Not suited for long body text.

Download here


Font #72: Exo

The font Exo.

Exo is a geometric font created for the web with 9 weights for plenty of variable font use. It has a modern contemporary feel mixing digital with classical. It pairs well with Roboto and Lato.

Download here


Font #73: Staatcliches

The font Staatliches.

Staatcliches is a bold and powerful all uppercase font that stands out in the crowd. It’s perfect for posters and flyers that need to make an impact. Pair it with Montserrat on your next design and see how it goes.

Download here


Font #74: Samba

The font Samba.

Samba is a monoline font with an overall square feel. This font is great for delicate header texts and short body texts in large point sizes. At a small size, you’d need to increase the line height for better legibility.

Download here


Font #75: Enigmatic

The font Enigmatic.

Enigmatic is a powerful sans serif font. It’s the ideal font for corporate designs and bold visuals. Enigmatic works great in e-books with visuals to counteract the heavy feel.

Download here


Font #76: Strait

The font Strait.

Strait is a no-fuss font that works for pretty much anything. Its modern style gives it a subtle difference from others.  It’s perfect for use in small spaces, you can fit more words per space.

Download here


Font #77: Noto Serif

The font Noto Serif.

Noto Serif has a unique combination of flat serifs and rounded terminals with a point. It’s this mix that brings it into a modern category. Not just a regular serif font, but a little extra.

Download here


Font #78: Okolaks

The font Okolaks.

Okolaks is a fun font with an interesting letter form. The tiny curved terminals give the font a solid base even when the curvy letters feel airy. This is a font with personality.

Download here


Font #79: Overlock SC

The font Overlock SC.

Overlock is a font that inspires slow movement. The letter forms look like they’ve been blown on by the wind and are holding strong regardless. This font was inspired by the over lock sewing technique and has a fun demeanor.

It works well in body text at a low weight and great on titles at the highest weights. Visme has the regular weight, but you can download the others and add them to your Brand Kit.

Download here


Font #80: Fauna One

The font Fauna One.

Fauna one is an almost serif font with a selection of terminals that taper off rounded. This font is a friendly alternative to elegant body text serif fonts like Garamond and Georgia.

Download here


Font #81: Forque

The font Forque.

Forque is an all caps font with limited glyphs and no multi-language support. This is a font best suited for logos, posters, bold designs that use a few words. Pair it with a simple sans serif like Lato or even a soft serif like Georgia.

Download here


Font #82: Times New Roman

The font Times New Roman.

Times New Roman is a modern font designed especially for a newspaper. The association with this font and printed newspaper is strong.  Most people will get that feeling at first sight. Use Times New Roman only if it fits your message, otherwise use a more subtle font.

Download here


Font #83: Marvel

The font Marvel.

Marvel is a delicate monoline sans serif with a unique touch. This font works well in web design, digital design and even print. It’s an easy-to-read, friendly font that pairs well with a bold display font for titles.

Download here


Font #84: Nixie One

The font Nixie One.

Nixie One is a rebellious font. The designers mixed neon tubes with a typewriter-style font and created this unique monoline serif font they like to call a mix of chicken and pineapple. This font works best as display titles and short body text.

Download here


Font #85: Disco

The font Disco.

Disco is a wide font with lots of monospace between letters. It’s a breathable font that works great for large titles and name labels on websites. This font isn’t suited for paragraphs but works great as wide titles.

Download here


Font #86: Dolce Vita

The font Dolce Vita.

Dolce Vita is a bold all-caps font with a combination of straight and diagonal lines that makes certain letters stand out from the rest. This font is great if the title or word you write uses one of the special letters. It works great as a logo in that case.

Download here


Font #87: Dosis

The font Dosis.

Dosis is the type of font that has different personalities at each weight. The thin variant is airy and light, while the extra bold is bouncy and friendly. This is a monoline rounded font and works well in both titles and body text.

Download here

make your text look beautiful with visme


Category #5: Display Fonts

The last category is display fonts. These are font styles that are rebellious, out of the box, eye-catching and memorable. Most display fonts work only as titles or very short bodies of text, they aren’t suited for paragraphs or documents.

Let’s take a look at the display fonts available inside your Visme editor.


Font #88: Impact

The font Impact.

Impact is the ultimate meme font. It was designed in the 1960s with the purpose of simply making an impact with type. The intended use was posters and advertisements. In the last decade, it has become ubiquitous with memes. Use Impact your memes or any design that needs to make an impact!

