Milan to get a smart, battery-powered bike for the street

Milan, Italy — Milan is set to get its first smart, electric bicycle, with the city council approving the idea of the city’s first electric bike and its maker, Mio, to design a second one.

The bike, which will go on display at the city hall, is designed to look and feel like a traditional bicycle but will have an electric motor for charging it and a range of 150 kilometers.

The Mio bike is expected to be ready for a test run in 2019, with a first ride to be in 2020.

Milan is also set to launch a new network of bicycle routes on its streets, to promote cycling, but the city has already been pushing for a network of electric bike routes.

The city will use a system of charging stations on the main streets, which are already being used for the cycling.

The network will be built to encourage people to cycle, with two stations in each of the three major cities.

“We want to give people the option of using these roads to ride their bikes or take public transport,” said Alessandro Salloni, head of the Milan City Councils transport department.

The city is building a network, the city manager said, to encourage the use of the roads for cycling and to create jobs and economic opportunities for the people who use them.

The city council’s decision to allow the Mio bikes comes after several weeks of discussions, with members of the council and the city administration coming to an agreement that the city would allow Mio to design, build and sell the bike and a second bicycle, but Mio would only have to develop the second one and make it available to the public.

Mio, a maker of bicycle components, will sell the first bike to the city, which is expected in 2019.

The company has already developed a new bike that it says will be ready by 2020, with plans to build a second bike.

Mio also plans to develop an electric bike that can go 500 kilometers on a single charge, which would go beyond the current 100-km range.

The second bike will also be able to charge while riding, as opposed to standing, and can run on its own power.

According to the company, the MIO bike will be able travel 50 km on a full charge and 120 kilometers in a single run, and it will be capable of 30 kilometers of cycling without electricity.

The bike will weigh up to 300 kilograms, and the wheels will be made of carbon fiber.

The bicycle will have a range that is 100 kilometers without electricity, and there will be a battery pack that can be recharged through an internal electric charger.

The bicycle is expected at a showroom in Milan’s city center by the end of 2020.

The Mio-designed bike is the first in a series of projects, and will help the city attract more tourists, Sallonsi said.

The mayor of Milan, Gianni Infantino, said Milan’s new bike will allow for more tourists to visit the city.

“We have an enormous potential to attract more visitors to our city, especially to tourists from abroad,” Infantini said.

Milan is also planning to set up a new program, called the M-Cycle, to attract tourists to the region, and has also started a project called M-Cars, which aim to create a bicycle network in the city by 2021.

M-Cs will use an electric charging station in each city and can be charged up to 250 kilometers without an electric car, Infantoni said.

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