Which of the four stores in this week’s DRUVA competition is best?

A DRUNA design competition is a one-off competition in which designers are awarded a contract to design a new store or brand in a market.

This year, it was designed by an Italian company called Alta Design.

The competition is designed to help brand owners understand how their stores are changing the way people shop, but DRURA also aims to encourage designers to share their ideas with each other.

Alta is part of a larger group of Italian brands participating in DRUMA, a nationwide competition designed to promote innovation. 

A group of designers from Alta, including designers from brands such as Gap and Gucci, participated in the DRUFA competition last year.

AltaDesign was created by Italian designer Giulio Armani and his wife, Luca.

They designed a clothing store called The Clothes of Clio in Milan in 2011.

Alva is the name of a family of famous Italian craftsmen.

Alma’s design is simple and simple to understand.

The company says it’s a way for the customers to see what the company is doing, not just what it looks like.

It’s a design that is simple to use and to understand, said Armanis’ design team, Alessandro Mazzacoli and Paolo Di Francesco.

The design of the store was based on a classic Italian design called the “Clio,” which was a traditional Italian clothing store with a red façade.

It featured bright red cloths on a white background.

It also had a distinctive logo, with a small, pointed cross, above the name “Cliosa.”

“The Clio is a timeless symbol of the past, present and future of Italy,” AltaDesign said in a statement.

“This iconic design is what inspired our concept of the ‘Alma.'”

The store has a small store inside with a central counter.

The counter has a sign with a message, “Do you need a dress?

It’s here.”

The sign was made of recycled plastic and printed with a color called “Pale Green.”

The sign has a red and green color scheme.

The store features a red “clio” with a white “cross” above it, and a small red “Palo Alto” with two white crosses below it.

The Clio has a green, blue and red color scheme that includes a red, white and blue cross.

The logo also has two white crosses below the word “Clirosa.”

Alta’s design was designed with a focus on creating a visual and memorable visual identity for the store, said Alessandro Di Francesca, the store’s general manager.

“It’s not a design based on the material and colors of the cloth, but on the feel of the fabric, the texture and the design,” he said.

The store has two small counters, each with a table in the center, which is divided into two sections.

One section features an open floor, with an open ceiling and a large window.

The other section has a floor with a wooden bench and a wooden table.

The sign, which features a blue cross and a red cross, has a blue stripe across the top, and the letters “CLIOSA” are printed in red letters across the side.

The design features a small cross, a cross with two triangles, a triangle with three circles and a triangle in a circle.

The CLOSA is the Italian word for “closet.”

“We want the customers and employees to feel like they are part of the Cliosa,” Di Francesci said.

Ala’s design has two key elements: The Clioso has a central section, which has a large table, and it has a circular counter with a cross on each side.

The Cliose, or Cliosi, also has a counter that has a big table with two large chairs and a table.

The chairs have a rounded back and a raised front.

The table has two legs and a cross.

It has a rounded top and an oval shaped bottom.

The counter is a large open floor.

There is a small counter with two chairs, and there are also small tables that are all over the floor.

Alma’s Cliosol has a table with a chair, a table top, a wall, a counter and two chairs.

The first floor of the CLIO has a wooden counter, a round table and a round wall.

The second floor has a wood table and table top.

The third floor has two chairs and table. 

The first and second floors of the shop are decorated with a variety of fabrics, colors and designs.

The shop has a bright red Clio on the floor with three stripes and a blue Clio with two stripes and two stripes.

Almas Cliosola, with the Clio logo in red, on the second floor.

Alaria’s design features the “cl

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