How to Design the Next Great Campus Store

Designing a campus store is the next big thing, says designer Alex V. Karpin.

V. KARPIN is the founder and CEO of Designers Inc., a design studio based in the Bronx, New York.

He recently published a book, Campus Store Design, with John K. Kallinen, a professor at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.


Karpin says the next generation of campuses is evolving faster than ever before.

“If we don’t have a new campus design by the 2020s, we are going to see the demise of a lot of colleges,” he says.

The idea of creating a campus is “not a new concept,” V.karpin adds.

He argues that the new campus, or “campus experience,” is a new form of engagement with the university.

While the idea of having a campus in the future might seem new, the campus has existed for centuries.

It was originally a place where people gathered to meet and talk.

In the 18th century, many of the first settlers lived in rural areas, where they could make plans for the future and plan their own lives.

But the new era of campuses also sees a new wave of people moving to urban areas, which has spurred the construction of new campuses.

What is a campus?

“The campus is the physical space in which people come together and interact, and the most important thing about the campus is that you have an environment for people to learn,” Vkarpinn explains.

For example, the idea behind a university is to create a place of learning.

Many colleges are built on a linear pattern that starts at the beginning and ends at the end.

To understand what the future looks like, we need to think about what the people who are building a campus will be able to accomplish with their design.

Designing a university will be like a new restaurant, he says, adding that there is no shortage of ideas on what will be possible in the next era of campus design.

But it’s not only a matter of design.

V. karpin argues that we will need to have a whole new approach to the business of university.

The next generation will be different than the students that came before them, he points out.

They will be smarter, and will have more choices, V.karpins claims.

When you start with this idea of a new era, the design will be much more sophisticated.

There will be more interaction and you will be interacting with your peers more.

The students will be learning more about their surroundings and more.

Vkarpins believes that by the end of the decade, campuses will look different than they do today.

We are seeing more and more people coming to college, and they will be coming to campus in a different form, with new technologies and new products.

If this continues, it will be very hard to sustain a school with students of the same age, he argues.

“There is a huge difference in how students interact on campus now compared to the previous generation,” he adds.

“The next students are going be able see themselves in the school.

They have more power.”

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