20 Annual Review Templates & Examples for Year-End Reviews

Annual reviews are an excellent way for companies to gauge employees’ existing contributions and relay future expectations for the benefit of the company.

If you’re looking to strengthen your brand’s performance appraisal process, we suggest you use ready-made annual review templates to get a head start.

In this article, we’ll show 20 of the best annual review templates you can find on the internet to effectively evaluate the performance of your employees.


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What Is an Annual Review?

An annual review, or a year-end review, is the process of evaluating employee performance over the past year. Annual reviews are typically done by managers, but can also be self-conducted.

Generally, an annual performance assessment includes:

  • Tracking employee KPIs
  • Identifying employee’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Measuring employee quality of work
  • Providing feedback on potential areas of improvement

Needless to say, an annual review is a critical part of any successful business.

It helps businesses identify high-performing employees, boost employee engagement, relay expectations, and help foster a progressive environment of growth and progress.

On the other hand, employees can also use this time to communicate their future expectations to the company; be it their next year’s KPIs, personal goals, monetary compensation, bonus structure breakdown, or expected promotions.

At the end of an annual review, managers evaluate whether the company’s future goals align with employees’ objectives, and decide if they should be recommended for a raise or promotion in the coming year.


How to Write a Year-End Review

When it comes to preparing for a year-end review, there isn’t any one-size-fits-all approach.

This is majorly due to the type of industry you’re in, and the fact that every employee has unique goals for which they’re being evaluated. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t create a generic layout for all performance reviews.

In this section, we look at some of the most common sections you can add to your annual review templates:

  • Header. The header is the first thing that the reviewer and reviewee will notice on the annual review document, so it’s a good idea to add your company’s name, logo and branding to give it an overall professional outlook. In Visme, you can upload your logo with a few clicks and add it to any project.

  • Employee’s basic information. For identification and analysis purposes, it is also important that you add a section where the employee’s basic information can be written, including their name, ID, and position in the company.
  • Review period. To streamline the entire annual review process, it is critical that you add a section that states the period for which the review is being conducted.
  • Tasks to be evaluated. This is the main section of the annual review template, so mention all the yearly goals for which the employee is being evaluated.
  • Performance score rating. For each task mentioned earlier, make sure you leave adequate space where the reviewer can rate the employee’s quality of work. You can do this through a 5-star review system, Likert scale or even by adding an empty box where reviewers can describe their evaluation. Some of Visme’s templates come with a pre-designed rating scale you can use for your own company.

  • Future goals and expectations. Once the evaluation phase is complete, you can now add a section where employees’ future expectations can be written down.
  • Comments and feedback. An annual review process is incomplete without a feedback section. Add it to your template so the reviewer can comment on employees’ performance, and recommend them for a raise or promotion.
  • Signatures. Lastly, include a section where both parties can add their signatures and acknowledge the entire performance appraisal process.


20 Annual Review Templates You Can Customize

Creating an annual review template from scratch can be a bit overwhelming. Our library of ready-to-use performance review templates that you can easily customize and use can help.

Here are some of the best annual review templates you can pick from:


1. Lawyer Performance Review Template

Lawyer Performance Review

This lawyer performance review template has all the important sections you’d need, including an eye-catching header, a dedicated section for task evaluation, and signatures.

This annual review template is ideal for businesses offering legal services, but it can also be customized for any other industry or business type.


2. Temp Performance Review Template

Temp Performance Review

Got a temporary employee working in your firm? Rate their performance with the help of this stunning performance review template.

It even has a rating system added to it that shows what each number means. For example, a rating of 5 means the performance is excellent, 4 means good, 3 is fair and so on.


3. Sales Annual Review Template

Sales Performance Review

Review the performance of your sales staff using this professional annual review template.

It includes data visualization to represent the individual and overall performance score of the employee and has plenty of space for feedback and comments for each task.


4. Customer Service Annual Review Template

Customer Service Performance Review

Figure out the strengths and weaknesses of your customer service employees with the help of this fully-customizable annual review template.

The template uses a 3-star rating system to evaluate employee performance and even includes a legend for what each colored star represents.


5. Agency Performance Review Template

Agency Performance Review

Review the performance of your partner agencies using this professional annual review template. It uses data widgets to represent agency scores for their tasks and also has a dedicated comments section at the end for potential future goals.


6. KPI Performance Review Template

KPI Performance Review

Stay on top of your sales team’s performance by using this KPI review template. It features a colorful design with high-quality vector icons that sets this template apart from others.


7. Food Service Annual Review Template

Food Service Performance Review

Running an online food delivery business?

Identify high achievers with this performance review template. The template has ample space to record employee information and even has a rating scale for ease of evaluation.


