How to design your own Kilkenny fashion store with designer, Kilkennie Design store designer

The Kilkorkie Design Store, which was opened by designer, Kris Kilkirk, in December last year, is one of a number of small designers’ businesses that are starting to see some growth.

Kris KilKirk opened the Kilkinkie Design Shop, which is now a store that sells designer goods, in Kilkinton in December 2015.

Photo: Michael Clayton-Jones “A lot of people were looking for a place to come in and start a business, and we wanted to offer a space to start something,” he said.

“I’ve never been in a business before, so we had to really look at how to take that to the next level.”

A number of Kilkinnies stores have popped up in the past two years, including one in the central business district, while another in the east is also in the planning stages.

“We are getting more and more customers a day, and it’s just a great way to sell and get the word out,” Kris said.

There are also two locations of the KilKinnies store in the north, in Kells and in Kildare Street.

“They are great, they are small and they are doing great,” he added.

He said he and his family would also like to expand into Dublin’s north.

“It is just a bit of a dream, and I hope to get there one day,” Kris Kilking said.

In 2016, Kris started a business selling food and drink at the Kilcullen, the local Kilkoolie cafe chain.


Photo by Kris Kilkilkirk “We’re just starting to get a bit better at getting things organised, but we’ll see.”

Kris Kilks first shop in Kilcoolen in 2012.

“There are lots of people who have shops in Kilkillie now, and people are really passionate about what they do,” he explained.

“And we want to be in the same place with them.”

Kris has previously worked as a designer at his father’s business, Kells Clothing.

“He used to make shirts and suits for the local guys,” Kris recalled.

“Then one day he said ‘Why don’t you sell clothing?

I’ve got this shop here, I want to make clothes for people’,” Kris said of his father.

“So we started out selling a lot of clothing, and have done a bit more over the years.”

I have a little shop in Kellys now.

It’s about 20 square metres.

“When I first opened it, I was just selling shirts, and then I had a couple of people selling accessories.

Now, I’m selling accessories too.”

Kris started working at the Kells Fashion store in 2011, but he said the idea was to make it more like his dad’s business.

“A few years ago, I started doing a little more work on the side, and now I’m the head designer,” he recalled.

Kris’ first shop, Kell’s Clothing, opened in Killoch in 2013.

“My dad used to run the store there, and he used to be the head shop, and they sold clothes, he was a really good manager, he had a great team, he ran the store really well,” Kris added.

“The idea was just to take it to the other side of the world, and just make it like it was there.”

The KilKenny Design Store is one small part of the business that has seen growth over the past few years.

Kris said he has been working with a variety of designers to design their own clothing and accessories.

“You don’t necessarily have to have a design background to be a designer,” Kris explained.

He explained that some designers were looking to sell their clothing online.

“One of the biggest things is people looking for things that they can wear, but there are also a lot more people that want to buy things online,” he admitted.

“That’s a huge opportunity for us, so it’s a really exciting time to be involved in the industry.”

Kris also works with a number people who are based in Dublin, including designer, Simon Coveney.

“Simon is based in Cork, he’s in the Cork area, so he is really good at selling things, and his wife is also really good,” Kris joked.

“You get to be part of something that is really cool,” Kris concluded. “

In Cork, it’s the old fashioned way, so there are a lot fewer options.”

“You get to be part of something that is really cool,” Kris concluded.

He said people who had a passion for fashion were often in a hurry to buy something. “

Everyone wants to know how they can get something made.”

He said people who had a passion for fashion were often in a hurry to buy something.

“People are really excited, and are looking to do things that are really

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