The best store design awards: 10 stores that deserve your vote

The best place to find new designer clothing, accessories and accessories products is an internet search engine. 

But where do you find that designer clothing that’s perfect for your wardrobe? 

Well, the internet has been busy with new designer stores opening. 

From designer boutiques to designer online shops, here are the 10 most popular designer stores for consumers to shop at.1. 

Tartan Bags – Tartan Bagels & Co. (Bellingham, WA) This Portland-based designer store is best known for its T-shirt and t-shirt design. 

They are a small, family-run business, and they offer some of the best designs on the web. 

The T-shirts are designed by artist Daniel O’Brien, who is a Seattle-based artist, writer and entrepreneur. 

His portfolio is so diverse that he has designs for everything from the NFL, the United Nations, and the United States. 

He also has designs in print, such as a baseball cap for the Washington Capitals, and for the Canadian Football League’s Calgary Stampeders, which was recently purchased by a new owner. 


L’Oréal Paris – L’Orée Paris (Paris, France) A few years ago, L’Oreal started a partnership with the French fashion house, LVMH. 

This means L’ORÉAL Paris is able to offer more affordable products at a more affordable price point. 

In addition to designer clothing and accessories, LO is a fashion brand with a passion for the arts and culture. 

Its products include handbags, scarves, makeup, fragrances, and cosmetics. 


Nordstrom – Nordstrom (Langley, VA) Nashville-based Nordstrom is a major retailer, and it offers a great range of clothing and fashion. 

It has a strong fashion and beauty focus and is known for providing great value for its customers. 

 In recent years, they have expanded their beauty offering to include lip products, body products, skincare and other personal care products. 


Paw Print – Paw Print (Mountain View, CA) Pawn Print is a design studio located in the Bay Area. 

Their portfolio is focused on clothing, and is often available online, and also on-line. 

When you order through the website, they will send you a design and your payment is processed. 


Gap – Gap (San Francisco, CA and Atlanta, GA) Gaps is a designer fashion company that focuses on womenswear and womens fashion.

The studio is known in the fashion world for their design and fabric, and their womens line is a trendsetter in womens footwear. 


Sensationalist – Sensationalist (Seattle, WA and Los Angeles, CA, and New York, NY) Sensation designer Sophie Lattner is best remembered for her iconic design of the classic neon tube top, the iconic neon dress, and her iconic neon shoes. 

She was born in New York City, and she is best-known for her design of a line of vintage jeans. 

Now, she is known across the globe for her designs for fashion and accessories. 


A.P.C. – A.P.-P (Los Angeles, California) The A.p.C.-designed designer clothing is the best way to buy clothing, shoes, and accessories online. 

With a wide range of styles, they offer great value and are known for making a quality product at a good price. 


Bramble – Brimble (San Jose, CA.

USA) Brumble is known as the world’s largest designer and home decor store. 

Located in San Jose, California, they are known to be a quality designer and designer home decor retailer. 


Cheshire – Cheshire (Cincinnati, OH) Chet’s has been in business for almost 70 years and is recognized for its high-end designer clothing line. 


Elaborate – (San Diego, CA.), a service where users can create a custom design for any occasion, is one of the most popular online design services. offers a wide variety of designer clothes, accessories, and gifts. 


Karaoke Store – Karaoke Store (Tucson, AZ) KARAOKE Store has a very small staff, but it is always a fun time for them to chat with fans and meet new ones. 

As a Karaoke store, they don’t sell anything too expensive, so they are a great place to shop. 12.

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