How to design a stylish, stylish, shiny home

Samsung is giving you the tools to turn your living room into an awesome space for your kids.

Here’s how.1.

Choose a style with a purpose2.

Build it yourself3.

Build something that fits in with your home’s design4.

Get creative with patterns and texturesThe Samsung Store design shop is designed to make it easy for you to design, build and build.

Its collection of tools include templates and tools to make your home your own.

There are several templates you can use, like the ‘Hood for Kids’ one we saw in our Samsung Store review, and one called ‘Houses with Kids’ for your children.

The ‘Kids Home’ template is the one we tested in our review.

You can add it to your home or decorate it.

It’s perfect for kids’ bedrooms or for a place to put their books, games and other things in.

There’s a selection of other templates, too, for children’s bedrooms, and for kids who want to add a bit more decoration to their living room.

Here’s what you’ll need to make a ‘kids home’ with the templates in your collection:Step 1.

Create a list of kids’ toysYou can create a list to help you organise your toys and make them easier to find later.

You’ll want to create a section for each child in the house, and add them in the ‘Kids’ section.

This is where you’ll add their toys to your list.

For example, a ‘toy list’ section can include toys for your two youngest children, one for each room, and the other for the bedroom.

Step 2.

Create your themeYour theme can have up to 15 items and up to 10 children.

We like to call it ‘Kids Homes’, and we call it a ‘Theme’.

If you’ve got one, you can put it in your Home section and it will be the only section of your home that you can edit.

Step 3.

Create and save your home themeStep 4.

Add your kids to your ‘kids homes’ section in the Home section of the Samsung StoreStep 5.

Add kids to the ‘kids’ section of HomeStep 6.

Add children to the Kids section of HomesStep 7.

Save your home to your collectionThe Samsung store is a great place to share your ideas with other parents and to build your own home.

It is the best place to find the latest designs, tutorials and tips to make home decor.

Here are some examples of what you can do with your collection, including the designs you saw in the Samsung store.

We’ve also highlighted some of the most popular design tools that are available to help parents.

The Samsung Kids Home template includes a list for kids, so it’s great for adding a little more decoration around their bedroom, or decorating a bedroom to make the kids feel like they are in the living room instead of the kitchen.

You can add more children in the home, too.

We liked the ‘Toys for Kids and Kids Homes’ templates, which can be used in a different area of your house, or added to a bedroom or a room you want to decorate later.

Here is an example of a ‘Toy for Kids Home’, with a separate section for kids.

Step 8.

Add more kids to a ‘Kids home’ section, or a separate bedroomStep 9.

Add a ‘parents’ section for ‘kids children’Step 10.

Add another ‘parents section for parents’ to a separate ‘parents home’Step 11.

Add an ‘adult’ section to a single ‘adult home’ stepStep 12.

Add ‘kids and adults’ to separate sections of a roomYou can also add more sections to your design, such as a ‘Children and Adults’ section that will separate two rooms in the room, or two ‘kids rooms’ to build a room with different kids.

You could also add a ‘home office’ section so you can build a ‘office’ section where you can store your kids’ projects, or create a ‘studio’ section with a space for them to create and share their work.

Step 13.

Add extra items to your themeStep 14.

Save the ‘children’ section as your ‘home’ sectionStep 15.

Add the ‘home and adults sections’ to your homes collectionStep 16.

Select ‘Save as’Step 17.

Save as your designStep 18.

Select Save as templateStep 19.

Save template as your home designStep 20.

Save ‘kids sections’ as your homes collectionsStep 21.

Select template as ‘children homes’Step 22.

Select your ‘Home Design’ templateStep 23.

Save to your CollectionStep 24.

Add designs to your designs collectionStep 25.

Create an ‘Adult Home’ section using your ‘children home’ templatesStep 26.

Add two children sections in your ‘Adult homes’ collectionStep 27.

Add three ‘Adult Homes’ sections to the collectionStep 28.

Select a design and add to your

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