Which is the best store design for businesses?

The question of which store design is best for businesses is a difficult one, but the right store design can really help you achieve a unique look, according to a new report from consultancy StoreDesigns.

The consultancy surveyed over 1,500 brands to find out which of the most popular store designs could be applied to the vast majority of their existing or planned stores.

In its report, the firm found that customers were keen to look their favourite products in a new way when shopping, but they were equally interested in the designs of their products on display, too.

“A successful design can have the greatest impact when it is perceived as a personal touch rather than a functional element,” said StoreDesignes managing director Peter Tompkins.

“Many businesses are now trying to find a way to communicate their brand through the design of their product displays.”

It’s a concept that is gaining momentum across the retail industry, with more than 70% of the businesses surveyed saying they would consider implementing a store design when they first launch a product.

The survey found that more than 90% of respondents said that the store design they were most interested in is one that reflected their personal aesthetic, and that the overall effect of a design is a personal, personalised experience.

“The main takeaway is that consumers are more open to designing their own store designs than ever before,” Tompks said.

“As a result, it is imperative that the design they choose reflects their personal brand and the business’s unique style.”

It also helps that many businesses are already working to create a personalised store experience.

The firm found in its survey that nearly three quarters of respondents were using Google Analytics to monitor their online stores, while nearly two thirds of respondents had used Pinterest to create and share their store designs.

Tompkins says the benefits of creating a personal store experience can be overwhelming.

“If you are looking to create an identity, or have a store, and your brand is not already being defined through a particular design, you can take a step backwards,” he said.

In the meantime, the StoreDesign report highlights that design and store design are not always mutually exclusive, with many companies being able to use the same design and the same store design in the same context.

“We have seen a number of cases where different stores have been created by the same team and we have seen that the same process is used for many different products across the industry,” Tomsons said.

“It is a trend we hope will continue.”

For more ideas on how to create unique and memorable stores, see our guide to store design tips.

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