Download here


Font #89: Lintsec

The font Lintsec.

Lintsec is a stencil-style font with military visual references. It’s a strong and bold font for text that needs to be noticeable. Take into account that the stencil effect doesn’t work visually for any style of project, it has to match your message.

Download here

Create your own design with this font pair.

A font pair using the font Lintsec.

Font #90: Bebas Neue

The font Bebas Neue.

Bebas Neue is a clean-cut and beautiful display font perfect for headlines, labels, captions and packaging design. The free version available in Visme is all caps, but if you want the lowercase glyphs you can buy Bebas Neue and upload it to your Visme brand Kit.

Download here


Font #91: Antonio

The font Antonio.

Antonio is a well-balanced display font in all caps and with mono spaces between letters. It’s an easy font that doesn’t overwhelm. It looks great on web applications and digital design. Furthermore, it’s easy to read and will pair well with fonts like Open Sans.

Download here

Use this template to try Antonio out for yourself.

An event program template available in Visme.

Font #92: Wagnasty

The font Wagnasty.

Wagnasty is a script typeface that resembles handwriting with a black liner pen. This is another all-cap font that works well in titles for creative projects that need a fresh human feel. 

Download here


Font #93: Ostrich Sans Inline

The font Ostrich Sans.

Ostrich Sans Inline is a style of font that has a white empty area inside the regular black letterforms. This one is a variation of Ostrich Sans but with the inline feature added on. This font looks great in titles and labels and pairs well with fonts like Lato.

Download here

Create your own design with this font pair available inside Visme.

A font pair using the font Ostrich Sans.

Font #94: Flux Architect

The font Flux Architect.

Flux is an all-caps display font inspired by architectural sketches. The strokes play a game of intensity with each other, giving the font a powerful personality and overall feel. It’s a great font for titles, captions or name tags.

Download here


Font #95: Top Secret

The font Top Secret.

Top Secret is another stencil font similar to Lintsec. This particular font has a stamp-like outline inspired by Top Secret redacted documents. It’s best used as it’s intended, looking like a stamp.

Download here


Font #96: Distant Galaxy

The font Distant Galaxy.

Distant Galaxy is a unique font that combines a futuristic style with multilingual support for African languages. This is an all-cap font visually, but the true caps include an extra swash ligature for differentiation. Distant Galaxy is great for titles, logos and packaging labels.

Download here


Font #97: Rokkitt

The font Rokkitt.

Rokkitt is a slab serif display font with a heavy sitting base and a balanced combination of curves and straight angles. This font is in the display category because the serifs are a tad heavy for body text.

Download here


Font #98: Silkscreen

The font Silkscreen.

Silkscreen is a pixelated display font in an all cap style. This is an interesting font for select occasions but not very versatile. Only the letter with vertical sections look pixelate, the letter E or L are lackluster in comparison.

Download here


Font #99: CabinSketch

The font CabinSketch.

CabinSketch is a geometric sans font filled in with doodle sketches. It’s a fun and unique font for design projects that have to do with children, education and youth. It works perfectly as titles and short body text.

Download here


Font #100: Abril Fatface

The font Abril Fatface.

Abril Fatface is a variation of the larger Abril type family. This variant is called fat face because of the large and thin stroke combination in the letters. This is a wonderful font for titles and headers in blogs, magazines and other journalistic projects.

Download here

Create your own design with this font pair.

A font pair in Visme using Abril Fatface.

Now Over to You

No more searching for font freebies! 

You certainly have all the fonts you could ever need inside Visme for your creative projects. But we understand if you still can’t find what you want. Every graphic designer will tell you that they spend a lot of time in the preparation stage looking for the perfect font.

We previously published a selection of posts with free fonts that can help you find the unique high-quality font you’re dreaming of.  In these guides, you’ll find fonts in different styles from lots of font makers around the world.

Your next design project can use any of our free professional fonts.  You can also upload any other great font, like Peace Sans or a dingbat set. Unless you want to pay a licensing fee, always check that the font you found with a free download option is also free for commercial use. 

With so many free fonts for your brand elements to choose from, you’re on your way to creating amazing designs. With Visme you have a full design workshop at your disposal, from documents to infographics, social media graphics and beyond. We can’t wait to see what you create! Sign up for your free Visme account today.

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