Why Shannon Design Store, Shambhala, is a ‘must-have’ for a boutique designer

Shannon Design is one of the newest boutique design stores in Sydney, with its store and its online shop.

But the store is also a must-have for anyone who wants to create their own signature pieces.

“Shannon Design is a boutique design store,” says Shannon founder Sam Harris.

“It’s a unique, collaborative, open-minded design store.

It’s an open space and a lot of people come here for that.”

Sam, who’s based in the Sydney suburb of Sandringham, says Shannon is “dedicated to creating a new space for women and people of colour.”

“We’re not just a women-only store, we’re a community store, too,” he says.

“We want to give people an opportunity to have a space of their own, a space where they can make their own mark, where they want to be, where their voices can be heard.”

And the store has plenty to offer, from a collection of vintage prints to bespoke jewellery to furniture.

But it’s the designs that have made Shannon a “must-haves” for anyone interested in creating their own unique pieces.

Sam and his wife, Shannon, founded Shannon Design in 2012 and have since launched two online shops, Shannon Design and The Bachelorette.

The former offers a range of vintage design prints and accessories; the latter is a full-on online shop, offering everything from handbags to kitchenware.

In a world of “buy now” style stores, Shannon’s focus is to sell its items “before they’re worn out”.

“Our shop is a reflection of who we are,” says Sam.

“What we love is we have a wide range of designs.

You’ll see different prints of a different kind of things, but you’ll find the same type of furniture or an iconic design.”

Sam says he thinks it’s important for designers to have options.

“When you’re designing, it’s like having a toolbox,” he explains.

You have to have your own idea of what works and what doesn’t work.” “

But when you’re selling, you don’t have that toolbox.

You have to have your own idea of what works and what doesn’t work.”

In fact, the online shop is now attracting a “buzzy crowd”, with designers selling their wares from their own collections.

“I have a really good following, it just keeps going up,” says Sarah.

“There’s a new designer on the block every day who wants a piece of my stuff.”

Shannon Design’s collection is full of unique designs, from simple prints to sophisticated pieces.

For example, its collection of leather boots is a collection made up of more than 50 prints.

“Each print is unique and is a representation of one of our own unique designs,” says Harris.

In fact the company even has a website, where people can upload their own designs and get them printed.

“People want to see their own ideas come to life,” he adds.

Shannon also sells handbags and accessories, and Sam has a “handbag designer” and a “pocket protector” in his shop.

“My handbag designer is an incredible person,” he laughs.

“He designs handbags for women,” says Mr Harris.

Shannon Design was also featured on the cover of Vogue Australia in March.

But now the couple are open for business again, with Shannon Design selling new items daily, and the online store, with a new selection every day.

“Everything we sell is designed by a designer,” says Sammy.

“Our customers love to shop with us, and we want to show them the quality of their work.”

Sam explains that “we’re a little more limited in the number of pieces we can sell, but we’re doing it to keep things as affordable as possible.”

The store’s online shop has more than 700 items on offer, with prices starting from $2.99.

And Sam says they’re looking to expand in the future, as “there’s an opportunity for a lot more”.

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