When a beauty shop’s designer bathroom was closed, designers started making their own

An artist and an interior designer created a beauty salon in the middle of the desert, and now they’re making their mark.

A designer bathroom has been closed for almost two years and, in a move that was designed to be as simple as possible, they are starting a new store in a neighbouring village.

In November, the women’s and men’s hair stores in the town of Jugørdal were closed, leaving behind just a small kitchenette and two bathrooms.

“We are very thankful that we have been able to open the doors of our beauty shop, but we have to go on with our life,” said Sarah Jørgensen, one of the founders of the business, which was named the “world’s first” beauty salon.

“I think the community is more accepting now than ever before.”

The two women’s stores were closed in May 2016.

“It is sad, but at the same time it is not that sad,” said Jørsen.

“When you are closed, you are not able to go out.

We didn’t have any money, and we didn’t even have a toilet.”

A new store opened in the same town last year, and the idea of opening a beauty centre in Jugodal has been in the works for about two years.

The shop opened in September 2017.

The women’s store is located in a village of about 60 people called Sørensvik, and it is owned by local entrepreneur Lars Nilsen.

Jørgen and Nilsensvik, who grew up in the local village of Sørgård, have always been passionate about making sure that their small business is a success.

“Every day we wake up and work on this idea,” said Nils.

“There are so many people that work here, but there are so few who are actually making a living.”

Nilssen, who has been making hair products for around 20 years, says that the two-store business model is a “game changer” in terms of accessibility.

“This is something that we thought about, because the last time we were in a community centre, the only thing we had was a sink and a washing machine.

So we were looking for an easier way to make our lives easier,” he said.

The two businesses are also working on a larger space that will be bigger and better, so they can start selling hair products.

“The people in the village are really welcoming, and I think that is a good thing,” said Længen, the founder of the beauty salon, who was also happy to share the name of the brand of products they make.

“Because now they can see what is happening here.

It is important that there is a space where people can feel safe and comfortable.”

They will open their store in August 2018.

The hair salon was set up as a place where women can have their hair done, and they are also looking for customers who would like to do their hair.

Nilsson says that he hopes that people will also be able to visit the beauty centre to see what other women are doing in their own community.

The business was started as a project by Nils and his wife, who both worked in the hair and beauty industries.

“Our business is about being more comfortable,” he told BBC News.

“In the village we all work together and we try to work on the same things, and then one day we realised that we could all be more productive.

We had to take a risk.”

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