Finland’s design store launches software for design work

Finnish design store Finlokos has launched a software package that will allow designers to build applications for its online design tools.

The Finloks Design Software Suite, available in the next few weeks, is designed to be a platform for creating software applications for Finlaks design software.

The software is designed for the Finloki, a design company that was founded by two Finns, Olli Olin and Pekka Koskulainen, in 2002.

The company has since grown to be Finland’s largest independent design studio and is also home to the Finni-Design.

Finlokoses design software has become a major player in Finland’s design industry, attracting top clients including fashion house Zara and furniture brand Armani.

The company has been in business since 2008, with an office in Helsinki and a shop in the capital city.

Finlander designers have used Finloku to create software for a variety of products ranging from furniture to furniture accessories.

For example, Olin designed a customisable app for the popular Finnish designer Tino Armaniti’s furniture label, but it also provided a design platform for his own products.

Finloks software includes templates for designing for its own store, as well as a range of online tools, including one for making design templates.

“The software suite provides a platform to help designers create software applications with Finlak design software and to provide tools for other designers,” the company said in a blog post.

“We also provide support for other companies that are building their own software solutions for Finlis design tools.”

Finnish design software company Finlokoos announced its creation of a software suite for design software in February 2016.

The platform is available for free to the public.

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