Which store design to buy?

We all want our personal shopping experience to be as seamless and hassle-free as possible, but what exactly should we expect from our grocery store?

Recode is looking into the question, and we’ve got a roundup of the top picks.1.

Gourmet deli shopDesign by: Sotheby’s2.

CVS store designDesign by; Sothebys3.

H&M store design2.

H & M store design3.

Walgreens store design4.

Walmart store design5.

Whole Foods store design6.

BJs &amp:m store design7.

Hooters store design8.

Kohl’s store design9.

Wal-Mart store design10.

Walmart shop design11.

Sears store design12.

BJ’s &amp,amp store design13.

Nordstrom store design14.

Target store design15.

Target Store design16.

Cabelas store design17.

BJ’S store design18.

Kohls store design19.

BJ Shop store design20.

TJ Maxx store design21.

Targetstore design22.

Kmart store design23.

TJMaxx store style24.

Kohlrabi store style25.

Macy’s store style26.

Nordheim store style27.

BJ Store store design28.

TJ Mart store design29.

TJ.com store design30.

Walmartstore design31.

BJstore design32.

Macy`s store design33.

Nordheimer store design34.

Macy.comStore design35.

BJStore design36.

TargetStore design37.

TJMartstore design38.

MacyStore design39.

Macy store style40.

Macy Store style41.

Macy site design42.

Macy shop design43.

Macy Shop site design44.

MacyShop design45.

BJ.com site design46.

Macy productstore site design47.

Macy productsstore site color47.

BJ productsstore color48.

Macy website color49.

Macy stores site color50.

Macy retail site color51.

BJ stores site colour52.

Macy apparel site color53.

Macy accessories site color54.

Macy gift shop site color55.

BJ giftsstore color56.

Macy fashion site color57.

BJ fashion site design58.

Macy cosmetics site color59.

BJ cosmetics site design60.

BJ creams store color61.

BJ nail polish store color62.

BJ perfume store color63.

BJ skin care store color64.

BJ beauty store color65.

BJ makeup store color66.

BJ haircare store color67.

BJ haircare store color68.

BJ skincare store design69.

BJ body care store design70.

BJ massage store design71.

BJ sex toy store design72.

BJ toy store color73.

BJ bath and body shop color74.

BJ spa and body store color75.

BJ bed and breakfasts store color76.

BJ home theater store color77.

BJ garage sale site color78.

BJ house sale sitecolor79.

BJ store color80.

BJ furniture store color81.

BJ food store color82.

BJ electronics store color83.

BJ apparel store color84.

BJ lifestyle store color85.

BJ music store color86.

BJ clothes store color87.

BJ accessories store color88.

BJ clothing store color89.

BJ jewellery store color90.

BJ jewelry store color91.

BJ kitchen store color92.

BJ bedroom store color93.

BJ bathroom store color94.

BJ laundry store color95.

BJ gym shop color96.

BJ shopping center color97.

BJ entertainment center color98.

BJ hotel and banquet center color99.

BJ grocery store color100.

BJ pharmacy store color

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