How a ’80s-inspired retro gaming arcade converted into a futuristic office building

When I was growing up, I remember the time I used to spend wandering through malls and shops in the mall and going, “Oh my god!

This is just the coolest thing ever!”

I didn’t realize it was actually a retro gaming room.

And that was the whole point.

This space was actually built in the ’80-era for arcade games.

We had a bunch of arcade machines and we would rent out them, and then we would just rent out the spaces to people who weren’t really interested in gaming.

And then we could have fun with them, but we didn’t have any real arcade cabinets.

So that’s what we were doing in our arcade room.

It’s kind of funny, because we had this really cool space.

The cabinets were very unique, and they were all retro.

They were all different games, they had really cool names, and the graphics were really cool.

And we had all these games.

We’d rent out our arcade, we’d rent our arcade out to the people that we had not really planned on spending any money on, and we’d just play with them.

It was very fun, and it was really unique.

It gave us this really fun environment to work in, and that was something that I think the city has always had.

It’s always been about having fun and having a lot of fun.

We didn’t want to be a place that was about spending money, or making money.

It felt like we were just trying to have fun.

I think there’s definitely been a lot more interest in retro gaming lately.

There’s been so many great, new, innovative games coming out, and there’s a ton of great games coming up.

It just feels like there’s more and more of it.

It seems like it’s always going to be more and better.

And I think that’s a good thing.

It gives us this wonderful space to explore it, and to play with it.

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