8. Student Internship Year-End Review Template

Student Internship Performance Review

Evaluate the performance of student interns in your firm with this colorful annual review template.

The best part about this year-end review template is it features plenty of space for comments and feedback. Supervisors can use this to recommend work-related improvements.


9. Nurse Performance Review Template

Nurse Performance Review

This multi-paged annual review template is an excellent pick for medical professionals looking to evaluate the performance of their staff.

It comes with a legend for a 5-star rating scale and a list of goals on which medical staff is evaluated. Incorporate your branding elements into the template and make it your own.


10. Tech Shop Performance Review Template

Tech Shop Performance Review

Measure the accomplishments of your sales managers with this professional annual review template. It features high-quality icons and data widgets to represent employee ratings.

This visual annual review template is a great pick for all business types — simply add your company logos, images, colors and fonts to this template to make it your own.


11. Team Leader Annual Review Template

Team Leader Performance Review

If you’re looking to dive deep into the performances of your employees, then this annual review template is perfect for you.

It features plenty of space to write down employee goals and even comes with a rating scale that supervisors can use to rate the work of team leaders.


12. CEO Performance Review Template

CEO Performance Review

Assess the performance of your company CEO with this stunning annual review template. It features high-quality icons, a rating scale for ease of evaluation and space for feedback.


13. Clinical Psychologist Annual Review Template

Clinical Psychologist Performance Review

Keep track of your staff performance with the help of this annual review template. It comes with a rating scale, a list for goal evaluation, and dedicated space for comments and feedback.


14. Internship Performance Review Template

Internship Performance Review

Got an intern working for your firm? Evaluate their performance with the help of this colorful annual review template.

It features four different sections to conduct a SWOT analysis of the intern, and a star rating system to rate their work.


15. Manager Performance Review Template

Manager Performance Review

Measure the performance of managers at your firm with the help of this stunning annual review template.

It uses creative data widgets to evaluate performance scores and has a bulleted list underneath to mention the goals for which the manager is being evaluated.


16. Executive Director Annual Review Template

Executive Director Performance Review

Ensure that all your company staff is on the same page by using this professionally-designed annual review template.

It has a simple yet effective design that ticks all the boxes for a well-rounded performance appraisal template. Simply add your brand kit to the template to make it your own.


17. Teacher Performance Review Template

Teacher Performance Review

Evaluate the strengths, weaknesses and general quality of work of your teaching staff with this creative performance review template.

It comes with a pre-designed rating scale that peers and supervisors can use to evaluate performance and a dedicated section for task lists and signatures.


18. Self-Evaluation Performance Review Template

Self-Evaluation Performance Review

Evaluate your own work performance with the help of this fully customizable, self-evaluation annual review template.

It features an eye-catching design with the top half dedicated to employee details and the bottom half for task evaluation and feedback.


19. Quarterly Employee Performance Review Template

Quarterly Employee Performance Review

Stay on top of your employee goals throughout the year by using this quarterly performance review template. It features a simple design that’ll help you conduct your evaluations quickly.

Upload your brand elements to the template, or create a branding kit from scratch in Visme to make this template your own.


20. Mid-Year Employee Performance Review Template

Mid-Year Employee Performance Review

Effectively track your employee performances by using this mid-year performance review template.

It features a beautiful design with an eye-catching color combination, vector icons for main headings, and a dedicated section for comments at the end. Each section of the template is fully editable, so with just a few clicks, it can easily be ready for any business type.


3 Tips for Effective Annual Reviews

If a year-end performance appraisal is done right, it can help the company identify its high achievers, so they can be guided on a path of sustained personal and professional development.

Here are 3 key tips to ensure your annual reviews yield maximum positive results:

1. Make it a two-way communication.

The last thing you want in an annual review is to have one-sided communication, without any room for dialogue for growth and exchange of creative ideas.

So make sure you listen to everything your employee has to say and then share your own goals and ideas to reach a common ground.

2. Offer actionable feedback.

The best performance reviews are ones where the managers don’t just evaluate employees’ past performances but also relay expectations for the future.

But make sure your employees are invested and determined to reach their goals for the next year.

3. Continuous follow-up.

Year-end reviews shouldn’t be a once-in-a-while occurrence. Instead, you should be tweaking your appraisal strategy to conduct reviews on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis instead.

This gives you the opportunity to track employee performances all year round and reach your company-wide goals more efficiently.


Improve Employee Performance With Annual Reviews

Annual reviews are great for measuring the yearly performance of team members. They help relay expectations, improve communication, progress and growth, and more.

To streamline the performance appraisal process and improve the internal communication of your brand, check out Visme’s tailored solutions and materials for HR teams.

There are tons of stunning annual review templates and features to take advantage of, and you can easily add your brand elements and make any template your own.

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