What will be the future of design?

RTE has published a new interview with the chief executive of epic designs, which is a major design house in Ireland and is owned by a company based in France.The chief executive, who asked not to be named, said epic was working on a range of products and the future would be “much more about […]

What you need to know about designer handbags

When you’re looking for a new designer handbag, the first thing you might want to do is go to the store to find out what they sell.They’ll often have some of the most interesting designs around and, well, they’ll make a lot of money.But, like most things in the fashion world, they can get pretty […]

How to Design Cosmetics Stores in 2018

Designing cosmetics stores is no easy task, but it can be surprisingly easy if you’re an aspiring artist.Here are some tips on how to design cosmetics stores that make the most of your creativity.1.Design a unique color palette2.Choose a clear, color-neutral palette3.Choose complementary, non-duplicative designs4.Use a simple and clear visual language5.Create a consistent layout6.Create the […]

When a beauty shop’s designer bathroom was closed, designers started making their own

An artist and an interior designer created a beauty salon in the middle of the desert, and now they’re making their mark.A designer bathroom has been closed for almost two years and, in a move that was designed to be as simple as possible, they are starting a new store in a neighbouring village.In November, […]

What’s the best design store in New York?

New York City’s design stores are not only a great source of inspiration, but they also have some of the best prices around.With some notable exceptions, the best places to buy designer and fashion accessories tend to be on the Upper East Side, in the Bronx, or in Brooklyn’s East Village.These neighborhoods have been a […]

How to make your business look professional on Facebook and Instagram, even when your site is a blank canvas

I love my new job, and that’s a great thing.But I still love my job because I get to make my own decisions and take a few risks.So I’m not going to be content to sit back and wait for the company to do everything right for me.But what if you’re like me?You like making […]

When you need to shop smarter, look no further than these 10 smart furniture design guidelines

If you’re looking for inspiration to build your next furniture design collection, you’ve come to the right place.From sleek, sleek-looking furniture to the latest design trends, here are 10 furniture design concepts to get you thinking about the way you use and organise your furniture.1.Blackstone Design’s Blackstone Artisan Desk and Cabinet 1 of 10 Advertisement […]

Why Is The Burberry Boutique So Great?

Designers in the design field are now using their creative powers to bring a boutique to life.Now that the Burberry brand is owned by Dior, the brand is taking a new direction with its latest store design.The Burb-Boutique store, which opened in June, features a range of designer collections.Here are seven of our favorites.1.A Design […]

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